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Can this be added over the product image?

That is great, thanks for letting me know. I follow you from now on

Thank you very much…

Hi, Thanks for your patient. I’m glad to let you know that version 2.0 is released. _ Please check out the latest features & feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks, Robin


tomitos Purchased


great plugin, just what we need. Does it work with latest Woocommerce & Wordpress and can we expect updates in future?


Glad to hear that, I’ll try to notify you as soon I release the update…


tomitos Purchased

Great, I’m here :) I’ll check it anyway.

Hi, Thanks for your patient. I’m glad to let you know that version 2.0 is released. _ Please check out the latest features & feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks, Robin


vitexio Purchased

It seemed strange that I could not see the meta-box on the product’s editing page. Until I saw the warning in the Google Chrome console. It seems that there is a conflict with VC?

Disabling your plugin, the error is gone.

Hi! Thanks for purchasing my plugin and apologies to hear that you’re facing problem with my plugin. This is little weird because I’ve tested this plugin with VC and never had this problem. May be you’re using some third-party extension with VC that is causing the error. Can you please give me your site access for a moment in my inbox so that I can check what is going on? Also please let me know your theme name in my inbox. Thanks, Robin

Hello, I have some questions before I buy this plugin : 1 – Can we customize the messages shown by the badges ? (as we want them for a french website) 2 – Can we customize the colors of the badges ?


Hi, Thanks for taking a look at my plugin. Yes absolutely you can do both of these. Badges are like a wordpress post so it’s fully depends on you what message you want to show for badges. 2. Badges are image, like a featured image so you can choose what every color you want. Feel free to ask me if you have any question I’ll be glad to answer. Thanks, Robin

Hi Guys,

I installed the plugin but the meta box doesn’t show at the edit product page. Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Kind regards,


Hi Erik, Sorry for the delay but I already responded you through email. I’m sorry but I think you missed it. Can you please ping me one more time in my email so I can find your email and reply you back with more information. Thanks, Robin

Oh okay, maybe i missed it


D3lux3 Purchased

I sent you an email regarding WooCommerce 3.0. support 3-4 days ago. We are getting critical issue. Should the plugin be supported with woocommerce 3.0., respond to email, if not, when?

Hi, I apologize that I missed your email for some technical issue. I just checked manually and saw your mail. Yes you’re right select2 library have some confliction with my plugin after WooCommerce v3x. But within 1 or 2 days I’m going to release another version of my plugin where you will get bunch of new features and also I’ve already fixed this issue on the new version. Please be patient and I’ll let you know when to update. Thanks, Robin

But WooCommerce 3x have few bugs itself which is making few more confliction with my plugin on version 2.0. I’m waiting for their official announcement when the bugs are fixed.

Hi, Thanks for your patient. I’m glad to let you know that version 2.0 is released. _ Please check out the latest features & feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks, Robin

Hi there. After recognizing some conflicts with another plugin i activated wp-debug and got a notice that you are setting the memory limit within your plugin, although i already set it in my wp-config.php . The developer of the other plugin said that this causes the problems i have. Furthermore i want to update in the next few days to WC3.0 and wanted to know if your plugin is compatible.

Got it. Thanks for the kind of information. I’ll try my best to fix it within the next release.

New release is in queue :) you will no longer have this issue with version 2.0.

Hi, Thanks for your patient. I’m glad to let you know that version 2.0 is released. _ Please check out the latest features & feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks, Robin


aovivo Purchased

Hi there, unfortunately I made an update from 1.5 to 2.0 without backing up and now all my badges are gone… how did this happen? do I need to configure something or make changes to options?!

Hi, Sorry to hear that you lost all the data. Actually 2.0 is a major update. Comes with more settings and refurbished settings. I understand why it’s happened & that’s my bad actually. I’ll write a documentation shortly and will let you know here. Don’t worry you will have all of your badges back. Just don’t do anything at this moment. Thanks, Robin


aovivo Purchased

Yes, I rolled back to 1.5 (from an old backup) and they are all there again. Please reply here if you have doc and plug-in updated… thanks

I apologize for the issue, here is the updated documentation and quick video to fix this problem: Please let me know if you face any problem I’ll try my best to help. Thanks, Robin

Hi! I’m interested in your plugin. Is it possible to assign badges based on child/sub categories?

Hi, Thank you very much for your interested on our plugin. Yes! you can assign badges based on child/sub categories & even multi level deeper. You can assign badges on parent category and child categories as well. Please feel free to ask us any question & we will be glad to help. Regards, Robin

Hello, I need label to appear on same product but certain categories only. eg: if single product displayed in multiple categories, need badge on product but only on some categories? Can this plugin do this? Thank you

Hi, Thanks for reaching out my plugin and for you interest. I’m sorry I didn’t properly understood your question. But I think you mean: let’s say you have one product name X Product and category (xcat, ycat) you want to show badge only from xcat and exclude badge from ycat for that product. So yes product could be under multiple categories but you can show only specific badge on certain category by excluding specific badge from product page edit. Please feel free to ask me anything you need or if I misunderstood your question. Thanks, Robin

Hi, I’m looking to update to V2 (from 1.4), but don’t want the hassle of having to install the database plugin and making the fixes for missing badges.

Will you be releasing an update that doesn’t require this extra step?

Many thanks.


I have found a different use for the plugin, if you can get it going again that would be great.

Did you get my email that time (see above)?

Thanks again.

Sorry, But I didn’t received any email till now…

Oh dear. I will send it again now.

Thanks for adding the ‘database update’ tab. Unfortunately that didnt work for me. all the badges are gone.. the badges are listed, yes, but not assigned to the products…

sorry to hear that, it didn’t work for you. can you please send me your site info in my email: so I can take a look…

This plugin looks promising for our requirements. However, we have a huge product catalogue, so we would need to be able to include the badge information in our WP All Import spreadsheets. Do you know if this is possible?

I apologize for my late response. I checked my code and yes you can export badges through wp export.


besfe70 Purchased

hello, can you guide me how to place the output somewhere else in the product page i just need the proper action example
add_action( ‘flatsome_product_title’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’, 25 );, i need to replace xxxxxx with right hook


besfe70 Purchased

I have figured it out, no worry, it is add_woo_pro_badges_on_woo

glad to hear that :)