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Hello, 2 days ago I sent you a support request # 5484 but I have not had an answer yet. you can check? How come you can not download version 4.2? I wrote you my email in the support. Thank you

hi, please check your email

Hello, I write to the support but you take 2-3 days to answer me! too much time to solve problems. Try to be more present! I await support response. Thank you

Hi, please note that support is away and works according to schedule which shown on our page. Please check your email

Hi, I am trying to set a 40% maximum discount on certain items. For example, a customer with a 50% discount would only receive a 40% discount on an item with this max discount. Thanks.

Hi, I apologize, I did not understand your inquiry. Can you please rephrase your question? What is the context of the question exactly?

In order to check the issue, could you kindly provide a few screenshots on support[at], that would help us understand and resolve the issue quickly as well. Looking forward resolving your issue ASAP.

Regards, FT

I have several user roles set up to receive different discounts when they order items from my shop. So one for 25%, 30%, etc.

On certain items I want the discount to never exceed 40%. So for example, if a user with a 50% discount were to order one of these items, they would receive a 40% discount instead. Please let me know if you need anymore clarification.

Hi, I can offer you such a checkmark “Ignore Price By User Role discount” and put a specific price for each role per product:
If this does not answer your question or solve your issue, feel free to reply to this message.


HI, A pre sale question: We have a woocommerce store: 1. Default price will be hidden/Zero, work as cataloque and general user could send a product request cart 2. Client A: Login and could see pricesA 3. ClientB: Login and could see prices B. Is that possible-? ThaNKS !!

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes, it is possible with Prices by User Role

Hi, I am trying to import discounts on product using Woocommerce CSV Import Plugin. I have festiUserRolePrices as the header and it doesn’t want to update that field for some reason.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. We do not guarantee our plugin’s compatibility with the third-party ones, except the WooCommerce and WPML, and also our plugin has its own import functionality, we recommend to use it for your purpose

Hello guys,

we bought your plugin a few weeks ago and we really like it. Thank you for your great work. Good job.

I am having one short question and I hope you can help me. :)

We would like to change the note “Please login or register to see price“ to “get in touch” or something like this.

I couldn`t find a way to change it.

Could you please help us to get it changed?


Hi, thanks for your answer but the screencast doesn`t help me. I can`t enable hidden prices for ALL products to change the note because we need it just for a special category and not for all products. Is there any other way to get it changed?

solved. thx.

Great! Good luck with your project

can this plugin show a report of the sales made by each user role?

Hi, thanks for your interest. This logic is beyond our plugin functionality, but you can use any third party WP-WooCommerce plugin for reports, it should work together