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This plugin is not working for me. the test emails don’t work.

Di you buy the plugin and open a support ticket ? When you talk about “test email” you are talking about “preview email” ?

I’m so sorry this comment is for another plugin that has a very similar name. please ignore my last message.

Can I use this for my Dokan woocommerce emails?

Hello, what is Dokan woocommerce emails ?

It looks like the latest release doesn’t show the coupon being used in the email, although there’s a spot for it “Coupon(s) Used: ” (which is blank)

Disregard, I deactivated your plugin and the problem persists.

Hi I have a pre sales question: I’d like to completely style the order received emails through woocommerce . Is it possible to have absolute control over the email layout sent? I want to have the product purchased thumbnails and order details as usual but flexibly alter the layout. Hope to hear from you soon.


Can I create an email template that is specific to the referral plug-in of yours that I have set up on my site? I am wanting the email to be specific to the referral program and not just a generic template that is sent out.


This plugin is awesome! it really is important to have a professional presence including woocommerce emails. I’m using it for my site evokegraffix.com and have received comments from my clients stating how much more they like my invoicing.

Thanks for the great plugin mbcreation!

Hi there, I purchase a licensed font for my site and apps corresponding to it. Can I Use it easily in my all email templates. Please let me know that if I have the opportunity to force all my email templates to use my licensed fonts without any coding or problems? Please answer to this before buy question ASAP please.

Hi mojtaba191. Unfortuntaly you can’t do that. But i not recommanded using webfont in emails. Poor compatibility and may cause spam issues.


Pre-sale question.

Will this plugin work with the ‘Woocommerce Shipment Tracking’ plugin? They include a line on the completed order email with a tracking no. Would just like to confirm that there won’t be any issues regarding this before purchasing.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alpeer3, it should not be a problem since all the templates are keeping same behavior as normal email template. Contact me if it’s not Working so i my refund you.



ronziv Purchased

Hi There, As of today Products details began to display double! look here please: https://ronnyziv.tinytake.com/sf/MTg4MDMyN182MDMxNzYy any ideas? Thanks, Ron


ronziv Purchased

Hi, Yes I did. We updated to latest WP WOO theme etc

Could confirm you have WooCommerce pretty Emails version 1.8.2 ?


ronziv Purchased

yes! 1.8.2


Phinos Purchased

Hi, How can make the email can show buyer name at email body?

Example: Hi, (first name) (last name) Thank You for your order…



Hi {{billing_first_name}} {{billing_last_name}}

Every field from the order can be accessed that way. You can do some test using preview email,


Presale question: I am using woocomerce 3.1.2 Will this plugin work at all with that?

Yes, it works with latest WooCommerce

Hi! Is just for woocommerce or for mail from wordpress , contact form 7 etc … too ?

Hi ! Just WooCommerce for now. Benoit

Hi, I´ve sent a support-request on the 24th of August and still don´t have any response. Meanwhile my customers receive emails with an error message , which ist quite awful. How much longer do I have to wait ? Regards, Jürgen

I freiheit1903 sorry for that. Regarding error message. If you mean PHP error message. You might hide it by turning of php error display and/or debug mode in WordPress. For fixing it, could you please resend the email at support@mbcreation.net Just made a search but can’t find anything with your pseudo :/


presale question: Is this plugin also able to customize additional emails that are not default from Woocommerce?

I am using WC Marketplace plugin, and that plugin add some core emails regarding vendors and their activities (sending items to customer, tracking url etc).

Do this plugin also covers those additional emails from other plugins? Does it support any plugin creating additional email templates?

I just upgraded to the latest version (1.7.2) and the New Order emails are no longer displaying a thumbnail image of the product in the email as it did before.

Is there a setting that changed or something I need to update?

Please disregard my message. It was 1.8.4 and it had become inactive. Looks like everything is ok now.

hello, can I have the logo at the top centered? and the links to be below the logo instead of right alignment?

Yes you need to use the “centered template” settings in the plugin panel. Benoit


7lHd Purchased

Hi there, I have submitted a ticket a couple of days ago and have not yet received a reply. I have a white background for my emails and a link in the “Change Password” email is also white and I can;t find an option for changing it. I have set the ‘Link’ color and body text colors to black but somehow this one link is still white. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Does this have options for the new signup email or just the orders templates? I want to be able to edit the new user emails to take them to a specific login page etc.

Hello, some pre-sale questions please. Does the plugin allow to customize all WooCommerce emails, especially those sent to customers? Are text strings in e-mails translatable with WPML? Can you add extra text in e-mail sent to customers, such as “If you have chosen bank transfer as payment method…” Thank you.


THobbes Purchased

Hello mbcreation, your update from today has shut down our Woocommerce check out with an error message “internal Server”. Please tell me, where can I find the old plugin version to install? THX

wow. looks like i missed some backward compatibility. Could you send me an email at support@mbcreation.net so i can send it to you ? (i fixed latest version right now). And i’ll submit it here.

Sorry about that. Benoit.