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I’d like to order this plugin, but I wonder if it’s possible to place the configurator within a visual composer row.

Right now the configurator seems to just show the product title and options, but I’d like to show a description, specs etc. as well. I think the easiest solution for this would be to place the configurator in a visual elements row with a title above it and text elements under it.

Hey, I’m not 100% sure. You’re welcome to give it a go! If it doesn’t work, i can look at adding a shortcode to display the images (like I’ve done with WooThumbs). or, you are always welcome to a refund within 14 days.

I’m using woocommerce composite products plugin and will use “WooCommerce Extra Product Options” or “WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options” on my site, so will there be any conflict if I enable this plugin and can i use this alongside the other ones?

Hey, this is built to work with variable products, so may not work as well with anything else. You’re welcome to try and request a refund if you face some issues.

So your demo site doesn’t work??

Hey, it should be OK. What issue did you see?

PRE-SALE QUESTION: Will the plugin send the customized built product to all WooCommerce templates – cart – checkout – especially email templates. The reason I ask is I found a few sites utilizing the plugin and order confirmation email sends the “default” featured image to the customer instead of the one they built which leads to confusion. Looking forward to your reply!

Hey, yes it adds it to cart, not checkout as there is no images there by default, and sends it in the email!


wallry Purchased


What´s your plan regarding the product thumbnails, will you re-activate them any time soon?


Hey, sorry – not sure what you mean?


wallry Purchased

The gallery-images disappeared with woocommerce 3.0.

Oh! Drop me an email at support@iconicwp.com – I have an update for that.


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Hi there,

I’m about to purchase your plugin but i have one question, will your wonderful plugin work with composite products from woocommerce and WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options as i’m using both plugin on my site?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, sorry for the delay – let me know if you had any issues!

is it woocommerce 3.1 compatible, yet? cheers oli

Hey Oli, yes it is!

does not work for me. i have created a fresh clean wordpress instalation with woocommerce standard theme storefront and no other plugins – at the moment in the admin the background image does not save. any plugin update planned, soon?

Ah, OK. I’ll take a look into that today and fix. Drop me an email to support@iconicwp.com and I’ll send the update when it’s ready.


I need to know if the configurator is “built-in” inside normal woocommerce products page. The elements that normally appear, like description and so will continue to appear in the products page?


Yep! It’s based on a variable product.

Hi! I just bought this plugin and I love it!

I have a few questions tough:

1: the loading of the images seems pretty slow, it takes like 3 seconds from clicking on the variation to loading the image even tough it’s the same size as my other product images (that load super quick). Any fix for this?

2: I also bought “WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery” from you, and I love this plugin. However, when I activate it, it shows side by side to the configurator image. Is it possible to have the first image of the WooThumbs made up by the PNG’s of the Product Configurator (and have the zoom functionality) and show the other images of the product gallery after it (when you click on next image)?

3: For now I blocked WooThumbs for the product page, but still the gallery option doesn’t seem to work. No other images are displayed, is this a compatibility issue with the current Woocommerce version?

Thanks a lot!


1. It could be that something else is slowing down the AJAX request. Maybe see what it’s like with other plugins disabled?

2. I plan to add WooThumbs compatibility, but currently they don’t work together (on a configurator page), as you’ve found.

3. Send me an email at support@iconicwp.com and I’ll send the latest version!

I installed plugin and create a example product like your demo (bike). But in dashboard, I can not save anything: can not save Enable Configurator checkbox, can not save variation images. My woocomerce version is 3.0.0. My site: idesk.io please check and support. Thanks

Hey, sorry about that. I’ll look into that issue today – could you email support@iconicwp.com and I’ll send the update

I sent email to you. pls check and support me. thanks


when you will fix for edge browser?

Hey, I wasn’t aware it was broken. What seems to be the issue?

Hello, your plugin is very interesting.

Here is the scenario for my shop. I sell bikes.

I would like to allow my clients to build their bikes. We have several categories of components

  • Transmission : by manufacturers (sram or shimano) 10 speeds, 12 speeds, etc.
  • Wheels :by manufacturers & by type
  • Handlebars,
  • Tape by manufacturers & by type and variation colors
  • Tires : by manufacturers & by type and variation colors
  • Brakes & lever : by manufacturers & by type
  • Cables : variation colors
  • And so on …
Can we do this with your plugin? I think so. Do we have to pay particular attention to something?

If it turns out that we have a compatibility problem with an already installed plugin, is it possible to be reimbursed without too much fuss? Obviously after contacting your support to find a solution.

Thanks for ur time!


Hey Mary,

Just to be clear, the plugin is based on variable products. the key thing it brings is allowing you to layer images to build a visual of the product. The actual options/settings of the product would be the same as a variable product. So yes, it’d be possible!

Key thing to look out for (at this point in time) is that your layers cannot be conditional. i.e. if you change the shape of the bike, the other layers would not change with it. All layers must match up to the layers below/above.

Product image shortcode for custom product page?

Hi there. Yesterday I purchased your plugin. I’m also using ENFOLD theme, quite popular one. And I’m not using that default WooCommerce product layout, which is very simple. I have that custom product page. I was wondering, is it possible to display product picture with some shortcode for your plugin?

You can see my link here: http://www.oot-oot.com/shop/product/cosmo-sofa-3-seater/

Currently it uses some image slider, but I would like to display your plugin image instead so that all layers would function properly.

Any thoughts on that?

Hey, there’s no shortcode at the moment, but I have no issues with making one. Drop me an email at support@iconicwp.com and I’ll get you hooked up.

Presales. Instead of a pull down for product variations. Is there an option for images. So as in your demo, instead of saying red seat… Show acted seat and so on. Any solution around this.

Out of interest, how did you find the plugin?

I’m looking at it as a solution to not having to create 1000’s of images for variations. BUT I need to have the ability to show the icons as a selection as opposed to text, the client wants images, makes sense. And it needs to load fast like when you add images to variations. So ideally – that is what I’m shooting for. It looks great – seems easy enough to use. I would love to see it in the back-end. That would help.

Send me a message at support@iconicwp.com and I’ll hook you up

Dear iconicwp, pre-sale question. I am selling posters and the customer should be able to choose between different frames (sizes and colors). Is that scenario covered by your plugin? BR, Stefan

Hey Stefan, sizes might be tricky at the moment, but colours yes. I will be adding conditional layers soon, as for sizes I assume you’d want to change the size of the artwork, too?

Hey iconicwp, thanks for your prompt reply. Selecting a frame color should not cause a resize but in case customer selects a photo-mount, the image requires resizing. Ultimately the photo-mount size is also user defineable.

The only way to do it currently would be to have the frame sizes as different products, but keep an eye out for the conditional layers update!