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First customer :)

Success with your plugin!

Thank you! If you would have any question or problems, do not hesitate to contact me! :)

I’ve just bought this plugin and have to say it is excellent. I had some initial issues because I didn’t have the “My Account” page setup for WooCommerce, which is needed to manage notifications, but I contacted the dev who replied very promptly and pointed out what I needed to do to fix it.

It’s now working brilliantly. Thanks for an excellent plugin! :D

I’m glad I could help :)

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

I bought the Drop Prices plugin, more info at, and I’m considering this plugin as a nice combo. Will this work, since the price drop is done automatically?

The user update and delete doesn’t seem to work, but it works on the admin panel. Just a warning as this may be a 2.1 version issue. :)

Please send me an email to with administration rights, and enable WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php thanks! :)

All worked out ok. Thanks for the great client support.

Good luck with sales, mate! A great idea with dropping price and notifying the customer via email.

Is there any connection with Mailchimp or GetResponse?

Hello, Thank you! Currently not, but I’m planning it for next update, possibly today or tomorrow. Cheers. :)

Thanks for a quick update! Good to hear about that.

Tony, Chief at WooRockets Team

Hello, sorry for responsing late,I had some trouble with Mailchimp API, but version 2.0 with Mailchimp support is currently waiting for approving! :) Cheers, Dominik.

Great! Looking to see the version 2.0 then :)

Hello, version 2.0 is approved :) Regards, Dominik.

Where can I modify the “drop price” text please? Right now it is displaying as “Notify me, when price will drop.” I would like to change this.

Also, once I submit the price to notify at, I would like to change that text as well – right now it reads :”Your email is already in price notification database for this product”

Hello, drop price text you can easily modify in settings page->Price Notification text. Second text you currently can not modify, but I’ve submitted new version to Codecanyon, when you can do that. So keep an eye on updates. Regards, Gariest.

Hello, so new version is approved, now you can edit already in text in options-> Already in text.

Is it possible to offer notification like this on a classifieds-site with geolocation (I´m using theme

I. In each category and subcategory, user can subscribe for notification as soon as new offer/deal gets listed!

Filter: Postalcode

II. User can subscribe only for new offers/deals from SPECIFIC seller/vendor

Filter: Categories

If I should not be possible, at least II. should work! This features will be highly efficient :-)

Hello, this plugin is focused on Woocommerce. It uses it’s hooks and filters. However I could write you plugin, you have described, please contact me to for more information. Thank you. Best Regards, Gariest.


Does this work with mail poet or any other plugin other than mail chimp? Thanks!

Hello,currently it works only with Mailchimp, but it works on it’s own. It uses php mail() function. So you do not have to use mail plugin. Best Regards, Gariest.

This plugin works well with Product bundles ( )?

Hello, no, but if you purchase this plugin, I will help you to get it done. Thank you.


I purchased the plugin and it seems to work well, I’m trying.

Do not I get to add a Spanish translation. I downloaded the woo-prince-notification.pot and have generated the woo-prince-notification-es_ES.po and adding all translations into Spanish, but the plugin still appears in English.

As I can add a Spanish translation?

Hello, thank you for purchasing plugin. Have you got set your lang in wp-config.php? If you have and it still doesn’t work, please email me link to your site and temporary admin account at Thank you.

Can this work with ConstantContact instead of MailChimp?

Hello, I’m sorry, but that’s not planned feature. You do not need any email marketing tool. It uses PHP mail() function. However you can hire me as freelancer at, to do requested features. Thank you. Best Regards, Dominik.

Hello, Is it compatible with Waitlist for WooCommerce – Back In Stock Notifier Can it work together?


Hello, of course. If you will find any bug, or it won’t run properly, please do not hesitate to contact me at or through contact form on author’s page. Thank you. Best Regards, Dominik.

Hello, Just purchased and it don’t work properly for me! I created Price Notification page end insert shortcode.

Problems: 1) It doesn’t work for non logged user (guests), while insert e-mail, price and subscribe. It’s not registered.

2) It works for registered and logged users, but when used Frontend Checkbox, the price shown incorrect under Price Notification Data overview.

For example: Product normal price is 399,00 received price under Customer Price shown: 39.900,00 or Product normal price is 49,00 received price under Customer Price shown: 490.059.900.399.002.905.824.883.940.255.185.516.525.471.550.577.320.830.867.464.369.533.540.958.533.253.916.430.430.401.126.381.045.463.279.838.968.152.064,00

3) Thank you text filed don’t working! While input some text here, and click on save, the text is not saved and disappeared from the field (empty).

I use Enfold theme.


Hello, please send me email to Create a temporary admin account and send me name and passsword . Thank you. Best Regards, Dominik.

