Woocommerce Product Featured Video

Woocommerce Product Featured Video

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WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin is the best way to present your products and explain their functionality. With WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin you can add a featured video to any WooCommerce product. More than this, the plugin Wouldn’t interfere or modify anything inside WooCommerce. This WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin can add the video as a featured thumbnail instead of picture to describe you product in more and more animated way.

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The WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin will be inserted from product edit admin page and can describe your product on both shop and single page with full video customization setting option. Several embedding options are available, among which (depending on video source) will be playback volume, full screen button and video controls display.

Supported Vidoes

Features of WooCommerce Product Featured Video Plugin

  • Visual Presentation of your Store Products
  • Display Videos on Shop Page See Demo
  • Videos on Single Product Page
  • Shop Video Auto Play Functionality
  • Allow enable/disable Video Controls
  • Show Youtube Related Videos
  • Set Video Height & Widh For both Shop & Single Product Pages
  • Awesome Fancybox for Product Gallery Images
  • Video PopUp for Product Videos on Both Shop & Product Single Page

How It Works

Videos are shown just like we visually Displayed below on Product Single and Shop, Catelog, Archive Page

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 4

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 5

Shop Page Video Demo

Woocommerce Product Featured Video make your store look and feel very awesome as you can see in the below gif image also on demo shop that shop can contains every video either its Youtube, Vimeo, Self Hosted or Daily Motion not only this You can allow your customers to see Product video on a PopPop.

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 6

Vimeo Single Page Demo

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 7

Youtube Single Page Demo

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 8

Self Hosted Single Page Demo

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 9

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 10

Woocommerce Product Featured Video - 11

Change log:

January 12, 2019 Version 1.0.9
Vimeo Video Popup Issue fixed on shop page.
July, 25, 2018 Version 1.0.8
New Back-end panel with bootstrap fully responsive.
Magnific popup added
Video modal js popup added
Videos on shop page added
More settings option added
Fully responsive on shop and product page too
Some miner fixes with code.
Self hosted video controls on shop and single product page too.  
Mar, 11, 2018 Version 1.0.7
Self Hosted Media video player changed
Mar, 8, 2018 Version 1.0.6
Self Hosted Video Player updated
Mar, 7, 2018 Version 1.0.5
New feature added
Self Hosted Video functionality added
Dec, 19, 2017 Version 1.0.4
New feature added
Fancy box added for image gallery shown under video.
Compatible with new version of wordpress 
Oct, 28, 2017 Version 1.0.3
-Adding video popup for shop page for each YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion with back-end enable/disable Setting option Option.

-Adding product gallery images under the video for those who have animated description video. 
Oct, 19, 2017 Version 1.0.2
New feature added
Daily Motion Video embed option.
Daily Motion customize setting option.
Oct, 10, 2017  Version 1.0.1
- Added new languages German, Spanish, Chines, Russian, Czech.
- Update language file.
- Update documentation file. 
Oct, 8, 2017  Version 1.0.0
Initial release Feature Video Plugin