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morthomas Purchased


We have just bought your plugin and we have one issue :

We use YITH catalog plugin that add an enquiry form to each single product page automatically (in custom tabs) and we don’t want this info to show in our PDF/WORD/PRINT export.

We have a 2nd custom tab that contains info we do want to show though.

How can we exclude our “enquiry form” custom tab data from showing in Print Product exports?

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards,

Damien M. France


morthomas Purchased

Hello, OK how can we get these customisations?

Thanks a lot Damien


morthomas Purchased

It’s actually quite important to us not to show the second tab content “enquiry form” in the PDF. Can you really not help us on excluding this particular content from generated PDFs?

Thanks a lot, Damien M.

Sure we can – please contact our customization service at with your detailed request.


morthomas Purchased


We have just bought your plugin and we have a(nother) issue:

For some products > product images show in PDF Export and for others, they don”t… (in Word all product images always show). What can It be due to?

Thanks Damien M.


morthomas Purchased

OK thanks for the info.

Problem solved then.

Cheers, Damien M.


morthomas Purchased


How can we remove blank pages from generated PDFs ?

Thanks a lot, Damien M.

What blank pages? You can remove page breaks within plugin settings data to show for example.

24143deb-8671-45a7-a135-235f98e5f18f – 16 Mar 2019

I’m getting an error when uploading the plugin:

The link you followed has expired.

Please try again.

Your memory limit is not high enough – please upload the unzipped plugin via ftp directly.

This plugin is not going to work as described on our site. I have not registered or used it. May I get a refund – I just purchased this a couple hours ago. Sorry. Thanks!

What is not working in detail?

I’d like a refund. i have not used product and it will not work for us. found solution that will. thank you

You need to request a refund via codecanyon

Got it to work by uploading in the backend and a few tweaks. Thank you!



MH717 Purchased

Two issues:

1. When I enable the “Show Custom Meta Key _product_url” feature, nothing appears, however, i’ve tested many of the other attributes, and they all work properly.

2. I have lengths as an attribute ie. 123” x 45”, but the created PDF does not show the ‘inches’ symbols (quotation mark- “), but instead a question mark w/in a box – Similar to this: 123? x 45? Any ideas as to why the ”’s aren’t showing properly?

Thanks in advance!

This issue was solved with latest update? Have you tried it?

OH! So the quotations update has been solved, but still no URL

Yes we do not really know how your custom meta field has been set up?


juliensav Purchased


I installed the plugin on my woocommerce and I got some problems :

1 – I’m unable to save changes on Woocommerce/Print Products. I got a error message. The message is in french cause my woocommerce is in french.

2 – When I click on the pdf or print button, all text (except mine, attribute, description,etc) is in english. How can I fix this ?


1) can you provide your error log?

2) you can translate our plugin using loco translate for example