Potential customer here with a question

All of the products on my Woocommerce site are set as a ‘external/affiliate’ product. Products listed have a ‘regular price’ set, would your price notification plugin notify users who have requested when I go in and add a sale price to the external/affiliate product?


Hello, thank you for your interest in this plugin. If you mean standart Woocommerce built-in external/affliate product answer is: Yes, definitely. Best Regards, Dominik.

Thank you for the reply! :)

Does the user have to put a price in when they sign up for a notification? I think it would be best(for my readers) to just get notified on all sales for a particular product. Is this a feature included in his plugin or do they have to put in a price when they subscribe to a notification?

You as admin has option to enable front-end checkbox. If users check checkbox, price input disappear and he will be notified for all sales. This feature was added in version 1.5. Best Regards, Dominik.

Hello, will the Woocommerce Price Notification work with any WooCommerce product, I have some that are affiliate products that I get from a feed, the prices do change often, will this plugin work on those products as well? Thank you!


Hello, could you please tell me which import plugin do you use? If your import plugin using hooks, I will be able to add it. Best Regards, Dominik.

Hello and thank you for your email. It is the WooZone, sold also in CodeCanyon. Will that work for these items? Is there a way to send to you the site link? Thank you

Best Regards,


With the latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce, I am getting the following error

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 143917056) (tried to allocate 36 bytes) in /homepages/31/d584948166/htdocs/playstoresales/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 2252

When trying to go to the Price Notification Data page

My wordpress install was allotted 64MB of RAM and I increased this to 128MB of RAM and I still get the same error. Since I don’t get this with any other plugin or page, I’m thinking that it is specific to this plugin

Hello, sorry for delay in reply. Please make sure you actually increased php memory limit. If you don’t know how to check it, please contact me at Thanks.

I did make sure it has been increased with an info.php file to look at the details. Now when I go to the page though, it is completely blank. No error message or anything

Please, contact me at, create a temporary admin account for me and enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file. Thank you. Best Regards Dominik

Hey, your plugin seems to work greatly, but just as a feature request, could you add a log file in order to collect e-mail adresses ? and a price history graphic on single product page would be great :)

Hello, first of all, thank you. All email adresses are stored in Woocommerce Price Notification Data.I was thinking about adding price history graph, but there are some complications about it and main purpose of this plugin is to notify users, so currently it’s not planned feature. Hope you understand that. Have a nice day :)

Best Regards, Dominik.

Hello, will this plugin be updated for compatibiliy with the latest release of woocommerce v2.5?

Thanks ,Darrell

Hello, according to changelog from Woo 2.5, it should run with no problem at all. If you find any bug, please let me know.

Thanks! Dominik.

Hi, I’ve just purchased and install the extension, it seem to work well apart from the couple of notes below.

1. “Thank you text” field isn’t storing the message so confirmation isn’t displayed to the user after subscribing.

2. Notification emails are displaying “ To: undisclosed-recipients” which is going straight to spam folder

3. Could you add an option to set “Frontend Checkbox” to selected as default.

Many thanks, Darrell

Hello, Thank you for purchasing this plugin. Could you please create an account for me in your WP installation and send me credentials to my email (, so I can look into your site?

Best regards, Dominik.

Does this plugin only through mailchimp or can I also link this to mymail or another autoresponder or newsletter.

Works this plugin with wordpress 4.4.2 & woocommerce 2.5.2


Currently it’s only working with Mailchimp. Yes, if you find any bug, please let me know.

Best Regards, Dominik


I can’t manage to get my translation to work. I’ve downloaded the woo-prince-notification.pot and have generated the woo-prince-notification-de_DE.po and adding the needed frondend translations into german, uploaded both to /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-price-notification/languages.

And added define (‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’); to my wp-config.php. Also I’ve deleted my browser cache.

But all text are still appearing in english.

Any ideas?

Best regards

Hello Kevin,

1. Yes it’s possible, since My Price Notifications are wrapped in div with id “table-princif”. So if you can paste your CSS with #table-princif .my_account_orders img {/Some CSS/}

2.It seems like list-style attribute that your theme using. try using list-style:none !important in your CSS related to your components

3. I’ve made this option avaible in next version, please send me your email (via contact formular on my codecanyon author page), so I can send this version to you, so you can try it and tell me if it works.

Best Regards, Dominik.

Hey Dominik,

1. It’s working. Thanks!

2. I’ve found the list-style attribute. Thanks again!

3. I’ve send you my email. :-)

Best regards, Kevin

Hi Dominik,

I’ve sent you a email because of the test of the next version ;-)

Best regards, Kevin

Hi, is it possible to make visible on the product page without selecting the variation? Best regards, Kornel