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Hi AA-Team-Support,

What is your amount of people who request for this plugin?

It is not fair for people like me who have bought your plugin and having no support.

The whole plugin does not work with latest wordpress and woocommerce.


We don’t have so many requests for this plugin, so we don’t have planned an update soon.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Hi I want to buy

1.What time updated for WordPress 4.1.1?

2 .Why not displayed the graph? The Link http://cc.aa-team.com/wp-plugins/woo-price-evolution/?product=apple-ipad-mini-md531lla-16gb-wi-fi-white-silver.#tab-additional_information

Hi saeedheidari,
Unfortunately we do not have some updates plan for this plugin right now as there is not so much demand for it on the market.

Best regards

Hey i want to buy this plugin Please tell me is this plugin compatible with latest version of woo commerce and can work easily or not?

Is this work with External/Affiliate product or not?

Not if you are going to use it with the latest version of WP and WooCommerce. If the old version doesn’t bother you then you can use it.

Best regards

is their any plans to update this plugin, i need this plugin

Unfortunately there are no requests on the market for this plugin right now. So we will not release an update soon.

Hi. Why it doesn’t any chart in live demo? I tested it by Chrome and Firefox

Because the last price change was on January 13, 2014. And the plugin only shows graphics for the last 9 months.

Best regards

Oh! This is a little bad for professional shops! Because my shop is professional and I want to save price history at all times.

Can you add this ability to choose the history time limit (for chart)?


Does this work in conjunction with the below mentioned plugin of yours? http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-amazon-affiliates-wordpress-plugin/3057503


Hi, I have just purchased this plugin but not working with me.. no alert button is showing on product http://bit.ly/1G1C9SY

So now how to make this work? You will prove me updated version or refund?

Please open a ticket on our support system: http://support.aa-team.com/

Best regards

Done, will you be able to fix this?


I couldnt activate this product. It says contact support team.

Not able to create account in your support site too. Says my envato username is wrong.

Use this username with your IPC: rsidhaarth


Plugin is having 2 bugs as far I noticed

1) Indian Rupee Symbol is not showing here http://prntscr.com/d7019w 2) For same price and same email duplicate alerts are creating. You have to throw error for duplicate alerts

We’ll take a look at them on the support system.

Does this plugin work with the Amazon Affiliate plugin? Can it track price history of Amazon products?

Yes, they can work together.


Is this plugin still being developed, supported and maintained? Does it support latest Wordpress and Woocommerce?



Is this plugin compatible with WP 4.7 ?

Hello, the answer is yes.


Does this work in conjunction with the below mentioned plugin of yours? http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-amazon-affiliates-wordpress-plugin/3057503

Hello, the answer is yes.


I upload the plugin successfully but there is no ‘Price History’ tab showing up in the product page. May I know why?

Hello, please open a support ticket in our support center ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) so we can take a better look at your issue.
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Is this plugin working on latest Wordpress and Woocommerce?


I use WooCommerce Simple Auction and WC Vendors PRO. My website is an auction platform and one key element is that auctions don’t start immediately, they start after some days/weeks.

I am looking for a plugin where users can create an email alert once the auction is live/has startet.

- The plugin must be able to offer an alert for users for each product. The user must be able to create the alert on a product auction page - The email can be sent automatically if the price increases once. It cannot sent all the time an email when price increases as an auction has permanent price increasings. Alternatively, the alert can be sent manually by administrator - The alert email must have a link to the auction product (- It would be cool to have a back end with alert settings and log data about the use of the alert )

>> Is it possible to create this functionality or something similar with your “Discussion on Woocommerce Price History/Price Drop Notifications”-Plugin?

Thank you for your feedback

Regards, Philipp

Hi Philipp,
By default the plugin can not do that as it was not meant to do that. You might be able to change it to do that if you hire a programmer to change the way the plugin works.

Hi, I understand that you don’t support the latest woocommerce updates but there is no other plugin out there that does what this plugin can do. The price history chart is the biggest feature for me, would you be prepared to do some custom work or could a 3rd party developer get this feature working again? Thanks

Hello i just bought your plugin and when i install it it comes an error in file config.php and block my page. How i can ask a refund for this plugin??

Open a ticket so we can take a look. support.aa-team.com

Hi, im interested in buying this but i realised that the DEMO doesnt display the function of this plugin at all. Please rectify it as Im sure this plugin has issue with latest woocommerce.

i purchased and the purchase , theres 2 bugs. 1) Price chart doesnt appear. 2) The table has display bug, 2 tables combined into 1 when viewed on responsive mobile.

Hi mingisland,
Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the plugin. Open a ticket and we will take a look at them.

Best regards

I would like to show the prices ONLY on the admin page, not on the frontend. Is that possible.. or do I need another plugin… in that case which one ?

Hi, this plugin doesn’t do that. You can try an search for a plugin like that in the internet.