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BMacko Purchased

Is there an option to force the user to scroll down to the bottom of the disclaimer before being able to click Accept button? I need users to see the entire disclaimer.

Also, when installing the plugin, it came up with a warning “The plugin does not have a valid header”. I had to refresh the admin area and then activate the plugin after that (seems to work afterwards)


Hi BMacko!

Sure. Just email the details at support@wpexperts.io and we will get back to you.


Hi, just checking in. Did you by chance add the “scroll to bottom before accepting” feature for the plugin yet?


Hi there!

still not we add these type functionality yet. You can contact us support@wpexperts.io.


Hello there,

I have recently purchased this plugin. I am facing an issue, can you please fix it. Everything is working fine, i have added the cart classes to the settings.

1 – If you are login: When you click on add to cart button the popup appears but without clicking accept or decline the product get added to cart and the popup disappears.

2 – When you are loged out: The popup doesn’t appear at all.

Many thanks, i am waiting.

Hi wpexpertsio,

I haven’t got any response from you, i am expecting you are fixing the issue? Right?

Hi Abbas!

We switched your theme to TwentySixteen to check if there is any conflict with other plugin but every thing is working fine. The issue is in your custom theme you are using custom link for “add to cart” on single page instead of standartd WooCommerce “add to cart” button.

So you need to either switch the theme or follow WooCommerce Standards in your custom theme to make it work.

Let us know if still you have any question or issue.


This product has broken my store. None of the products using it can be ‘added to the cart’ while this plugin is active on them.

Could this be addressed?

Add either Discover Health to cart at http://tmurraywellness.com/shop/

As stated above, if you are logged in then the plugin works fine, not logged in you get a popup, but it never adds to cart.

Hi TMurrayWellness!

We were just reported about this issue yesterday. Will get back soon with fix for this bug.

Stay with us.


Hi TMurrayWellness!

The issue you reported yesterday seems to be theme specific as we found for other customer. Can you share your login details at support@wpexperts.io so we can check actually whats resulting in this issue.


Could we have this item supported or refunded? This plugin does not work and is breaking our store.

Sent multiple support queries weeks ago with no response.

When active, any products using the disclaimer cannot be added to the cart via the shop page.

Would have appreciated a response and support after my request two weeks ago.

I was able to resolve this issue myself, it had to do with the plugin sending an ajax call, and another plugin thought the request was for an admin page(because ajax is always admin), causing the requests to be blocked if the user was not an admin.

Hi TMurrayWellness!

We apologize for the delay in response. We just checked the emails that you send a week ago. We remember that you asked for support over here. https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-product-disclaimer/10447094/comments?page=3&filter=all#comment_13767798

OK let us make you clear that what actually resulted in this delay although its not the right place. Actually we are in process of migrating our support system to new emails and domain which we shared with you so things are just on their way to get organised.

You have already shown a lot of patience and we really appreciate that and are really happy to know that your issue is resolved. But still if you have any issue you can let us know here.


hi great plugin but it causes ajax add to cart not work on products that are not having the disclaimer, im using category shortcodes for the list of products, iv looked thru the code and tryd changing the classes but with no luck, i need add to cart to be ajax

ok ill email you know, i only wont it to execute on one product id i dont want it check on any others, as it refreshes the page, ill email you now

its fine now as i only wanted it to work on product so i created a new css classs for add to cart just for that product an change the add to cart classes in the back so it works how i want it too so thanks

Hi Chris!

Glad to know that things are working for you now.

Let us know if still you have any issue or question.


Can this be turned off for logged in users and only show the disclaimer for non-logged in users?

Hi Paul!

We were off due to weekend. The functionality you are asking is not available as default feature at the moment although its pretty interesting. For now if you know little about coding we can guide you on your way to do the thing.


Thanks, I am not a great coder. I think that if someone has already signed up they would have accepted your terms and conditions so you can skip it, but new users must see it. That’s what I would need.

Hi Paul!

Really apologize for not getting here on time as we were stuck in some project. Any ways got your point. But for this we need to do some tweaks in our plugin as the present version does not provide you with this feature. We have added this feature in our TODO list and hopefully will add this in our upcoming version.

Let us know if still you any question.


It’s not showing any ‘Disclaimer’ options in the Edit product pages and nothing is appearing when I click ‘add to cart’?

Hi there!

Really sorry for being late over here as our team got little busy in some projects. Can you share your wp-admin details at support[at]wpexperts[dot]io so that we can check it for you.



chin77 Purchased

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I have an issue with my disclaimer. When you click accept it doesn’t go anywhere just loads a blank page instead of my cart page. So what do I need to do to get this right?

Hi there!

Can you share your site details at support[at]wpexperts.io so that we can check it for you.


Sorry I figured out the issue. I realized my cart and checkout pages weren’t entered correctly in woocommerce. It works perfectly now.

Good to know.

Let us know if still you have any issue.


Hi Im noticing when I have this plugin enabled I can’t change the product image in the same fashion it is opening the media library a different way and I also get no response when clicking the edit url button just below the title on the edit page. I disable plugin and it works..

Thanks, Paul

Hi there!

Thanks for reporting this bug. We’ll check and update you.


Hello, I purchased this plugin yesterday. There is no option for “Disclaimer” on variable products… or am I missing something?

Hi there!

In your shared screen cast we can see that you are using some different layout for variable product’s variation selection. Are you using some plugin or custom layout?

