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very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks @EricProchnow


I’m looking to using QR codes on artworks/paintings so visitors to my gallery can just scan with their phones and get taken straight to the relevant page/product detail page to purchase the artwork or contact us.

Is this something this plugin can help with? Printable QR codes people can scan with relevant apps on their phones and get taken to the embedded product/website page URL?

Hello petres_007,

I believe you can do what you need with our plugin.

Right now you can add to a product a qr code with a string (URL, or wtv) and you can call that QRCode using a shortcode created to the effect.

So you can just insert in a product a URL to that page, and insert that QRCode wherever you find more relevant.

Hi i want to see if your plugin works for what i need… I need to generate a qr code to every product i will create on woocommerce but i would like to automatically charge with that qr code and take me to strype payments…


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello antonio998,

We apologize for the delayed response but holidays got in the way of a quicker response.

It is a little out of the context of our plugin, but we can make it happen as a custom development.

Just email us @ hi@hellodev.us if you are interested.

Hi, very cool product! I want to know can I add image to the qr-code? In other words, I want to customize the QR-code, put my product picture into the qr-code.


NunoAreias Author Team

Hello lguang37,

You can insert a image in your qrcode and when someone scans it it will load the image.

I think that is what you need.

Best regards.

Congratulations! GoodLuck

Thank you for your kind words.

Best regards.

Hello! Im very interested on your plugin, but I need to make sure, it will make what I want, before buy it!

Im building a website that will sell tickets for events and amusement parks. The ideia its to add a custom QR code to each ticket. Meaning that if a person buys 2 tickets, one for senior and another for adult, each ticket will have its own QR code, so that when im printing the tickets, each ticket will print 2 different QR code, 1 for adult and another for senior. Its this possible?

Another question related, its possible to add QR Codes to all tickets automatically? Meaning that QR code can be assigned by the system. The QR code text should be displayed in reports so that we can easily see which booking it relates to (ie. which customer bought what and when).