Discussion on WooCommerce Product Colorizer

Discussion on WooCommerce Product Colorizer

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For some reason the colorizer isn’t working on my site, I think it quit after a round of updates, and I’ve updated it to the latest version. I’m not seeing any errors anywhere, but it is definitely not updating the colors.

you can see it at:

Any tips on figuring out why it isn’t working?

hi, do you remember which version you were using before when it worked for you? can you revert/create clone with that version somewhere so we could compare?

did you check your server error log/tried enabling wp debug to see if something pops out there?

I hadn’t updated it until after it stopped working. I did look at the logs, but I did not enable wp debug yet.

I’ve tried the debug, and it doesn’t log anything, I’ve tried debugging the front end, but no errors on the console, I’m not sure where to go from here. We’ve been using your plugin for quite a while, and I don’t know why it stopped working.

I would like a refund for my purchase. Let me know what you require to facilitate it.

Will you respond any time?

hi! sorry missed it. you need to request it through codecanyon and i’ll approve


I updated the plugin and saw it still doesn’t work on my site. Then I uploaded the image of a plain red block and tried to change the colour and nothing, it stayed red no matter what I do. I’m using the Storefront theme and the default demo color attributes that come with the plugin.

Is there any update on a fixed version to accommodate Woocommerce 7.8.x

Thank you guys! v4.2.2 works great again.

glad to hear, thanks for confirmation

Hi, I bought the plugin and uploaded it on a new site that has only WooCommerce and the Colorizer activated on the storefront theme. I uploaded one image (in .JPG format), but it doesn’t change the colour of my product. I looked at your videos on YT and saw that you have a Colorizer option when editing a product which I do not, if that could be the possible cause.

not yet unfortunately hopefully fix tomorrow

Ok thanks, I’ll be waiting for your response/ fix then

I would like a refund for my purchase.

I’m considering buying this plugin but before I do so I want to ensure that it will do what I think it does.

I’m in the process of creating a website that sells lampshades. Will this plugin allow me to upload a single photo of the shade, then select from a list of predefined colours (which will be different materials) and it will change the colour of the shade to that specific colour? Without needing to upload individual images? I really wish there was a trial version of the plugin for me to test on my own.

Ah amazing, is it possible that there is a trial version of the plugin for me to use?

unfortunately not. simply give it a try and if you’d have issues please let us know. we’ll either be able to solve them or will approve refund.

Hi, we have installed the colourizer and the demo works great BUT for some reason we cannot get the dropdown in colourizer to show the correct tee or design colour. It has no options even though we have the categories/attributes set up correctly.

I was hoping to attach a pic but cannot. The dropdown in product backend “colourizing attribute” doesn’t show a clickable option.

Hope this makes sense, thanks very much, great plugin you have :)

hi! can you try basic theme and disabling other plugins to figure out if any of these is interferring?

otherwise please send screenshot and url to, thanks

Hello, we have items with many sizes and color variations. Each variant has its own SKU. However, after activating the Colorizer plugin, I only see one graphical interface. Also, only one image is displayed in the frontend instead of the separately created one for each color. The rule that a different graphic should be used for the color white also does not work. 
Unfortunately, the documentation does not explain how and whether this can be used at all. I have imported your sample article. However, it only has one SKU. Please contact me to submit pictures or login data for viewing. Regards, Junes

I send you an email with a video to show.

Sorry, you never got back to me. I have to return the item.

sorry – dev missed it; refund provided

Hi , Under the Colorizer tab I have inserted some images and have set conditions, If I view the product it does not show. Thank you.

hi! can you write from the account from which the purchase was made? thanks! we will need temp site access to take a look.

(or you can try to start checking by confirming if it’s not any other plugin / theme by disabling them and switching to default theme)

I am working on a ecommerce project selling custom eyewear. Want to develop something like the below if you click on Customize and purchase, you can see the options where the front design and the arms design can be selected. Can we replicate this feature using your plugin?

Hi ok, for customize I will be using (WooCommerce Quick View Builder for Elementor Page Builder). what about the swatches, can they be added? Thank you.

Also, I will be having 4 variants , I need the user to select any 2 option from there not all 4 for the image to change. Thank you

best give it a try to see if it works with your setup. if you have any issues – just let us know and we’ll either fix or refund.

Never mind, I figured it out. Was a problem with a “hidden” setting in the Theme. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

happy to hear you found it out; get well soon!

Hello again, After a recent shoulder injury which left me unable to work, I have finally been able to adapt your fantastic plugin to my wordpress site.

See here:

However, even with Categories defined, nothing shows in Woocommerce neither in product overviews, category overview or any other overview for that matter. Only way to see the product is on the product page itself or under “recent products”. Any idea how to remedy this??

I sent you a couple of questions last week about how to format the pictures for the program so it shows a color change. You asked me to send you my link and samples of my pictures. I did sent it to the email you gave me and have never heard back from you. I still haven’t found a way to integrate my own TShirt pictures into the program, so it continues to be useless for me. Can you please help me to get this issue resolved.

I did not see previous comment but resent email

got it, replied

I sent you the requested info by email yesterday. Still have not found a way to replicate your pictures. This is really important to me. Please respond to my email. Thanks

i didn’t get your email, checked spam too. please try using “contact author” here

I will resend email to address given

I sent the email again 1 minute ago.

Thanks for the input so far. I have spent the entire day trying to create a shirt that will replace the one’s in your demo. Everything I tried has failed. All shirts are PNG format, transparent background and transparent main color so only grey borders and shadows are visible. When I replace your demo image with mine, the color overlays ALL of the square image opening and not JUST the shirt. I tried 20 or more different iterations to no avail. Can you please elaborate on how to create a shirt like the one’s in your demo. They seem to be much darker and somehow different than my program was able to create. What am I doing wrong? I need 4 different shirt styles that much my selection so I can’t use a generic version. Please assist. Thanks

you need to have background around the t-shirt to avoid color around the t-shirt can you send your initial and modified to transparent picture, and your demo product url to to see the issue?

Thanks for the manual. I can’t use the T-Shirt picture in your example. How do I create a picture for my Shirts? What kind of picture do I need to have the colors overlay the picture as in your demo? What file type is used? PNG? Semi Transparency? Can you please give me more info so I can create my own. Thanks

yes you can change it to png with transparent areas – the transparent areas will be “colorized”

I downloaded the plugin but there was no documentation or help file on how to install or setup. Where can I find that info?

hi! thank you for the purchase. description can be found there:

Hi, is there a way to compress the image that’s produced from the layers? They’re quite large file sizes and I can’t work out how to compress them.

hi we don’t have any way out of the box. i’ll add it to to-do list

Hi, you have mentioned that your plugin do not work with Porto theme – any chance for custom quote to make it work? Let me know please

hi! it would require the change of the gallery used in the theme to the default one so it’s as well visual change. if that would be interesting for you, please mail us at

The colorizer no longer works. I think I told you this. We just disabled a bunch of plugins and went to the storefront theme and setup the demo products and it still doesn’t work. Any ideas? What is the latest version?

thanks for the info – we will try to test it too.

After all my futzing its all working now and I have no idea what I did. It is possible that the upload plugin got updated I suppose but it is working now.

thanks for the info!


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