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Thanks for your kind wishes :) GLWS for you too

Seems neat.

After looking at the DEMO…

1) – I do not see how or where the customer can purchase a product AFTER they have reserved it

2) – How many TIMES can the same customer reserve a product? We only want to allow them to reserve ONE TIME ONLY.

3) – When someone reserves a product it keeps others from being able to buy it?

EXAMPLE: there are 3 products. 1 gets reserved so that only 2 can be bought ? Correct ?

4) – Is there a way to limit the quantity that ONE customer can reserve?. We would not want them to be able to reserve more than 2 maximum quantities.

5) – Does this work for product variations ?

Yep, totally agree with you, they still come and buy ( another ) unreserved quantity , mmm

i will check it again to add this option today isA .

for the limitation in the reservation, we will consider this in the future releases isA :)



I added the feature to allow the user add to cart the products he reserved,

the user can go to my account page and get the list for his reserved products

thanks for your recommendation

No problem.

I bookmarked this.

Would be good if we could limit the amount of times they can reserve each product

Can I set default reservation time for all products?

I have limited quantity of products. Could you add queue for next customers in order? After expired reservation for first customer then next customer from queue have reservation.

Thank you


Currently the reservation for a specific product ( will consider this option in the future releases )


Hello I installed this plugin on WC Version 2.3.13 and WP Version 4.2.2 But it doesn’t work – why?

Hello, please send to us a support ticket and we would like to help you

It would be a nice (must have, actually) feature to remove reservation, especially when managing stuff on account page.

(1) can admin see from ‘dashboard>woocommerce>product’ either this product is under reserved?

(2) can other viewer see if this product under reserved?

(3) can other see how much time left if this product has reserved by other viewer?

(4) can admin perform select all product and perform bulk edit for ‘reservation time’?

(5) can admin set reserved time 30minutes?

(6) if a product has 4 pieces left, customer A reserved 1 piece, can customer B reserve 2 piece?

(7) if a product has 2 pieces left, customer A has reserved 1 piece, is customer B seeing 1 piece left?

(8) can admin see who is reserving product?

hello are you there?

Hello, please consider open ticket with your question

Hey I would like to purchase this product, is it possible for this plugin to allow for rental periods. Say reserve for a period of 10 days for a fee? As soon as that is done then a message is sent to them etc?

hello, thanks for your message, you can reserve the product for amount of time but when the reservation end there is no email sent to the customer

may be we could add this option in the near future

Hey thanks for our promptness, So when you reserve the product does it become unavailable and the person can pay for the reservation period? As with a rental.

Hi again,

I found another issue. When a reservation is passed. Product stock do not increase back to stock on front-end.

In my case, Product stock is at 1. When someone make a reservation, product stock decrease at 0. The reservation got cancelled. Product stock in back-end is back at 1, but NOT on front-end. We should see the stock at 1 WITHOUT updating.

How can we fix that ?


Sorry for the late reply, your reserved product can be accessed from ur profile page, you can add them to cart from there

U can’t access them if u are not logged in

For the first issue this is odd, i will check it again , please consider open a ticket because we don’t provide help here


Does it work with dokan multi vendor?

Actually i don’t know dokan plugin

multi vendor plugin for woocommerce

never used it sorry

Hi there,

Looks like a great extension! Does it work on the latest Wordpress version?

Thanks. Rembrand

Is there any settings page for this plugin?

Hi, I would like to know if your plugin works on WP 4.6.1? Regards,

I bought this plugin a few weeks ago and it did not matched my needs. Envato ensures 5 Days Money Back Garantee.

I asked my money back and did not even get a replay! This seller is not respecting the Marketplace rules!

If there are missunderstandings or an other cause for not repliing to my refund request, i would appologize for inconveniences produced by me and give you (@oaattia) the chance to give my money back.

When have you asked for a refund ? I didn’t get a request for that ? I can’t also give you a refund unless you didn’t find something mentioned in the plugin features after purchase

Thanks for your reply. I requested the refund one or two days after testing the plugin via mail.

This could change from theme to theme, but the reservation button and text is not matching my page layout, in terms that it doesn´t fit. The button and text are located on the false position. ( after pressing button, text fill affect my single products page layout and loom into my woocommerce add to cart button)

Also the plugins description is mistaking as i thought it would remove the woocommerce add to cart button for reservation products.

Also decreasing the stock quantity does not work for us.

In summary the performance of the plugin is not at all meeting its promisses and price.

Can we please get our money back?

Ok plz open a refund request

Is this product still in development?


This plugin it is the solution I’m looking for. But I have a question.

When one client reserves one product, will this item still be showing in the page store for all the other customers? Even if our products are “one unit sell” only?

Is there a way that only the user who reserved the product will be able to see the item?

After the time ended, does the product automatically become available to purchase again on the store?

Thanks in advance.


Nice support.

I want to automate the process of updating plugins and themes on my website.I have question regarding updates of Woocommerce Product Reservation plugin.Do you support auto update of Woocommerce Product Reservation plugin from website by clicking on update link.Please let me know I will be very thankful to you for your support.

plugin Woocommerce Product Reservation support Woocommerce 4.9.x?

Is this plugin still working?

Hi guys. I want to buy your plugin, but I have a few questions before I will do it. On my site I have a plugin WPML and the products are in different languages. So will your plugin work correctly with this plugin?