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Hello Indicane, I want to know if i can see/sort/export my sales by sellers? I would like to see their sales per day / week / month and have a sales total? Does your plugins does that?


Its display product sales per day / week / month also display by seller.

But as you want by seller product with above filter than its possible after do some modification.

Send support mail to us.


After sales question: hi, when i add your plugin and activate it works fine. But my other plugin to generate pdf invoice start to crash.

The error message: TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can’t send PDF file

Can you point me in the right direct to solve this please. Thanks in advance, Tommy

hello I am interested in this plug in but i would like to know if there is a way for me have extra things factored in to like eBay, amazon, PayPal fees, shipping paid buy buyer and actual shipping cost paid by seller. Thanks


Yes its possible you can send a support mail to us we will discuss on it.

Thanks Indicane Team

ok thanks i sent a email i hope it was the right one

Hello Indicane, We have bought this plugin and facing the same issue as reported by “Mr. Celenco” and “Mr. Gnim”, above. Message after activating the plugin: “The plugin generated 4 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.” Out come of the plugin: ADMIN PANEL completely gone and its a white space. It made holidays longer. Kindly fix the issue permanently. Providing ADMIN PANEL Access & FTP Access does not seem secure. Our PayPal and other configurations there. Also other third party vendors plugins & theme are installed there. Which we can not share with you. Could you please come over TEAMVIEWER to support or ANYDESK. Permanent fix is highly expected here…


Send support mail to us we will discuss there and we will solve your issues.

Also we updated plugin on but its on waiting for review by Envato technical team so whenever they accept, its available for with fixing.


Great Support! Good Job! We really appreciate your support. You just fixed it on the fly. You have very good knowledge too. We really appreciate your support. Your plugin has a good features. This is some must tool for e-commerce site. Thanks for the updates and we will be waiting for the update of this awesome plugin. We believe, this permanent fix will make this product more rich & customers will be 100% satisfied. Wish you all the best. Take care.

Hi, I may be interested in this plugin for a client.

1. Does it display product views stats? If so, for how many products? Can I filter by product category and date?

2. Does it display best selled products with number of sells? For how many products? Can I filter by category and date?

Thank you,


1> Its not display product view state its display product sold state. if you want to display product view state than its possible on my other plugin

2> Its display product with number of sells for all product which are sold out. date filter is available. Category filter i not available.

If you want any feature than we will customize it for you. Send a support mail to us we will discuss more on it.


Will this be able to report different outlets and website, can I separate the reports so I know what got sold where and how much did a location make over another one, do you have that type of filtering in the reporting? I use a POS plugin, . this allows me to have the different outlets/locations, but I need week reports on how much was sold on each location. And also can it create the reports automatically, weekly? Thanks.


The plugin don’t have reports like location vise sold. But its generate automatically reports by weekly and you can get by selected time prior too.

If you want to location vise sold reports than we will do customization it for you send a support mail to us we will discuss there.



Can this plugin allow me to export a csv list of all products sold in a year with what variable was selected so I can filter by products variation name.


Its allows to export products sold out reports on Excel, CSV and PDF too. There is no filter with variation of product but you will display reports with variable product with each variation. You also search a variation on report.

If you want variable filter then send a support email we will customize it for you.


hello, i have a presale question: in my site i’m using the “measurement price calculator” plugin to sell products by kilos or grams. i’m wondering if using your plugin i will see theese measurement inside the sales table in the “product sales” column.


In this plugin do not have that functionality but its possible after do some modification. We will do customization for you as per your extra product option.

You can send a support mail to us we will discuss more on it.


Can this plugin show sales figures that includes shipping costs?

No, its shows products sales report with price and cost but if you want with shipping cost we will implement it for you. Send a support mail to us we will discuss there.


Hi Just a pre sale question : 1- does your plugin show stock valuation (using the cost of goods) exple : product 1: cost of good: 10$ quantity: 20 sell price: 15$

stock valuation : cost: 10×20 = 200$ sell: 15×20 = 300$ thks.

Hi Indicane, I also have pre sale questions. Is it possible to export only last 24h sales (or yesterday sales) ? Is it possible to scheduled email report ? The goal is to send an email every day to the production (with all product sales during the last 24h). Thanks.

Hello, Its possible to get reports for yesterday sales but not for hours. If you want by hours and day to day reports sending then we will do customization for it.

you can send support email we will discuss on it.


The plugin can sort by seller, which is perfect. My customers put their products in the cart, then pay. I, after, display the product to sales person to deliver it. Question: Can I attribute the seller name after saleson the sales sheet? Like seller ID 1 for my shop, and attribute afterward to seller ID 32 for example.

what’s the support email?

Ok, I just used the Contact the Author form on the next page. Thanks

presales question,

can I get sales report by user role? for example wholesale role

Hi, For now its not possible but if you want it the we will modify it for you. You can send us a support email and we will discuss there.


Where i can add the Sellers Name

Is it possible to add Sellers Name and Buyers Name

Is it possible to Extract reports by Categories


Seller name is already in reports but you need category and buyers name then we will modify it for you.

If you want that extra future or more help then send a support mail to us we will discuss on mail.


Hello, i can add the name of costumer and produtc categorie on repport to export?

Hello, its not in current version of plugin but if you would like that feature then we will customize it for you and add that on plugin.

Send us a support mail we will discuss there – Thanks


yudis07 Purchased

Hello Indicane, Could this plugin sent CSV ,XLS report in weekly or monthly to our email?


It’s export report and you can save it but for automatically send on weekly and monthly we can do modification on it. You can send support email and we will discuss it.


Hi according to screenshots it looks good to me, but I have a pre buy question. I used woocommerce checkout fields, I have created a custom field on checkout named BUYER, when i export can i add that buyer field, is it possible with your plugin ? Please let me know


It is not possible with current version but if you want it then we do customization for it.


How much do you charge to customise it?, or after customisation can you send me how it shall be done, the process, cause the checkout fields are not fixed yet and I cant email you all the time for the solution. It will be a huge help if you can send me the procedure to solve it by myself later in future. Please reply

Thank You

I want to make a customization in your plugin, need add different fields.

Hello, We can do customization and you already sent us email so we can discuss over there. Thanks.

hello, this is a presale question:

Is there a way to show the buyer ? like how much total sales/profit from buyer?

Is this plug are updated? We have WP 4.7 & WooC 3.0 now…

Hello, We are working on updation of plugin and release update very soon. Thanks