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Can I have the enquiry email to the store manager to include the product name? If I have a customer that just click on this enquiry button on a specific product and writes “Do you have this sweater with long sleeves?” it would be nice to know which sweater he is talking about. I would also like to see the product name on the enquiry form so the potential customer don’t need to guess if he needs to be specific about the product name he is enquiring.

Today I bought plugin and have a problem with Contact Form 7. I have allready send a question about this on support page with number #950197.

If I use standard contact form provided by plugin it works ok, I get email. But If I choose some form from Contact Form 7 and submit the Enquiry, then nothing happend, just loading.

I use button variant (not tab).

What’s wrong? Some bug or problem with popup, java, combination with other plugins,...?

Please help fast as a possible. Thanks.

If I disable plugin WC Product Enquiry, then Contact Form 7 work perfect. But when I enable back your plugin, then I have conflict betwen this two plugins.

I tried to change to another clean theme but same problem, so this is not problem with my theme.

So what can you do about this problem?

Please raise support ticket.

Dear Sir/madam, does you plugin allow you to be able to set the enquiry button only on certain instructed items being sold in your store? and does it allow you to show or hide the price on such items?

It is my bad, how I missed this. Yes you can Enable/Disable at category/product level.

Hiding price is not part of the functionality of Product Enquiry Plugin.

Hi there,

Does this plugin work with the latest Wordpress & Woocommerce versions?

Yes, it works. If any issues let me know.

Hi DVin Some pre purchase question 1. Do you know if your plugin works with salient theme? 2. Can I display the enquery button in the short discription product field? I need to put under the price 3. Do the plugin works in last wordpress version? Thanks,

you have couple of options, you can select the position.

Does this work for multi vendor? I need a multi vendor product enquiry options. Multi vendor can showcase their products and get the enquiry directly to them.

Sorry it does not work.

Hi, does this plugin have file upload field? If not can it be added?

Sorry. This feature is not there.

I submitted a ticket after purchasing the plugin, but have had no response. #1164467

A week later and still no response to my ticket. And this is for a paid plugin! I’m not very happy.

Hi would this plugin work with vendors store, also do we have the option to remove the extra fields like name, subject and email for the login users?

unfortunately we do not have.

Please look at my support ticket

I am looking into them.

Can I know the support ticket number please?