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[PRESALE] i need report on a selected date by [ orderID – buyername – sku – product name – quantity – order date] and a report for stock [sku – product name- quantity in stock – ordered (in the filter period) – ordered by orderID and buyername]

Hello, Right now there is functionality to filter report by date and shows product sales report. But you need order and stock details so for that need to include that functionality. For the we can do customization for you. Send support email to us and we discuss more on there.


Hello, can I bulk edit cost of goods for many products and recalculate profit for previous months (before the plugin was instaled)


There is no bilk edit option for cost, you need to edit each product cost.


Hello my friend, I am interested in your plugin. Are you open for customization? I need some specific functions that I am sure you can do.

What I need (some I think it already does):

- Sales by Product (Multicurrency compatibility) - Sales by Product, by country (To know what each country bought) - Cost of goods

Let me know if you can do this and how to contact you, or if your plugin already has this function


You can send support mail on and we will discuss over there.


I just purchased but got this error message

“El plugin ha provocado una salida inesperada de 2 caracteres durante la activación. Si ves mensajes de “cabeceras ya enviadas”, problemas con los feeds de sindicación u otros problemas, trata desactivar y eliminar el plugin.”

Hello, A decent Plugin, well done.

However one thing that is sorely missing is the ability to have a “Cost Price” of a product and the Markup (percentage increase) for that field.

Many store owners work on creating their Sell price (Regular price) from a base Cost of Goods price. This is something that is missing in Woocommerce which is crazy because it is needed. It would be a very worthwhile addition to your Plugin to be able to enter Cost prices for products, and then have that increased by a percentage (or amount as an option) to result in the Regular Price.

Also, import a CSV to bulk add the Cost to products, it is too slow and not practical to enter each one manually. We have 3500 products.


You have HTTPS bug in the plugin. Latest 1.3.0 wants to load via HTTP even if the site has HTTPS.

ok, just an example: product price $3 + $2 gift box (extra product option) = $5. report won’t count the $2 gift box, isn’t?

and the report look like this > ....product price $3…cost $1…total cost $3…profit $2

ok, just an example: product price $3 + $2 gift box (extra product option) = $5. report won’t count the $2 gift box, isn’t?

and the report look like this > ....product price $3…cost $1…total cost $3…profit $2

Yes if product price $3…cost $1…total cost $3…profit $2 its right and gift box is not count on reports.

You can send support mail for further discussion.

Can not translate plugin. language folder is empty. Please add a pot of templates and the possibility of translation

Pre-sales questions: Will this plugin work with YITH Product Bundles?

HI, This plugin not work with YITH product Bundles but you need it then we will modify plugin as per your requirements. Send us support email if you want it.


Hi, i need translate pharse in plugin.. example Cost, Cost of Good

When I type any cost of goods of a simple product and click on Update button. It doesn’t save the value. ????

You already sent support email and we replied over there. Please check it. Thanks.

thanks a lot for the quick response and fixing my issue.

Hello I want to know if the plugin can list items and quantity sold in a particular date like yesterday or last week or 2018/03/23 even show up date, price, total, qtty and product title

Hello I just bought the plugin but there is a problem when i try to put the cost of goods and save it it is not really saved did not get the cost of the product And for the first question i have checked and it works for me Thanks and best regards

hi, impossible to translate the plugin in french

HI, Send us support email so we will help you to translate plugin in French.