You can check the following screen-cast for working demo of Woocommerce Product Disclaimer with WooCommerce variable product.

https://youtu.be/O7eDhmfQ3f0 Regarding the bug you mentioned;
- I add the disclaimer per variation as instructed, and click the “Save Changes” button in variations panel. Changes are not saved.

We have fixed this one as demonstrated in above screen-cast. Just waiting for approval by codecanyon team.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply. You are correct, we have customized the display of variations on the single product page, and that is indeed what was interfering with the disclaimer popup.

Optimistic that we can use this plugin as intended.


Hi there!

For this you would need some customization in your theme. if you are interested so contact us at support[at]wpexperts.io.


I have the disclaimer uploaded and am testing it on different browser but when I click add to cart it either stays for a second then moves me to checkout page automatically or doesn’t even pop up. I want it to where the customer has to click accept or deny. What do I need to do?

we just clone your site on local to test. we just figured out that there is js confliction between fancy product designer and woocommerce product disclaimer. either you can contact the fancy product designers author to resolved this issue if in case you need us to customize this for you, you can contact us at support[at]wpexperts.io

Thanks !

Thanks. I’ve emailed you a question about the conflict with the product designer I’m using.

OK your issue is fixed!

Let us know if you have any other issue in future.



blinkd Purchased

Hi. I just purchased your Woocommerce Product Disclaimer plugin. It’s working for the most part. However, in single product mode, when I press Add to Cart the disclaimer appears, but the product is added to the cart even if I decline. I believe this is has to do with the theme’s Ajax custom modal Add to Cart function. Can you give me any clue as to how to make your plugin work around this? The link to the product is here: https://dueckdefense.com/shop/firearms/rbu-for-multiple-red-dots-mp/

Thank you very much.

Hi there! every things seem to work fine over here. look at in below video link https://youtu.be/bASePwYa9CM If you still have any issue let us know Thanks !

The variable product portion does not work. I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfPixrXsNiw

However, after setting Disclaimer Option, Disclaimer message and clicking on Save Changes the page resets and nothing sticks with all of those fields empty.

hi there!

Can you please provide us a video shot at support[at]wpexperts.io. So we will find out what the actual issue you are facing in your site.


The plugin is not working for categories.

I tested a general disclaimer for all products and this works, so the plugin appears to be installed properly.

In Products / Category I select an existing category (the category existed before the plugin was installed). I see the fields Display one time only, Disclaimer option, Disclaimer message and Reject URL.

I have the following: Display one time: NOT checked Disclaimer option: Active Disclaimer message: a text msg Reject URL: blank

I go to “shop” on the frontend, and click on “Add to Cart”. The disclaimer is not showing and the product is added to cart.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards.

hi there!

Can you please provide us a video shot at support[at]wpexperts[dot]io so that we can check it for you.


Hi guys,

Have purchased the plugin and it appears i have a bug! when i add the disclaimer to a product and click add to cart i am getting a white overlay but no diclaimer?

if i inspect the element and look at the source code i can see that the disclaimer is in the code but not showing ?? any ideas?

Thanks Stuart

Hi there!

Can you provide us with your WP-admin at support[at]wpexperts[dot]io so that we can check this issue for you.



I was using this module with no problem but starting today when customer press accept the page reloads on the same product page and does not send you to the cart page.

I have on woocommerce settings the redirect to cart after product addition box selected and it was working without issues. Today i deactivated the disclaimer plugin and now all is working as supposed.

I think maybe there are changes with the latest woocommerce update.


Can you please send us your credentials at support@wpexperts.io and we will check it.

Thanks, WPEpxerts Support


We are using WooCommerce Product Disclaimer version 2.7 with WordPress 4.7.3 and WooCommerce 3.0.2 and Divi theme. All was working well since August 2015 until today. We noticed we could no longer add to cart after accepting the disclaimer.

In troubleshooting, we first noticed we had version 2.0 of the disclaimer and so we came back to this site and saw there was an updated version, 2.7, which we duly installed. However, that did not solve the problem, and we are still unable to add to cart after accepting the disclaimer. If we deactivate the plugin, add to cart works as it should, so we have identified this plugin as being the source of the bug.

We need your assistance to fix this issue and in the meantime we have deactivated the plugin to not further impede sales.

1. We need help as soon soon as possible fixing this issue.

2. How can we be notified of future updates to the plugin? We did not know there were additional versions.

Thank you for your help!

Hi there!

can you please provide us wp-admin at support[at]wpexperts[dot]io so we can check the issue for you.

Whenever we release an update for sure an email is shot on your codecanyon email.

Thanks, Wpexperts technical support team.


psquinn Purchased


I have purchased your product which is great. It was working fine until the last Woocommerce update. Now when users click the “add product” button on a product page, the product is not added to cart and the user is no re-directed to the car page. If i turn your plugin off it works fine. Is this a known bug?

Thanks in advance..


Hi there!

Apart from that the errors you mentioned seems pretty odd. We just need to make sure we are using latest version of following 3 plugins;

WordPress ( version : 4.7+ )
WooCommerce  ( version : 3.0+)
Discussion on Woocommerce Product Disclaimer  ( version : 2.7)

You can connect with us at support[at]wpexperts[dot]io to share your wp-admin credentials so we can help you on the way.



psquinn Purchased

yes, i am using those latest versions. i will create you an admin account. cheers.

ok create and send us at support@wpexperts.io