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Hi there,

I would like to display expired sales items in a separate page called past deals. How would I go about excluding scheduled sales items from this page to not display, as all items/products are showing in this page. It would basically be the reverse of the sale_products shortcode.


JBabe Purchased

Thank you for the feedback, please do let me know when you add something like this to the plugin.


JBabe Purchased

I now have another query; On my page I set product 1 with a product qty limit/threshold of 50 units, which means the sale offer must expire when the limit is reached. However this is not the case. I am still able to process sales which then puts the stock in arrears and the offer is still showing the countdown.

Also the sales_shortcode is not working in the settings I applied. The settings I used are the same as your product on the demo page, but its not showing under sale products, only in all products.

I’ve just done some tests and all seems to properly work. Few questions:
  1. Are you sure to be using the latest 7.3 plugin version?
  2. What do you mean with which then puts the stock in arrears ?
  3. Are you properly setting the Threshld value using the Purchase threshold / Period goal value input box and selecting the proper End goal strategy using the End period options select box?
  4. Can you use the demo site to see if you are experiencing the same issue? If so most likely in your installation some 3rd party plugin re interfering, so you should find the one and then disable it
  5. For what concerns the sales_shortcode, it could be that some 3rd party plugins are interfering or you have not properly configured the presale options for your products, this could be the reason why they are not displayed. Try to disable 3rd party plugins and double check the presale products configuration

Hi. We like to know if this plugin could allow us to gather a certain amount of preorders before we can start selling?

The payment could be made upon pre-ordering.

Yes you could use the plugin with that purpose. You can use the Purchase threshold and the related End period options options to set a the number of purchases that have to be made after which the pre-order period ends.

However keep in mind that it has any feature to charge the users lately when the preorder ends.Users will be normally charcerd according the selected payment method selected during the checkout.

The plugin has also a demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
that you can use before purchasing to see if it acually fits your needs and expectations. In case of further questions feel free to ask :)

Hi. I liked your plugin. This what I was looking for. However while I am testing it in my website I have noticed that the countdown timer is showing different values in different devices and browsers for the same product. I am gonna sell my products as time limited campaign base. So it is very important for me countdown timer’s correct functionality. Could you please help me to solve this issue?

the timer is javascript based so it relies on the embedded browsers javascript engines. It could happen that different browsers may have some little differences. This is not then an issue depending on the plugin.
However the product expiration date (or presale date) is checked via server before the order is placed,


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Is it possible that if an amount of people reaches a goal amount the price will drop. It time it reaches new goal the new prices will be reduced for the people who buy, also another part is that is it possible for user to do a pre-approve payment then once time is up customers who’ve bought the item will be charge provided that they did not cancel their pre-approve agreement on paypal.

No unfortunately it is not possible, the plugin hasn’t such those features.

Hi! I installed right now the plugin but when activate appear this message: “Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /home/aruedabiae/www/website/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-pre-sale/classes/com/WCPS_Product.php on line 32”

Any idea about it?

This error is due the usage of an outdated version of PHP. Note that Wordpress and WCPS plugin (as reported in the description page) both require a minimum 5.5 version.
Could you confirm that you are using at least that version? to check go to WooCommerce -> System status.
If not please update and that error will be gone.

Updating php is usually a very simple operation in any web shared server. Go to the admin panel, search for some kind of advanced configuration and in that section you can switch the php version to the latest.

Ciao! per caso mi potresti dire come attivare il coupon di sconto anche per i pre-order? dalla versione 6.0 non permette più applicare i codici di sconto per i prodotti in pre-order.


Ho appena rilasciato direttamente una nuova versione, la 7.4, che ha una nuova opzione che permette l’utilizzo dei codici coupon anche se i prodotti sono ancora in fase di pre-sale. L’opzione la troverai nel menu Options, è l’ultima della lista.

Se mi invii un messaggio privato, ti posso mandare l’update via email. Altrimenti sarà disponibile su CodeCanyon in 4 – 5 giorni :)

Hi, Thanks for the app, it’s super helpful. Is there a way to export the presale orders by product? I would like to have a spreadsheet w/ the customer Name, Size, Etc for all sales from a single product. Please let me know if this is possible, thanks.

The plugin doesn’t offer any feature like that. However I could extend this plugin of mine: in order to allow you to export orders that have at least one product in pre-sale.
The exported csv will have this format: Note that are reported info not just only for items in pre-sale.

Would it help?

