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ANLS Purchased

I’m using this with Elementor and AnyWhere Elementor in a Generate Press theme. It seems that AW Elementor and this plugin are conflicting.

When I turn off AW Elementor, it works well, but I need this to customize the product page.

Is there any chance I can solve this?

Hi there,

never heard of Elementor – some kind of page builder right? What exactly is the conflict / issue that occurs?

Can you send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com?

Problem with wordpress. When i activate the plugin and i try to go to my-site/wp-admin http error 500 appear and I can not access the back-end of the site. My site is http://dev.tasting-sicily.com/country/unitedkingdom it seems to work but when you go to wp-admin it always show error 500 can you help me?

Thank you now it work!! I’ve another problem: I have a multilingual site created using polylang. When I try to exclude a product from the catalog view, the modification occurs only on a language of the two that I have on the site. I send you the link of the product in question: https://www.tasting-sicily.com/country/italy/it/shop/basic-box/ How can I exclude a product from catalog display in all languages?

Polylang unfortunately is not supported. Only WPML is supported.

Please contact our customization service at support@db-dzine.com with your detailed request thanks :)

Hi, good morning, I bought the plugin because of the inquiry function. And I’m having some problems (see this link http://www.alfaluxo.com.br/produto/honda-gl-1800-gold-wing/)

- When the client fills the form that is within the modal, and does not fill in some field that is mandatory, he can click on send, without knowing if it filled correctly, only appears error if I click the “submit proposal” button again.

- No success message of type “Your message has been sent”

- Within the modal would need to come the name of the product.

- How do I configure correctly within the contact form to work? because I did not receive any email.

doesn’t work in another theme with woocommerce, i tested.

Ok then it MUST be a plugin! Can you send WP-Admin to support@db-dzine.com so that we can take a look?


I send to you.

Hello, I have problem in variables does not act as your demo I have colors exactly like their demo but when I do clean the button, there should be hidden.

Hi there, not sure what you mean. Could you send a screenshot with a product URL and WP-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com?

Hello there, I have a question. Is it possible to have a multilingual site (for example using WPML) and enable catalog mode for selected languages and make purchasing possible on the other languages?

Yes with string translations from WPML


How do I remove the add cart on image hovers on woocommerce product category pages please?


Hi there,

First try enabling the hard remove option under advanced settings.

Id this sgould not work please send WP admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com


I just bought you solution and I am looking for how can I remouve the market icon?

Also I need to add a button with a specific URL for each products, below the image and the price on the shop page not on the detail produit page How can I add it?

Kind regrads, Edith

HI there,

regarding the market icon please refer to this link: https://gist.github.com/patrickgilmour/2b24177adebc6118f665

Add this into the functions.php

Regarding the other issue it is something very specific. We will help you, but you need to send us wp-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com.


Hi, my theme uses the swift framework, i didn´t know i had to download the Redux Framework for the plugin to work and if i install my theme is messed up. the modal popup doesn´t show up and i got other problems. I hope you can help

Hi there,

sure we can help you. Could you send WP-Admin to support@db-dzine.com with detail issues what is not working / breaking?

Hi, I cant seem to get this to work with Gravity Forms. As an example when you click the enquire button to load the form it doesnt work.



please add the following custom CSS:

.modal-backdrop.in {
display: none !important;

Also note your recaptcha issues in the console!


vertilex Purchased

There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page. I got this error when I save setting please guide me fast

please check screenshot – https://ibb.co/f5jrmb

and because of this plugin, I am not able to delete my any plugin and customize my theme setting which works related to ajax

if I delete this plugin then I can do everything.

and also i am not able to revert setting man. if i reinstall plugin then previous setting reload again

Hi there,

we are currently on vacation, but please send us wp-admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com then we will look into this when we are back ASAP.

I have installed Product Catalog and I have an issue with the catalog page still showing the Cart. I have enabled the plugin and checked the enable button and the remove “Add to Cart”. The product page is disabled but the catalog page. I’m using Dokan Theme and plugin.

12acb3ad-3e6d-444e-b58f-563a75f60470 – 6 Jan 2018 REGULAR LICENSE

Hi there,

can you send a wp-admin account to support@db-dzine.com with a link where the add to cart button still appears?

Did you have time to take a look at the double pricing and cart issues?

Yes please check your mail :)

Hi there, I’ve configured the plugin, however when the modal pops up, the entire screen is greyed out and nothing is clickable. Do you know what’s the problem?


Hi there,

please add the following custom CSS:
#enquiryModal.modal {
    z-index: 999999999 !important;

Hi there – can we email the product catalogs to our members?

Hi there,

no, but you have also commented on the wrong plugin I guess.