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Does this work with the WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension ( Meaning can request info be sent to someone other than shop owner (i.e. a vendor in our marketplace)?

Dear sir no thanks…

Thanks for the plugin. With a bit of work I managed to modify what it says. A couple of suggestions if you don’t mind…

1/ Pull email out of users details in wordpress rather than having to enter it every time 2/ Send an email to a designated email addy when someone asks a question rather than having to check on the tab every time. That was we could also reply from email box rather than in wordpress every time. 3/ Make it easy to change text of button.

We’ve had our customers contact us quite a lot using it, thank you very much for a great plugin. I’ve rated it 5 stars.

thank you so much…

Hi bigboss555 nice plugin! Is there a way to adjust the opening of the pop-up when you open with iphone?thanks

we have plan to make it responsive so we will do that right now it is not responsive thanks….

After enable “Request” button, does it replace “Add to Cart” button? i wish to remain “Add to Cart” button to buy online.

Can we add custom field easily, for example “Your Company”? (i can edit source code with simple HTML knowledge)

Can we receive the email enquiry in Microsoft Outlook or webmail (Gmail, Yahoo Mail…)? Not inside Wordpress tab?

Tested in IE8, found a bug. The text fields (Your Name, Email, Telephone, Message) in the form are very small. For my B2B clients, there are almost 20%-30% still using IE8. But it looks great in Chrome & Firefox.

Dear sir no i will never replace ur add to cart button we used hook to no problem but you cannot put custom field easily you need to use our field but if you need any customization please contact with us into our email address

is it responsive?

no sir thanks…

Hi bigboss555,
when customer request a quote should i have an email notification ?

No but if you want we can do that for you thanks…

Hello mate, i wondering if we can have an email notification because i didn’t used before but maybe in this few days i will use your plugin :D
so i hope to receive an email notification. Please advise
Thanks in advanced

mate i think you need admin email notification right ? so we need to think about this so contact with me thanks :)

Hi I purchased your plugin and i find it very useful, but I need to receive an email notification for every request. Is this possible? Is there a way I can do myself or can you do it for me? How much does it cost?

thank u

contact with me my email address thanks…

Just now i have purchased your “WooCommerce Product Request Plugin” my theme is shoptan, Its not showing the button by default, as the product page was build in visual composer. Can you let me know how to call this script via php / shortcode etc.

Pre sale question: is the plugin WPML compatible? Seems it isn’t … let me know, thanks

no thanks…

Bought this plugin hoping it would work. It didn’t. I;m on WP 4.0 and WC 2.2.5. Doesn’t display at button at all. Please refund.

ok we will check and confirm u thanks :)

Hi Bigboss555:

is it possible when customer request a quote to receive an email notification ?

also, can I change where the button shows up?


dear sir no but if u need any small customization we are ready with small amount, our email

Hi, Can I add the request button in a variation product ? I have different prices and I need one request price in the variation product list. Thanks.

your plugin worls of latest wordpress and woocommerce version ?

my plugin work for both thanks :)

Does it possible to make active on all product by defoult ?

Dear sir no thanks :)

Please answer me about this plugin. I also purchase by giving money (not for free). and you gave me old code which is not working.

From past 2 days asking you for latest code.

Hi – before i buy the Plugin, i would like to Test the DEMO. Unfortunately the DEMO is giving Connection Error ?

We will make this ok today thanks :)

Hi, I am unable to access the demo due to database connection error.

demo is going to ready but you can buy that no problem thanks :)

Does this work with YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode? ( i do not have the prices on productes)

No problem you can send any product request information thanks :)

hi bigboss555, i want to know: 1. if i can translate the plugin in loco translate or in the plugin files. 2. its send to the shop admin email when costumer send a quet? 3. i can change the button text? 4. can i remove some filed like securitecode from the form?

send me admin panel access to my email address let me check thanks :)

email: thanks :)

my site is in hebrew so you will not understand anything. maybe you can give me your skype so we can do a screen share

why you don’t answer to the skype. you told me we can fix this problem while using skype screen share and you don’t answer for days

I bought this plugin and the i was waiting for author replay for a days. after he answar me he ask full access to my website. i told him that my website is in hebrew so we need to do a screen share. we did it and he cant find the problem and always said that my problem is in my website… after a few minuts he ask me to install it in another (ok version) wordpress site. i install it and the problem i had in my website (new wordpress version) not show and the plugin half worked… you can send the massage but there is no panel that show all the massages. after he sow that the massage sent he disconnect and say “ok the plugin work” but its didn’t!!! i try to reach him again and he said give me full access to your ftp and i will fix the plugin. i give him full access to my ftp and im waiting for almost a week to him and he didn’t fix it. i ask him a refund and he said why i need to give you a refund if the plugin work. again!! the plugin not working!!!

Dear sir no one tell me plugin not working when you told me plugin not working i told you send me admin panel access let me check but you don’t want ok no problem then i gave you offer add me skype and send me teamviewer access then i saw your website has some issue and you rename my plugin folder and massed up everything not sure why that’s why plugin not working then i have told you install another demo website so you done that and installed plugin myself then you and me saw all working super, you know that so why i will suffer for your website issue and your mistake any idea ? so thanks for everything and be honest before say anything and i have told u may times check your website issue :)

you just a liar!!!!! we saw that in the new website you can’t find the admin panel to see all the incoming messages!! and you know what, never mind keep your 12$ with you but if anyone want to buy this plugin you need to know that the guy didnt answere and he didnt help!! he said that the problem is in your website and thats it

If you want to buy this plugin just dont do it. the plugin is not working and the author didnt help. the easy way is to say that the problem is in your website