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PRE-SALE question

Hi guys, I have nearly 200 products in my store and would like to use your plugin for only 8-10 products. My questions:
1. Is there a way to have the products with the add to cart button (same as now) by DEFAULT and not other way around?
2. Is it possible to keep the Add To Cart button but adding your Send Enquiry button too?
3. Is your plugin PHP7 compatible?


Hi there,

you can exclude products and revert them to show the enquiry button only for your 8-10 products.

And yes the plugin is PHP7 compatible.

If you face any issues feel free to contact us.

Best regards DB-Dzine


This morning I have bought your plugin. And I think it is what I’m looking for. But I have a small problem. If you go to speelgoed.demorock.nl, you see 4 products under the slider. Now the add-to-cart button is gone under the Holland-Amerika product, but under the other 3 products the button is still visible.

How can I solve this? Because for logged out users the button may not be visible. I also have checked “Hard remove”.

Best regards.

Hi there,

we can not see an add to cart button on the other 3 products?

Could you please send a screenshot to support@db-dzine.com

Preferable with WP-Admin credentials, so that we can help you.


I have solved this problem by myself, but now I have a other problem. A simple product shows the button “Lees Meer”. But the first product is a variable product and when you have that one, you don’t see a button.

Do you know how I get a button?


what module do you use to display the products? Is it from visual composer?

Please send WP-Admin & FTP credentials to support@db-dzine.com.

Then we can help you DB-Dzine

Pre sale, just want to let you know from a happy developer you should encode the Add to Cart forward to a Custom URL in this and you would see more sales ;)

hello, presale, can i link from the button on the produtcpage to amazon of course? and can i change the text for each single product? Also i hab t shirt, which the usern should by on other homrepage and poster, which they buy on my homepage, its vhangeable for every produtct or only for all? hope you understand me, my english is bad.im very sorry:-(


wir können auch Deutsch sprechen. Leider kann man nicht nach Amazon verlinken und leider kann man den Button auch nicht individualisieren.

Grüße DB-Dzine

oh ok, amazon war ein beispiel, also geht auf der einzelnen itemsiete garkeine verlinkung irgendwohin?

Nur Global, nicht pro Produkt.


Omed123 Purchased

Hello! We need to put the article name he is having a question on in the subject of the enquiry form or at least have it written somewhere in the E-Mail. We don’t want to make the customer fill everything in. Is there any way to achieve this easily?


you can use the Special Mail tags: http://contactform7.com/special-mail-tags/


Omed123 Purchased

Ok, I already tried that and it did not work. I thought it maybe was because of the popup. You maybe got a tip for me? :)

You can create a hidden input field in the contact form like this:

        [text sku class:hidden]
        [text product class:hidden]

Then make sure the [sku] or [product] will be sent in the mail.



We had contact around 12 January. I have solved this problem by myself, but now I have a other problem. A simple product shows the button “Lees Meer”. But the first product is a variable product and when you haver that one, you don’t see a button. Do you know how I get a button?

Hi there,

not quite sure what your problem is. Do you see no button on variable products?

You can also send a URL with your problem to support@db-dzine.com


Hi, I have a problem with the plug-in. When I save the configuration and update the product page on the site, the price and the button to add to cart, go away. But when I go out of the configuration panel (or reloading the plug-in configuration page), the options are turned off and the price with the button you see again. Using the 4.7.2 version of wordpress, the 2.6.14 of woocommerce and Logancee – Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Woocommerce Theme. can you help me? Thank you

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

We will look into your problem asap.

BR DB-Dzine

ok, thank you

Hello! I’m from Russia. Translated via Google. I have a question before you buy: 1) There are several types of the product have? (Size, color) 2) I use layerswp, he sovvestim to woo, your plugin will be compatible? 3) Export to pdf, doc and printing are included in the assembly? Thank you!

Hi there,

1) Variables and their attributes can be shown. 2) Not possible 3) Yes


Hello, the plugin is compatible with woocommerce Version 2.6.14 and Wordress 4.7.x


yes ;)

I was forced to install the Redux plugin for this to work and now none of the product variations in the drop down are available to choose.

When i remove the Redux plugin it works but all the products are available to purchase. At this stage i only want to show some categories as being available to purchase but any products with variations wont display the options.

Emailed you.

hi there,

jut recognize that catalog mode don’t work with “last seen” widget. Prices are already displayed for non-logged-in users. please head to http://shop.wienerpresswerk.at/produkt-kategorie/krawatten/ for quick look. what can i do here?

Best regards!

Then you have to add this:

.woocommerce-Price-amount.amount {
display: none !important;

body.logged-in .woocommerce-Price-amount.amount {
display: block !important;

thats it! thank you! would you please remove the link from first post?


Well this only you can do ;)

I am interested in this plugin. I want the site to display products and their prices, but use an enquiry button with text of my choosing.

Some of the products are variable products with multiple variations, for example product type and product size, product colour etc. When in catalogue mode, I still want the end users to be able to select drop-down menus for the variations so they are shown the price. The price varies dependent on what the user selects, so its important for them to be able to choose. Can I easily achieve this with your plugin?

I earlier saw the demo with variable products, and decided to go ahead and purchase. I am using this with a theme called XStore. Enabling the “Enable catalog mode” option and “Variation Products” seems to have no effect on my product pages. Its still showing the product price range, e.g. £7.50–£17.50 with no drop down variations for the user to select. Please can you advise me how to fix this? Are there some themes this plugin might not be compatible with?

... note… when I uncheck “Remove add to cart button” the drop-down for variations are displayed, but as soon as i check this button they disappear completely even when I have enabled “Enable catalog mode” option.