WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin

WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin

WooCommerce Watermark plugin allows you to secure your product images with a watermark. You can either add text or image watermark whichever suits your business requirements. Create rules to specify products or select a whole category to automatically apply watermarks.

Automatically apply watermark on product images, product image pop-up, catalog thumbnails and any other place where image appears. You can configure text & image watermarks with custom font type, size, color, opacity and watermark position.

  • Add Text or Image as Watermark to product images
  • Apply same or different watermark to shop and catalog
  • Configure separate watermarks for product thumbnails and popup image
  • Create limitless rules for image watermark and set priorities
  • Set background color of product images
  • Choose repeat watermark option for multiple watermarks display
  • Select position of watermarks among 9 possible placements

Add Watermarks to Prevent Product Image Theft

With WooCommerce Product Image watermark plugin, you can personalize product images with your brand name and logo. It empowers you to prevent the competitors from stealing your valuable images and photographs without giving the due credit.




Add Image & Text Watermark

Select text or image as a watermark type and customize it accordingly. It allows you to add a slogan or tagline or a business logo as a watermark.


Add Watermark to Specific Products & Categories

With easy to select options, you can apply watermark to selective product or whole category.


Customize Text Watermark for Better Display

The addition of text watermark further facilitates you with customization options. You can write a personalized text and choose a font size for various image displays.

  • Add a custom watermark text
  • Set a watermark font size for shop thumbnail, catalog, single, or big image
  • Select watermark font type
  • Choose a watermark font color
  • Configure a text angle


Configuration options for WooCommerce Image Watermarks

The Image type watermark includes the addition of different images to product thumbnail and preview images. You can also configure watermark margins on product images.

  • Upload watermark images for shop thumbnail, catalog, single, or big image
  • Configure Left and Right margins of the watermark
  • Setup top and bottom watermark margins


Align the Watermark for Brilliant Placement

WooCommerce Product Image Watermark plugin allows you to select opacity and position of a watermark. Whether you choose text or image type watermark, you can align it for a brilliant embossment.

Choose Watermark opacity

Select a number between 1 and 100 to configure watermark opacity. You can select a higher opacity for highlighting the watermark on product images.

Select Among 9 Watermark position

Select a watermark position on an image like the top left, top center, top right, center left, center, center right, bottom left, bottom center, or bottom right.


Setup Rules for Adding Watermark to Product Images

Create rules to automate the addition of watermarks to product images. You can create as many rules as you want to configure creative watermarks for varying products and categories.

Specify a Rule Name

Write a custom rule name to identify rules from one another. You can manage all the rules from the control panel and avoid confusing them with the help of a personalized name.

Set a Rule Priority

Set a rule priority so that a primary rule supersedes the other. Among the multiple rules, you must distinguish the important ones by prioritizing them.

Add or Remove Rules

Manage all the rules in a centralized control panel of this plugin. It empowers you to create more rules, edit them with the passage of time, or remove them if no more suitable to your products.


Change Log

Version 1.0.2 Updated:
Bug Fixed:
1) Bug fix with categories not shown in the rule
2) Bug fix with priority 

New Features added:
1) Repeat Watermark
2) Limit File upload size
3) Restrict to only png image for watermark
4) Add Progress bar so admin can see the progress of watermark implementation
5) Watermark background overlay
6) Remove image
Version 1.0.1:
New Features added:
1) Following languages translations has been added.
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch 
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign