Discussion on WooCommerce Product Grid Builder

Discussion on WooCommerce Product Grid Builder

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Is this still plugin supported? I posted on your support forum a week ago and haven’t had a response yet.


Hi, we have responded to your ticket. Regards!

For example I have product custom field _wccf_pf_xxx , could I add it to the product grid element?

Thanks a lot

Yes, it’s possible with the element Custom Field, please see the screenshot I show you: You can also use the WooCommerce Field.



Could I add custom field to the product grid?

Thanks a lot

Yes, it’s supported. You can refer to the video tutorial. Thanks!

Hello, I check the video tutorial, seems the product element is added from the visual composer element, for example product title, product rating…

If I create some customer fields using plugin “WooCommerce Custom Fields” , could I add those custom fields to the product grid?

Thanks a lot

Hi, How i can use variations swatches in your plugins cause he doesn’t work and i have only read more button and not add to cart . How i can fix this problem. Thank you

Hi, Could you please create a topic on our support forums, our support team will check the issue and help you.


Hi there, I need to contact the support, @: I have tried a few times to enter your online support page, by inserting my Purchase verification code, however I don’t get access as a my Purchase code seems not be correct.

All I can do is copy it from my download link here in What Should I do to ask your help?

Please let me know Thanks

Hi, Could you please send us an email via and give us your purchase code so we can help you.

Best regards!

Can this be used to create a category grid style layout design for all categories that DO HAVE children categories … ... and then create a different list style layout design for final / last child categories???

Yes, it’s supported. You can set a Category Grid template for all product categories, for all include the children categories. See: And in the category setting, you can select the special grid template for the individual category. see: so the last child categories you can assign a grid template design that you want.

Best regards!

Hi is there an option to set the background of a cell with the product image?

Yes it’s possible. Thanks!

Hello! Can I make a product Quick view button or a button to look in more detail?

the post link function does not work.

Hi, this plugin compatible with YITH WooCommerce Compare, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist. We will update this plugin to compatible with YITH WooCommerce Quick View in the next version. Please kindly wait for sometime and update this.

Best regards!

I have presently been using the WPBakery Page Builder with the Post Grid for WooCommerce Products and that displays exactly as I want where I can insert a Post or Masonry Grid Element. What I want to change is to override the Related Products grid that displays on the single product template to match what I have customized already with Post Grid.

Will your plugin enable a method to override the product grid layout for “related products” or any default WooCommerce Product Grid so I could set it up to match precisely (I’m pretty good with CSS)? I need a consistent display and my client doesn’t care much for the default Woo grid.

Thanks in advance for your response…

Yes, it’s possible. You have already the element Post Grid on the single product template so you can select the Item Design built with the Grid Builder, right? Please see the screenshot I show you: with the design “My First Product Grid Element” built with this plugin.

Best regards!


Pre sales question.

Ae you going to update this product?

Regards Levtcreative

Yes, we’re working on the update version. If you have any suggestion please let us know, we will consider it to bring it to the next version.

Best regards!

Hi, We have just updated the plugin to support custom product grid in the Shop Page, in the Category Page, in the Tag page. Please checkout demo. Thanks!

Hello, I post here bcause i tried on ur forum and have “You can’t create topics because you haven’t puchased WooCommerce Product Category Page Grid Builder.”.... OK so, I install the plugin and set it up all very ok. I add some widget and pb… Here ex : 1- I add a nice button + post link = if i click nothing happen.. 2- I try add an image with + post link = we have the right url + “post link” => something like ...... :-/ I use artbee jupiter 6.x + WP 4.x (for this all is fine!).

Hi, please open up the functions.php file in your theme and add the following code snippet:

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_before_shop_loop’, ‘woocommerce_catalog_ordering’, 30 );

This do not help, the default Woo loop still here. I hope i was clear about my question. Ok here my shop page :

Best Seller

(Best seller Products…)

Best Rate

(Best rate Products…)

ALL PRODUCT (This is default from WOO and need to hide/remove !!)

(Display all products + Sort…)

Please kindly contact the author of your theme for this issue. Our plugin only help you to build the grid layout in the loop of the category page, it’s not do anything with the Shop page in the current version even in loop and sort…

Hi, is there no option to add the quantity field, and wish list and compare?

i need this layout


It’s not supported in the current version. We will bring it to the next version. Please kindly wait for sometime.

Best regards!

Hi, I am having issue with Genesis from Studiopress, the plugin doesn’t trigger the template page even if the in the category I select the relative grid. I tried to register to the support forum but it is giving me an error. If you can help would be amazing. Thanks.

Hi, Could you please send us a PM via #Contact form and give us the screenshots that you having with our support forum and the issues on your site. We will check and fix that.

Hi, presale cuestion.

I want to build (by example) category pages with 2 rows of 4 products, 1 row with an image of 2 products width and 2 products, 1 column with an image of 2 rows height – 1 product width and beside 2 rows of 3 products, etc.

Do the plugin allow me to do that ?

Thanks by advance,


Hi, Thanks for interesting in our plugin. You can try it, if it not works we will refund for you.


Hello! Intending to using this for Woocommerce products and have a couple of questions:

1. Is there no custom CSS for the template page (like on the single product template plugin)?

2. How do I make the Product Title link to the product?

We have been using the Single Product Template plugin for a long time and love it.

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for purchasing our plugins.

Regarding your questions:

1. In the Grid Element, click the Grid element settings and add a class name and refer to it in custom CSS.

2. Please use the element Post Tile instead. See the screenshot:


Thanks for getting back to me.

1. I having a hard time getting any custom css to have an effect. I’ve added it in WPBakery custom css section, and also my theme custom css. I’m trying to style the price but it’s not having it.

2. Perfect, thanks!

Thank you

If you have any further assistance please create a topic on our support forums. Our support team will check in the detail and help you.

Have a nice weekend!

Weird. Are this plugins compatible between each other? If i understood, with “WooCommerce Page Builder” you can header, sidebar, etc. And with this one you can set price, images, and other woo settings?

No, WooCommerce Page Builder is not supported you to customize the header, footer…

Hi!. I need thumbnails to be shown in a certain and same proportion and size between prods, like this: not like wooc. default: Its possible with this plugin? i mean, no to be cropped.


With the WooCommerce Page Builder you can custom the template layout of the Category page but you can not custom the Grid layout of the products in the category page.

How long it takes for supp. answer Q?, thanks

We have just replied to our topic. Thanks!

Hi waiting month for reply on forum topic please respond.. Hi I got some small issues:

See attachement: 1. CSS of menu logo and cart are not inline when enable the category page grid builder. When I disable the plugin it works.

2. De starrating is also not align to left while align left is selected.

3. Im able to make the image clickable as product link. But the title also link to the product. How can I make my product title clickable?



We have just replied to your topic.

Thank you so much for understanding and for your patience!

Along with the product loop within a category, I would like to be able to add other elements to the page. For instance, blog posts within specific categories from the blog. This way it’s not just product listings. Please advise.


Please create a topic on our support forums: Our support team will help you.


Hi !

your plugin adds fields on the shop page:

I need to add fields like in this page:

If your plugin does not add fields in this sector, you know if there is a plugin that does it ?

Thank you very much!


It’s possible with our plugin. Please check again, we have just updated the demo:


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