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live preview page not working somehow…

There is no live preview for this product at the moment, it is now removed

Can I just clarify that this enables you to add global attributes that remain when you add a new product?

No it allows you to locally rename the attribute for a particular product and retain the global name and taxonomy.

Hi, Can you change attributes in bulk to make it apply for all products that I add even after defining it. not just the existing products?

No, you can’t. Sorry.

Is there a back-end demo somewhere I can check out? I’m fairly certain this module may fit me, but I want to make sure.

No there is not, sorry about that.

Do you know if the label editor works in collaboration with UNI CPO formula pricing?

We have not tested this, sorry.

One feature suggestion make grouped attribute functionality like category for attribute for some stores like mobile or electronics stores where we can dispay proper specification :)


That’s a good idea, get in touch with us via the contact form and we will see what we can do.