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Hello, pls help me. If your plugin is active, the sorting at the woocommerce product admin page not working (can’t sort my product by price or sku, do nothing). After I deactivate your plugin everything’s fine. Thank you for your help

I just figured out the problem and solution. I’m going to submit a new release within 1 hour. You will get it soon as Codecanyon approve it. Thanks for your patient.

Thank you :), works fine! Great Support!!

Thank you very much for your patient. I’ll be very happy to see your rating for my plugin when you have some time.


HeeHA Purchased


After upgrading. “Woocommerce Product Badge Manager” seems conflicting with our other plugin. “JC WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes” (Author report)

Screenshot : https://ticksy_attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/quanmax_922.jpg

Hope there is a way to solve this issue.

Thank you!

Hello HeeHA, I think because they are using an older version of select2 js. To keep my plugin compatible with latest WooCommerce I had to update my plugin libs to latest version. Please make sure you’re also using the latest version of JC and Woo and If you still see the same problem you should alert JC authors to update their libs. Thanks, Robin


HeeHA Purchased

Hi Robin

Thank you for the fast reply. How to get your newest update automatically?

Thank you again!

Hello, You will see the update notification on the dashboard. You will need to download the latest version and re-install again. I know it’s difficult to it every time. But it helps me to protect my plugin from piracy. Thanks for your patient. Robin

Hi, the version I get from downloading here is still 2.1, should be 2.2 right?

Just fixed :) you can download and use it now without any confusion.

Working now, thanks for the quick response :)

Thank you very much for reporting the bug. Kindly please leave a review on my plugin when you have time. I would really appreciate your feedback. Regards, Robin

Pre-sales Q.

1- Is possible to import theses badges previusly created using WP ALL IMPORT? 2- Can i made unlimited badges? For example, RAM, CPU, and so on? 3- Is possible made a badge using existing attributes? Color / Size, etc..

Thanks a lot!

Hi, i did it to check what values, but doesnt works.

I changd the bolder number posted before, this is the ID from the badge, but is not working. I cant asign manualy to each product.

Im totally lost

please email me at contact@taspristudio.com with your skype and I can help you through screenshare.


Hi about on sale product. Can i have number of discount and total $ save as bellow: (Blue blage) http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-awesome-product-badge/full_screen_preview/15797685?_ga=2.41649570.124715078.1510907302-1193994732.1507039969

Best sell product auto count itself from best selling product or manual?


Please also consider size of plugin, the more you heavy code the more easy conflict. If any css or little code for personal change. Please consider give these code guide in documentation, do not add huge system css direct to plugin. Css fload left/right, color, border is so easy to add and little code, but inclued in plugin, oh will be a huge code.

I’ve developed this plugin almost 2 years ago. In the meantime, I learned a lot. This time I’m reimplementing the whole plugin. So I can assure you about the code quality and stability. Though reimplementing the whole plugin will cause some short-term issue, but it will be very helpful for the long-run.

Ok thanks just remind you because i meet some plugin (not big plugin like visual composer) they used >2MB and even 3.8MB (unbelive in my eyes) which immedianly web slove working after install no need wait to setup, they used a tons of code which is no need for boder color, border thick, background icon, etc… incase just simple few line of code outside in document. which such few classes.

Do you know if Product Badge Manager is compatible with Woo Layout Injector? (https://elegantmarketplace.com/downloads/woo-layout-injector/)

Hello, Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry I didn’t test my plugin with Woo Layout Injector. But I think it’s should be compatible with WLI technology. But if you want me to check this please send a copy of WLI at contact@taspristudio.com I’ll check the plugin and let you know. Thanks, Robin

I’ve received the file, Thank you.

Hi i saw in the demo that we can add a badge depending of the rating, but in my case my rating it made buy an envato rating , Reviewer WordPress Plugin

will your plugin recognize the rating level ? Thank you

( https://codecanyon.net/item/reviewer-wordpress-plugin/5532349?_ga=2.193187949.1515875223.1523382815-1458763193.1503187845)

Hi, Thanks for your query. I’ve not tested my plugin with your suggested plugin. I don’t have a copy of that plugin so I cann’t test. You can go ahead and purchase my plugin and give it a try. If it doesn’t work I’ll send you an refund. If it works then we are good to go :) Thanks, Robin