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Hello! I have the same problem as customofficial: “henever i load up the product i am trying to set variables on in comes on the page for a brief second and then disappears.”

Can you please tell us how can we solve this problem? Thank you!

Ok, now i know what was the problem. At first i created 2 attributes, added some infos and pictures, and saved it. Then i created a 3rd one, and the images on the 3rd attribute didn’t wanted to apper. I deleted all the attributes, and this time i created all the 3 attributes at once, and saved it together. Now all of the images of my 3 attributes appear. So the problem is solved this way, but i think you should fix this bux, because if someone wants to add a new attribute later to the product, than he’ll have to create them all again together, and it can be a bit painful… :)

Hey, I had a look into this on my local installation. I couldn’t replicate the issue you described – adding new attributes worked as expected (once the page has been updated).

So, great plugin. one problem… The TGM library is not updated to the latest version, and it is currently non-compatible with the current release of the Avada Theme because of the use of Redux Framework… So now i cant use this plugin anymore :(

Hey, working on a version that uses my own settings framework, so no TGM and no Redux!

Hi it is very nice idea, but my website is multi vendor, there is many people who is not proffessional, they just coppy or take picture and post, is this plugin requires any skills about picture to make it work right as your demo?

Yes, they’d need to know how to separate an image into layers with the correct colours applied, etc

I see. Thank you.

Is your configurator-plugin WPML compatible? I need it to be translated. Thank you in advance!

Hey, yes, it has language files!


Good plugin, thanks! I have a problem: When I create an attribute term, the ‘default image’ button not works. When I edit the term neither works.

Can you help me?

Regards, Sergio

Hey, if you submit a ticket at iconicwp.ticksy.com I can send over the latest version as I believe this issue is now fixed!

Submited. Thanks!

Good morning. I’m waiting for an answer in the ticket zone.

Regards, Sergio


When I add a product with configurator, I always have the default image of the woocommerce product.

How I make to delete it and replace her by the configurator product ? (I would like to have the same rendering as your bicycle demo)



Hey, I believe we have a ticket in the support forum regarding this?

Yes thank you. But if i delete all the image in files “woocommerce/content-single-product.php”, i will also delete my other product image ?

Hello, I’m not sure what you mean, but we should follow this up in the ticket!

Feature request: A way to automatically save the image that is generated when the product is added to the cart as the product image.

Currently, I can get similar results by having the images save directly in to the media uploader section attached to a product, and then using a plugin to auto create the featured image based on attached post images.

But I still have to add the image to the cart, and either change the cache time, or save the image from the upload area. It would be cool if we could simply save the created image as an attachment to the post, and then select it as the product image. You’d just have to change where the image saves to.

Would this be just for the current user?

Yes for the Admin/store manager. Your plugin actually creates a default image already at wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=jckpc_generate_image&prodid=###

If you could auto create the image without adding it to the cart first, and then dynamically add the product id to that string, and then load it in to a plugin such as this, that would be amazing. https://wordpress.org/plugins/featured-image-from-url/

It would help users of your “show single product variations” greatly too if all of those created images automatically saved to the product media libary, and could be set there instead of having to click through the cart and save them manually.

Hi, Is this plugin allow me to add free text at a fixed location of product?

Hey, no, I’m afraid not!

PRE-SALE question

Hi guys,
does your plugin handle inventory for each component?


Not yet! It will do in the future though. What will you use it for?

Hi, its possible to get a test account for admin panel? Im not sure if the plugin can do what i want. I want to have a easier way to add images to variables.

Hey, currently there isn’t one, but I will be setting them up soon. Feel free to buy and try. if it doesn’t work how you’d like, you can have a refund! It definitely makes it easier to add images for a product with a large number of attributes!

Hello, will this plugin work fine with custom woocommerce templates like the ones introduced with custom wordpress themes? I’m thinking about Atelier theme.

Hello, yes! As long as the theme utilises the standard WooCommerce hooks then it should work fine.

Hey everybody,

I have a question concerning your plugin; is it possible building an configurator like this one (design doesn’t matter, I’m interested in step-by-step configuration & sending and automized offer / contact form after this process).


Regards, David

Hey, I’m going to say – no!

It’s more for creating an image based on the chosen options, rather than a stepped method of selecting options.