WooCommerce Pretty Emails

WooCommerce Pretty Emails

WooCommerce Email Template Plugin

Transactional emails are important for your business. Make them look beautiful and just like the rest of your store using WooCommerce Pretty Emails, a nice and easy-to-use WooCommerce email customizer plugin. The plugin offers great new email settings to customize all your emails and make them responsive.

  • Custom font, color and size
  • Custom text
  • Custom banners
  • And many more options !

How does it looks like on Front-End ?

WooCommerce Email Template Plugin

How does it looks like on Back-End

WooCommerce Email Theme Plugin

Available options.

The header Image link is an option that allows you to make the WooCommerce default “header image” option clickable. Just fill the text input with an absolute URL to enable it. (ie

Just like Header Image. You should enter url the absolute URL of the logo you want to display in the header of your email. The logo will also appear in the footer in a smaller size. (arount 300px * 120px) is a great size/ratio.

The logo link option works the same way than header image link. Just fill the text input with an absolute URL to enable it and make your logo clickable. (ie

The footer logo width option helps you adjust the size (width) of the logo that will appear in your email footer if you filled the company logo option. Default value is 175. Don’t hesitate to experiment using the preview link. You can set to value to 0 if you want to hide the logo in the footer.

Email template width

Since the template is responsive, this should be considered as a max-width. 700px is a great default value. Try to stay between 500 and 800. Unit is pixel.

Body font size

This is the default font size for the email body excluding headings. Appropriate values are between 12 and 16. Unit is pixel.

Heading 1 font size

This is the font size for h1 tag (including heading). Appropriate values are between 16 and 20. Unit is pixel.

Heading 1 font color

This is the color for the h1 tag (including heading).

Heading 2 font size

This is the font size for h2 tags. Appropriate values are between 14 and 18. Unit is pixel.

Heading 3 font size

This is the font size for h3 tags. Appropriate values are between 12 and 16. Unit is pixel.

Use this setting to customize the downloadable product hyperlink size (ie. make it bigger or smaller)

Use this setting to customize the downloadable product hyperlink color (ie. make it more viewable)

Main Border color

Defines the border color for the surrounding borders. Unit is hexadecimal color code.

Order table border color

Defines the border color for the order tables. Unit is hexadecimal color code.

Product Thumbnails

Tick the checkbox will display product thumbnail in emails.

Product Thumbnails Size

Product Thumbnails Size. Default 32 (in pixels)

Product SKU

Whether you want to display product SKU in WooCommerce email or not

Use these three extra settings to add a custom navigation in the up right corner of your email. You can for exemple include a link to your homepage, a link to the “my account” page, and one to the contact page.

I you added nav menu in your header (extra links), then you can set a color. Default #0000EE.

Social networks options.

Allow you to add/set social networks links and logo for the following social networks : Facebook / Twitter / Google + / Pinterest / Instagram.

Email Text Customization

You can customize 3 WooCommerce default texts :

1 - customer processing order email
2 - customer completed order email
3 - customer new account email

Override new user email notification

If you use WordPress to generate new user account, this option will allow you to send HTML email that looks just like your WooCommerce emails for notifications.


1.6 Fallback support for WooCommerce < 2.4 on product meta. WPML compatibility improved. RTL support improved. Banners management for customer processing and customer completed order emails. New placeholders for text email. 1.5.6 Bug fix on wp_new_user_notification 1.5.5 billing_first_name and billing_last_name can be added to text template. wp_new_user_notification can be overrided 1.5.4 fix filters for text introduction formatting. 1.5.3 child theme template overide 1.5.2 wpml-config.xml added for wpml compatibility 1.5.1 Allow templates override through theme. 1.5 Add automatic updater. 1.4.4 H1 color option. Logo Link Option. Main border option. Add support for version below 2.3 (customer details). Russian translation added. Support WooCommerce 2.4 including refunded order email template. 1.4.3 Bugfix. Logo doesn't show in footer. 1.4.2 Custom logo options for social networks. Menu link color option added. Footer in logo can be disabled with size 0. Header image can be clickable with an URL option. New customer account introduction text is now customizable. Fix translation issue. 1.4.1 Footer Bug fix. Adding custom text for customer email (processing & completed orders). Css option for download & meta links. WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility check (beta 2). 1.4 Adding preview for email templates 1.3 Adding option for footer logo custom width. Adding option for product thumbnail custom size. 1.2 Improve Outlook 2007-2010 support. 1.1 Bug Fix for gmail client. Add 3 new social profiles logo / url options. 1.0 Initial release.