Discussion on WooCommerce Private Store Plugin: Shop for Registered Users Only

Discussion on WooCommerce Private Store Plugin: Shop for Registered Users Only

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Hi, I have a question. I explain: We have created 2 sections within the tabs of each product ( wholesale and distributors). Is it possible to override this view for the final public and only provide access to these two sections for customers that we select wholesalers? Thank you.

Hi, Our plugin does not restrict any specific section, our plugin restrict complete product page for non logged in users. only registered users can access the product page.

Hello, thank you very much for your clarification.

Hello, Compatible with Dokan and WPML?



Thanks for contacting us, Our plugin is compatible with WPML but we haven’t tested our plugin with Dokan.

Are you going to add a section in admin where I can see users waiting on approval/approved/rejected users in the private site area? It is impossible to find a list of waiting users.

have you got a screenshot of how I approve new register requests

where can I find screenshots?

The screenshots are available at


where can i edit the addify login page?


Thank you for reaching out.

You can edit login page from extension settings page. Here is what you can customize,

Thank you,

Is it possible to disable logging?

Yes, You can disable Login in WooCommerce settings.

The plugin is not updated regularly so it is currently not compatible with Woo and Wordpress. When I run the plugin my site gets the error message: Your site encountered a critical core. I bought both author’s plugins but have the same problem


The extension is compatible with the latest version. We test our extension as soon as the latest version arrives and we do updates only if needed.

We recommend reaching out to our support team using the following link to get the conflict resolved.

Thank you,

Hello, a pre-sale question

I have created a custom page with a product table woocommerce plugin. I didn’t set that page as the ‘Shop page” on settings because I don’t want to be visible the automatic product catalog next to my table.

So I need to have

1. A login page but without any redirection to a register page, like ‘lost password?’

2. Make my custom shop page (with product table) visible only to logged in customers (non linked to ‘shop page’ )

3. Hide the default ‘shop page’ and every single product page

4. Redirect from cart’s page button ‘back to shop’ to my custom shop page.

5. Or Make the custom shop page (with my product table) visible only to logged in customers , set page as ‘shop page’ but hide every single product page.

Are all these (or any) possible with your plugin?

Thank you.

I have already purchased it to try… Now they’re after-sales questions :grin:


Thank you for reaching out. Please find our responses below,

1- The extension will allow you to use your default my account page as login page or use the custom login page available in extension. You can disable registration form at any time.

2- This is not possible with our extension, you would need a product table listing extension and yes, it would be possible to hide that page from our extension for non-loggedin customers.

3- Yes, it is possible to hide pages and products, either entire or specific.

4- That won’t be possible in our extension

5- Possible to create product table with table listing extension and hide that page using our extension or just hide the products.

Hope the above helps!

As you have already purchased the extension, for more information please reach out to our support team using the following link,

Thank you, Team Addify

Thank you for the information

Hi, I have an issue with login/register. Using woocommerce default my-account page, the user can’t logout. Wordpress ask for a logout confirmation and it becomes a loop on it self. But, eetting Addify my-account page the problem is solved.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused, kindly contact us on our support by using this ( official link our support team will assist you accordingly.

HI, I have some pre-sale questions:

1. I can have a homepage with login only, right? How customizable is homepage?

2. If I make a registration form available, can I use custom fields? Something like a button redirecting to a page with much more fields then just the basic user / email. I need more info from the customers.

3. Is it working fine with Enfold theme?

Thank you!


Thank you for showing interest in our extension.

1. Yes, the extension redirects users to a custom page where they only see the login page. You can customize the background image, add video, login and signup form labels, opacity and more.

2. If you make registration form available, you can add custom fields using our registration fields extension.

3. Yes, it should work fine with Enfold. In case of any conflicts, feel free to reach out to our support team and get them ironed out under the support policy.

Thank you,

I have a presale question. Does this plugin work with Oxygen Page Builder and Wordpress 5.8?


Our plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.8 but we haven’t tested our plugin with “Oxygen Page Builder” plugin, But you can purchase our plugin and try and if it does not work for you then you can get a refund.

hi, I’m getting an error “Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in wp-content/plugins/addify_private_shop-2.0.1/front_class.php on line 446”

how can I fix it? thank you


Apologies for the inconvenience caused, kindly contact on our support “”, our support team will look into it and get back to you. There might be installation issue or configuration issue.

Thanks, I’ve sent the email.

Before purchasing the plugin I would like to ask a question.

This plugin blocks the site completely, requesting login or registration for the user?

Example: When entering the main domain of the website ( or any other url will be directed to the login and registration page?

Does it work well with the Flatsome theme?



Yes, it is possible by using our extension.

Thank you,

I just installed the plugin and I can’t find the page with the registration form, PLEASE HELP

Popup option is removed in the new version, because it was conflicting with different themes, so we decide to remove popup functionality.

How should I do ? am I responsible for creating the forms?

Where is the page login ?

Hello, before buying your plugin, I would like to know if the function sending mail, to the user and to the admin, with each new registration, works well even if the registration is not approved by the admin. Thanks

Yes its working well.

Hi! I have a pre-sale question. Can i translate every string of your plugin with WPML? How is overall compatibility? Thanks.


For now our this plugin is not compatible with WPML, but we are working in it and we will release a new version in coming days that includes WPML compatibility.

Hi there, I’ve bought the item and have a problem with the logout, I’ve written for supporte twice, once back in february and another a week ago, with no answer. My email is, can you please send me an email or answer. Thanks


Thank you for reaching out here and sharing the email address.

We can see 3 support requests from this email and the latest one is received a day ago.

All of your support requests has been replied and latest was replied yesterday within 4 hours. Please check your spam/junk folder as sometimes the responses lands there.

Thanks for your quick reply, I’ve checked my email and my spam, and no answer. Can you re-send them to me? can you share it here? I’m really desperate to solve the problem, as you saw, I’ve writing for a long time ago


Can you please compose a new email and send it over to so we can respond to it.

Please include the issue details, admin and FTP info of your staging website for quick resolution.

Thank you,


Last update is 7 October 19 So the plugin still working ?

Best regards, BGC

after disabling the debug mode this message should be removed.


Thank you very much

Glad to hear.


I love your plugin but just one question before buy;

I want to set one category for my Private Customer because this category will have products that will have min quantity like 400 pcs or so on… and i have now currently ecommerce site which is live selling product to any customer from 1 – so on quantity.. and i want want to show my Private Products to public but only to Private Customer…

All i want to give the link to my Private Customer and provide them user n pass access.. once they enter, will reach to one private page where will show all private products that obviously will not show to any public live customer… once my private customer will enter private product, place large quantity orders will check .. done..

Is this have feature? if so i will purchase right away..

Awaiting thanks


Yes you can make specific categories private so guest users will not see these categories products, but when when user loggedin then he/she can see these products.

So you can not make categories private for some customers, anyone who have account on your website and he/she loggedin can see these products.

if I use the search in the header and the shop is private, what do I see as a result?


Our module not hides product for the shop page, our module shows product name and price with login button on the shop/listing pages, so when you click on that you will be redirected to the login page. so if you search in the search box, you will see the searched product(s) with the login button.

Written 3 times already. The plugin broke when I updated WooCommerce and/or Avada theme. Please assist ASAP


We have replied you on all three emails and requested some info but you haven’t replied to these emails, can you please reply to these emails and send us the requested info.


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