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ronziv Purchased

Hi, Is it compatible with wp4.7 and woo 2.6.9? Thanks, Ron

Is it also work for these custom email created from another plugin such as auction plugin? Please check a look at email they created: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-simple-auctions-wordpress-auctions/6811382

I’m using WPML for English and Spanish, and I want the emails to be in both languages according to the web browser language used to make the purchase.

How do I make the “text to appear in the introduction for the customer processing order email” work for a different language? I don’t see any options for that.

I got the answer from your support via email – thank you!

I have dozens of orders, but I still keep seeing:

! Email Preview is disabled !

You need to have at least one completed order to enable the preview mode.

What is wrong!?

Hi, answered you trought support !. How can your support period be expired ?!


Is it possible to add ALT tags to images ? Thanks

Hi, for now it’s the defautl “Product Image” alt text

Can i also delete elements of the email like the shipping?

Thank you!

Hi, is it possible to include some html in the template please? so for example i’d like to add some html for a ‘Tracking’ Button which allows the customer to click and view tracking of their parcel.

i guess i’d place it in the introduction for completed order email


How can I add the order number to the body of the New Order Email that gets sent to admin. I know it is in the email title but for printing I need it in the body of the email the same as it is with the customer order receipt email.

Looks like it is white text on a white background.

It’s a link in the admin email. Maybe u’ll have to adapt some settings ?

The initial woo default was blue background with white text. I’d changed the background to white and changed the text colour to a darker one so I just had to change the link colour. Many thanks.

Hi i have the requirements necessary to add 2 Order email attachment.

For statuses:

Pending payment On-Hold

For these two states I need to add two pdf attachment.

Vas module allows you to add only one of attachments, on-hold status can not add email attachments.

Hi, it is great that you devote time to this post.

But I need to add two pdf file at each state.

2 pdf for processing, for 2pdf on hold.

How to achieve?

Not considering add a function to the module directly to the admin dashboard?

well, i don’t think it my plugin job to do this at first since it focuses more on design but why not. Regarding your needs, since it’s an “array” you can add multiple attchement :

$attachments[] = get_attached_file( 1 ); $attachments[] = get_attached_file( 2 ); $attachments[] = get_attached_file( 3 );

Hello, it is possible to add on-hold status custom text which would be the order number? something like {{order-id}}, and that it showed in the mail. So was the Order total price exemple {{totalpriceorder}}

Hi, just released version 1.7.2. You can now use {{id}} in text to have the order id. Order total is already available using : {{order_total}}

Version 1.7.2 is available throught backend update (if available, depends on your hosting provider). Update has been submitted to today to codecanyon

I thank you already use, and it works. You’re awesome!

Hello, does this also cater for WooCommerce Subscriptions and Bookings emails?


Presale question: Can I add order time to the emails?

when i save the settings i get a lost page it says

“Oops! That page can’t be found.

Sorry but the page you are looking for cannot be found. Please make sure you have typed the current url.”

Please am really lost, how to add a header page for a specific email. ? lets say when a customer makes a new order. i want to send him an email with specific header. ? Thanks

Hi, what do you call a header ? like a text header or an image banner ?


Pre-Sale question: Is it compatible with WPML? I need to send Emails in two different languages. Thank you


PrintWoo Purchased

The plug in is not working - When you send mail it opens a the email in same window as admin and that is it… What to do ? ......... Not working -

Do your plugin use default WooCommerce hooks for emails?

I want to implement WooCommerce Email Center and the author of that plugin says that a plugin used to customize looks of WP emails is compatible if default hooks are used…