Woocommerce Product Enquiry

Woocommerce Product Enquiry

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It would be nice to give opportunity to customers to enquire about a product before purchasing

This plugin allows to add a product enquiry form to each product either in Tab or PopUp with Button. Let users contact you from the product page they are on, without navigating away. The store manager/vendor/admin(configurable at individual product/category level/Global level) receives the emails and can then respond to the user directly.

The product enquiry form is a great extension for stores selling complex, unique or expensive products which a customer may wish to know more information about before checkout.


  • Contact email can be set at Individual Product /Category/Global Level.
  • Choose to display form in PopUp on click of a button or Form in a tab.
  • Enable/Disable Enquiry form at individual product level.
  • Show/Hide Enquiry button in products listing page and product details page.
  • You an use shortcode to display this button.
  • Easy customization of PopUp especially Look & Feel.
  • Dictate the position of the Enquiry button or Tab in product details page.
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7.
  • What does we mean by Integration with Contact Form 7?

  • Whatever the contact emails you set at Individual Product /Category/Global Level will be applicable. So it would easy for any user to just install the Free Contact Form 7 plugin and have their own custom form and accept enquiries.
  • Please raise ticket @, if you have issues with the plugin or need any improvements.

    Change Log

    2016.03.07 - version 1.8
    * Fixed conflict plugin issue
    2015.11.05 - version 1.7
    * Remove unecessary code
    2015.11.05 - version 1.6
    * Fixed PopUp bug when reCaptcha is not chosen to use
    2015.11.03 - version 1.5
    * Fixed PopUp not closing bug
    2015.10.13 - version 1.4
    * Small bug fixes
    2015.10.04 - version 1.3
    * Small bug fixes
    2015.10.03 - version 1.2
    * Displaying First Name & Last Name instead of Display Name in the form
    * cleaned up some code
    2015.10.03 - version 1.1
    * Small bug fixes
    2015.07.29 - version 1.0
    * Initial Release