WooCommerce Product Embed

WooCommerce Product Embed

Huge update on the way with ability to add products from different system and support for multiple inbuilt/custom templates…

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WooCommerce Product Embed plugin now allows you to embed any WooCommerce product from your own website or another WooCommerce website in any post/page/custom post using Shortcode Generator or Visual Composer interface. With just a few clicks you are ready to go!!!

Latest: Embed your WooCommerce Product to any website

Please find the product embed code on the product edit page under ‘Remote Product Embed’ metabox…

Awesome Features:

  • Supports Simple, Variable, Grouped, External, Bundle, Booking and Subscription Products
  • Fully integrated with Visual Composer
  • Minimal support for CornerStone Page Builder
  • Fully Customizable from theme to templates
  • Completely hookable and filterable for developers
  • Embed products from external WooCommerce Website
  • Customize product display to give it a feel of your colors

Demo Login

Username: demo
Password: password


===== Version 1.3.0 =====
- Added Minimal Support for CornerStone Page Builder
- Added a fallback script url when generic one doesn't work
- Fixed a bug for failing remote product embed script
===== Version 1.3.0 =====
- Added Support for WooBookings
- Added Support for WooSubscriptions
- Added Embedded Product Stats Page
- Fixed a bug where height of embedded products were not set properly
===== Version 1.2.1 =====
- Fixed a bug related to external embed code error on nginx
===== Version 1.2 =====
- Small bug fixes
- NEW ON POPULAR DEMAND! Now Embed Product to any Website using just a 1-liner script
===== Version 1.1.6 =====
- Fixed a bug with design
- NEW! Change the theme of each embedded product
===== Version 1.1.5 =====
- Added Shortcode Builder to use without Visual Composer
- Added Support for Product Embed from External WooCommerce Website
- Added Design Colors customizable feature
- Fixed Minor Bugs