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In a product we have 3 prices

Product cost (not visible) Regular price (visible for all) Sale price (Visible if exist)

1) Could i add a percentage fee over the cost price for a specific user role? 2) We use wpallimport plugin for importing products. Is your plugin use custom fields so i could include them in my xls imports via wpallimport plugin?

3) Is this plugin works with variable products?

4) Is there any admin demo? 5) Could i display 3 prices in front? Regular price, sale price and wholesale price?

Thank you :)

Ho there, Thanks for the interest to our plugin.

1. If by Cost you mean the specific user role, that you, you can add a percentage discount or markup for the role price.

2. Our plugin has its own convenient import functionality that allows to add/update product prices easily

3. Yup, the plugin works with variable products

4. Unfortunately, there is no admin demo at the moment

5. Using the plugin it is possible to display the following information on the product page: Regular Price, Role Price, Savings

If you have any further questions, please contact our support: support[at]festi.team

Have a great day! FT

Hello, how’s going on my website? I’ve send you an email some days ago. I need to continue to work on my website. I’ve resolved that problems i told you, but i want to know if you can or not resolve the layout button problem on menu?

Hi, I’m very sorry for any frustration that this may have caused. The issue you’ve described was resolved a long time ago, and if you did not receive updated version in ticked the best way to let us know about it – email us to same ticket.

I certainly understand that this may be an inconvenience, rest assured that we didn’t mean to cause any type of frustration with this. We sent you a copy of this email in new thread, please answer via email support[at]festi.team if you didn’t receive it If you have additional questions on please let me know.

Warm wishes, FT

Hi, It was not resolved because I’ve conitnue to see that the problem was always there, I haven’t received any email.

It was sent to ticket #5214, please login with your email to receive new plugin https://festiteam.freshdesk.com/ If you lost your password – use Forgot Password link We tried to upload it on your website, but credentials no longer available

Presales question: What is the incompatibility with “WooCommerce Product Add-ons”?

Hi, We do not guarantee our plugin’s compatibility with the third-party ones, except the WooCommerce and WPML, but we would certainly check what can be done according to the issue you’ve described if you’ll send us the one you’ve mentioned on support[at]festi.team with full description what you trying to get.

Screenshots would also help to understand the issue better.

Looking forward resolving your issue ASAP.

Regards, Festi-Team

Hello, the csv variations importer does not work. I used your sample Variable_products_example.csv and the importer keeps making simple products using the SKU numbers from the variable products instead of updating the existing ones. What could be the issue?

Hey, thanks for purchasing our plugin.

In order to check the issue, could you kindly create a temporary admin account for us on your WordPress website and provide us on support[at]festi.team:

  1. URL where you are experiencing this issue
  2. URL where we can log in
  3. User Name
  4. Password
  5. Imporrt file

If you could provide a few screenshots, that would help us understand and resolve the issue quickly as well. Looking forward resolving your issue ASAP.


Hello, I have WordPress and WooCommerce store up and running. I have some customer user accounts on WordPress, they are users that come to my website, login and see the product prices. I would like to enter a % number on a customer account, and this customer should see the % price of all the products. For example, customer A should see the 95% of all the prices on all products, customer B should see 90% of all the prices on all products, etc. I would just enter the number % on the customer account. So,I basically need a plugin to show product prices according to a customer account % number, and this number should be unique to each account. Can this plugin do this? Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Yes, you can set % discount for each customer group with Prices by User Role. Cheers

Can we set a price special to only one customer?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes, you can set role for this customer and provide him special prices