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Is this plugin specific only for Salient theme?
When importing reviews, can I assign a user ID to make them “verified purchase” reviews?
I’m migrating a magento store to woocommerce and need to import Yotpo product reviews into WooCommerce product reviews. Thanks!

Well you can add that extra fields. In case if you face any issue, feel free to raise a support ticket on our helpdesk at www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk

can you provide some screenshot details or a demo link to see/try first? I’ve tried several plugins but none worked so far. If would like to see the details first to make sure my purchase will work. Wasted too many on half plugins with false features

https://www.envisionecommerce.com/store/woocommerce-7/woocommerce-plugins/woocommerce-product-reviews-export-import-plugin.html purchase from our store, try, if it doesn’t work raise a support ticket on our helpdesk at www.envisionecommerce.com/store/helpdesk and our team will assist and make it work. and even if it doesn’t work, we will issue you a refund. Hope that gives you some assurity. Just to update, our technical team is available from Monday to Friday.

I use comment rating field pro on my sites. I hope to migrate some product reviews from one site to another. Any chance your plugin can do that?

Yes it will.

Hi, I would like to know if I can copy over reviews from my existing store to a new installation of woocommerce on another domain. I plan on re-creating my current products on the new site. Can I link the exported reviews to the right products?

If this doesn’t work, what should I do to make this happen?

Thanks, Frank

Hello Frank,

Yes, you can export and import product reviews from old store to new one. You can direct import reviews in new website if products have same ID in both website. If it will not same you can update product Id and import reviews in new website.


I have multiple variations of a product and want to put the same reviews on all of them. Can I export all my reviews on one product, switch what product the review is for and then import that same review on all the variations?

I created a ticket on 9/2 and haven’t heard anything. Thought it was 5 hour response time! :)

Hello Torianth,

Sorry for the delay caused here, thanks for your patience.

Regards Envision Ecommerce

Hi Torianth, We are sorry for the delay. We see that the ticket was created on friday after our team left office. It has been replied today.


pepin Purchased

Hi There,

My product reviews have review title how can I import that title. Also when I imported reviews it shows are they are all imported but when I go the product webpage under product title it shows zero reviews but in the review tab all the reviews are there. I can attach some screenshot if you would like.


Please raise a ticket on our helpdesk and our team will support with it

I thought this was a plugin for exporting product listings and their reviews. I would like to request a refund. Sorry for that.

We expect that the extension is purchased after thorough analysis. We request you to kindly raise a support ticket for our team to be able to look into this for you.


mistha Purchased

is this working ?


mistha Purchased

already did that yesterday . but no reply


mistha Purchased

i have sent it

The team has replied you over helpdesk


Can this Plugin be used to import Yotpo Reviews into WooCommerce?


Hello Team,

Plugin import/export product review of woo-commerce.


That does not answer my question.

Yes it can, all you have to do is arrange the reviews in the format that is provided in the plugin and then upload to import it

My client bought this under his account, so I’m not verified as a purchaser.

This plugin should be amazing. One thing holds it back: It exports non-standard CSV, and csvlint.io will tell you why. I simply needed to export from one site, and re-import to a different site. I updated the product ID’s in Excel, and Excel produced a standard CSV file, which your plugin couldn’t understand.

After realizing what the issue was after an hour, I threw the exported file into textwrangler, did a find and replace, and I now have a working (non-standard) CSV file that your system can read.

My suggestion? Fix this. Whether it’s an oversight, or just sloppy code, it’s ridiculous. I’ll be bringing this up to Envato. Straight up, your plugin doesn’t work. The lengths I had to go to make it work was silly.

Hello Team,

Thanks for sharing your feedback.We are checking plugin and update according to your feedback.