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supports makery theme ?


Sorry i haven’t test it yet. If the makery theme using standard function of woocommerce, it will work. But if not, you need to integrate it manually. you can ask me to check it via

Thank you.

Thank you DawnThemes.

wow, looks good. you can add a navigation support so it will look more attractive :)


Thank you. Navigation already available there. But i didn’t display it. Just need to enable it in the WPI Slider setting to display it.


Thank you.

How many pictures may I add to product gallery without affect plugin effects?


Sorry i’m not clear with your question. What do you mean?

It was a question before buy, but now, after buying and testing it’s clear for me.

ah ok. that’s great.

Is there any possibility to see arrows instead of bullets in demo?


Yes it is possible.

Could you enable it on your current demo?

Is it possible to run animation only on mouse hover?

To be more precise – can I set autoplay only on mouseover?

1) As me know this work with single product of woocommerce. On demo i saw: it is auto play and no button to stop slider. I want defaul is not auto play, just play when user click to play/pause button? Can your plugin have play/pause button?

2) Is there any support code work with theme?

you can click the image slider. then the popup will appear.

If i buy, can you help me have button to let people know, like the way i was not know. (fa fa-expand)


I’ve replied your email. please check.


I activated the plugin and all my product images load for a split second and then are completely blank??

Really? Probably trouble my email client apps. the download link you send to me via email already expired. can you check that?

I’ve found another plugin now, I can’t wait any longer.

ahh sorry about that, i always try to give you fast response.

does this have rtl support ?


Sorry it’s not support RTL

Beautiful work GLWS

Thank you.

help me

homepage problem wpi-slider please help me

Hello, I just purchased your plugin and there appears to be an error. On the shop page the first product that only has 1 photo it fails to load that products featured image and does not work for the remaining products with multiple images. So basically it works for all products until it hits the first single product image and it is broken the rest of the way.

This is the error that I got: TypeError: d[c[(c.length – 1)]] is undefined

I believe the issue is with the Owl Carousel. I also believe it has to do with maybe no gallery photos on products with just 1 image (just featured image)? It could also be a known issue which was fixed in OwlCarousel2; what version is this using?

Please let me know – Thanks in advance for your help.

Anything on this?


Sorry about the delay due to holiday in my country. I’ve just fixed this issue and just uploaded it a minute ago. You will get notification about it after approved by reviewer.

Thank you.

Is this plugin still supported? I left a question over 1 week ago but no answer yet. This issue needs to be fixed as it is not functional as it is and breaks if a product has just 1 image. Thanks

Thank you! It is working now. Have a good day.

You are welcome :)

You are welcome :)


I would like to buy “WooCommerce Product Image Slider”. But, I can see that it is compatible with WordPress 4.7.x. But, I am using WordPress 4.8 version, so I would like to confirm with you before buying it that will it work on WordPress 4.8?

Please confirm in reply of this ticket. After your confirmation, I will buy it immediately.

Thanks, Deep


This plugin is compatible with Wordpress 4.8. We will update the plugin desc.

Thank you :)

Ok. thanks

You are welcome. If you have any problem with this plugin, please don’t hesitate to contact me. :)

Hi, ON Can I use the slider only on the gallery of the single product?


This plugin only turn for shop page. Not for single product.

Thank you

The plugin has been activated, but it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

Yes i can. Just send me your site url and temporary wp-admin account via email.

Looking to buy, is this still supported. I have some questions before buying.


What is your questions?

Will this work on REHub (Re:Vendor) theme? If it doesnt work, can I refund?

or could you help me integrate it manually?

Hi jogjascript,

I’ve purchased and found its not working on REHub (Re:Vendor).. but my website is locally hosted. I have yet to purchase a host or a domain. Can you help me manually integrate it?


could you send me the theme file? i will help you to integrate it manually.

Thank you.


I just bought your plugin and it is not working on my theme

I’m using betheme. can you help? thanks.

Okey let me check.

any updates? sorry quite urgent

I’ve checked betheme setting for shop image. Please go to BeTheme->Theme Options-> Blog, Portfolio & Shop->Shop->Images choose “use extra plugins for featured images”

u got my email?

Yes i got email from you.