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Nice work GLWS

Thanks AlekseyZhdanov

We need more documentation and working demo..

Hi frat88,

I have been out of office for 3 days and I have just checked and found that the plugin is accepted by codecanyon.

Details documentation is included with the plugin and I have added a Notification creation admin end guide video in plugin description.

I have also updated the working demo url (

Thank you.

Working demo, Please!

Hi ferol8,

Please check I have updated the working demo url (

Thank you

I am interested in your plugin but I do not understand your demo page. There is no demo that actually shows your product working. If you get around to posting a demo please reply here so I can check it out. Thanks.

At the top of this page it states that you do not provide any support for your products? Is this an error or do you really not support your product?

Hi nopez4you,

Thank you for your interest in this plugin.

I have been out of office for 3 days and I have just checked and found that the plugin is accepted by codecanyon. Please check I have updated the working demo url (

Yes we provide support for this plugin.

Thanks again :)

I agree with Nopez4you. I like your plugin and it looks like what I want but I do not understand your demo page. THERE IS NO DEMO TO LOOK AT.

Same thing, do you support or not?

Hi Elepzia,

Please check I have updated the working demo url (

Yes we provide support for this plugin.

Thank you very much :)

Ok great ill take a look into it, it looks nice

Hi there, this is a great little plugin but my questions are:

1) it is only used for products ?? Can’t I have my own image, message and link ??

2) Can I show it to any page, product or product category ??



We are building a wordpress generic version of the plugin and custom image upload feature will be there. I hope that will fulfill your need.

Right now we don’t have any plan to implement custom image section in WC version.

Thank you

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi codexent,

Does the woocommerce notification plugin you built work with the woocommerce bookings extension?

Thank you!

Hi klaconcepts,

The only requirement to run the Woocommerce Product Notifications plugin is WordPress 4.5 or upper version and woocommerce 2.3 or upper version.

If you any other specific query please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

Hey I set so the notification only show one time but it keeps showing no matter how many times I close it.

This isn’t good and only annoying. It must show only one time and when user closes it doesnt show again. How can i fix this?


I will definitely help you to solve your issue. Can you please send me the notification settings screenshot as well as the page URL where it display.

Thank you.

A setting to disable notification for X seconds on “Manual” close by visitor would be a cool addition


Thank you very much for your suggestion. We really appreciate it. We will consider this feature in Woocommerce Product Notifications plugin future update.

can i upload my own image and text?


You can use your own custom text/HTML snippet. For image this plugin pull it from woocommerce featured image.

Thank you.

dummy data doesn’t appears

Hi, Sure I will help you to resolve your problem. Can you please send me the link(where the notifications displayed ) as well as the screenshots of the settings of the 2nd notification.

Thank you

cek your inbox, thankyou

ok I will check and let you know very soon


I bought the plugin and I was kind of under the impression that it was going to show real store front notifications. My online web shops has around 80 orders a day so I wanted to show my real customers. Is there a way to do this? Or is it just dummy?


Yes you can show your real orders + customers using this plugin.

Thank you.

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales

Thank you

Hi codextent, my store relies mainly on Product TAGS for similar & related niche goods – can your Woocommerce Product Notifications plugin work with similar tag products (or do you have plans to implement this soon)?


Sorry, but I’m not sure I fully understand your query – “relies mainly on Product TAGS for similar & related niche goods” !

This is what you can do using Woocommerce Product Notifications plugin – you can show notification of any woocommerce products, category products, ordered products, cross-sell and up-sell products as in demo (click the Live Preview button to see the demo)

Thank you.

Is there the option to auto display items with the same Product TAG for cross-sell and upsell?

no option for this right now.

Hello! Just bought your plugin, install it and activate. Create one notification, but nothing is working. No notification!

And cyrillic symbols not save in notification setting.



I found a problem – if minify .js plugin will not work. If switch minify off – all works great.

And bug with cyrilic fixed by change collation in SQL-table to utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci.

Hi, Yes this plugin has js script which is required to work it. Minify.js sometimes break many js script working as expected. In that case you may need to disable minify js.

Thank you.

Hi, I’m interested in your plugin, is there any version to test before purchase?


Sorry no live test system is available but you can check the outcome of the plugin in this page – the notification will appear in the right bottom corner of the page.

Thank you

What I mean I need to test the plugin if it is working with my site

Sorry not possible.

Is it possible to display a message like that:

Someone in London purchases a

product name with link

No Minify.js breaks the plugin javascript functionality.

Hope you solve that to purchase the plugin

We are working on Minify.js and will let you know about it when done. Thank you


leadvana Purchased

Hello, just bought your Product Notification plugin (it’s GREAT)...couple of questions/feature requests:

1. We should be able to Name the notifications so that when we the overview page, we can know which one is which.

2. Is there anyway to use the dummy data without the Time component (or instead of only being able to add the minutes, maybe allow us to add text strings such as ‘Today’, ‘this week’, etc)

3. Notification ONLY: On the click link we can add product link or add to cart. I’d like the option to also be only a notification without clickable link (I tried adding ’#’ but it still brought me to product detail page).

Again, great work on the plugin.

Hi, I am checking the points you have mentioned and will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Plugin is updated to new version 1.3. Now you will have Notification Name field for admin overview as well as option to make notification non clickable by using hash(#). To remove the Time component you just need to delete the {time_ago} tag from notification “Main Content”.

Please uninstall the previous version then install the new Woocommerce Product Notifications Plugin 1.3.

Thank you