Yes, as long as it would show product options like “Size” in the CSV file then I would love to try it out, thanks! Please email to

I’ve temporarly enabled that plugin (that by the way is WooCommerce Orders & Customers Exporter) in the Pre-sale site:
user: demo
pass: demo

You find the exporter under the WooCommerce -> Orders/Customers export menu.

Before purchasing do all the test you need (like configuring a product like the ones you are using) and see if the CSV file exports the data you need.

If you need further info, feel free to ask :)

Hello I purchased your pre sale plugin and it is causing a fatal error message on website. So, I would like to get a refund.

Which fatal error are you getting? Note if you are getting a fatal error on activation, is due to the fact you are using a php version older than the 5.5
As reported in the plugin description page, it requires a minimum 5.5 version. Please update PHP to latest version (or at least at 5.5) and you will be able to activate the plugin.

I’ve already purchased a plugin from Woocommerce. I would like a refund.

Author cannot directly emit refounds. To ask a refound you have to use the special refould request system not the commets system. Envato will investigate further.

Hello, I contacted you about this plugin. When I try to install it give me a fatal error code. I would like a refund.

Does it work compatible with visual composer ?

Because it broke a theme such as Ark.

Yes, it works and any particular issue has never been reported.
What do you exactly mean that it broke the Ark theme? could you report a more detailed report and the error message you are getting?

Hi there,

Hope you are well.

I’m trying to find a pre ordering plugin that is compatible with ‘WooCommerce Customer / Order XML Export Suite’ (, which will only trigger when an order status is changed to ‘Complete’.

How does your plugin handle status of orders? Will it mark the order as ‘Pre ordered’ or ‘Complete’ after the payment has been received?



by default the plugin doesn’t alter the order status after an order has been placed.

However, using its option menu, under the Checkout order status – assign a custom order status to orders containing at least a Pre-sale/Time offer product section you can select which status to assign after it is placed. In your case you can choose the Completed status

To assign the status, the plugin uses the native update_status of the class WC_Order, so it will trigger the standard woocommerce action that should make it compatible with 3rd party plugin.

You can have a look to de demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

I have not tested that plugin but if it relies on standard woocommerce action triggered by the update_status method, it should work (but I cannot assure you at 100%). Ask to the author if that method is compatible with that plugin workflow.

Hello, I have already bought WooCommerce Pre-sale, Time offer & Expiring System on codecanyon, but the plugin file I really get is WooCommerce Orders & Customers Exporter, please check it.Thanks.

Sorry for the inconvenience. If you send me a private message (click on my name the use the low right box) reporting your email address, I’ll send you the right plugin. Thank you.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing your plugin and it looks like it might do what I’m trying to do, but I want to be absolutely sure that it will work for my situation.

I run an online restaurant where customers can order and pay for our food and we deliver it or they pick up. We’ve decided to only allow food to be ordered in advance. I have my categories on the shop page set up for Monday-Sunday with the menu items for that day only in the category. What I’d like to do is:

1. have all categories visible and the products in the categories visible, but make the products in categories for the wrong day of the week unsaleable. That would allow visitors to see what is available for each day but only be able to order from the correct day 2. We need all pre-orders to be made by a certain time, so I would need to set a start time and an end time and then the items in that category are no longer available for purchase 3. I need to set it up so that when one category/day closes, the next category/day opens so that I don’t have to manually turn the categories on and off

I know that’s a lot but is your plugin able to handle any or all of those criteria? I’m at my wits’ end on how to get what I need in a plugin.

Ok, so I found a comment where you included the demo admin link and tested the functionality; I think it’s just what I need, so I purchased it. I only checked issues 1 and 2 from the list in my original comment. Can you tell me if I can accomplish item 3 on my list? And also, after a presale has been configured for a category, where does it go after you save it? If I wanted to edit that particular presale, where would I find it? I looked everywhere on the demo version.

for what concerns the 3, you have to manually configure the item presale periods.

For what concerns the download issue, I’ll send you the right plugin via email. I’ve updated the file on codecanyon, but it is still under codecanyon approval.

I’m having an issue with setting advance times for presales. I tried to set a category to start a presale July 5th at 8:00pm and end July 6 at 10a. What happens is the timer starts immediately and the end time is set to the correct time. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Good news, I think to have succeded to implement the feature to make the product unpurchasable until the start date has not been reached.

I’ve done some tests and it seems to be properly working.

If you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new 7.5 version!
Once installed (delete the old version and install the new one. Don’t worry you wont lose any settings) you will find the new option:

I hope you enjoy :)

That’s awesome! I’m truly blown away by the level of customer service you provide and how promptly you reply and follow through. I really, sincerely thank you for adding this capability! (Handclaps)

Thank you, you’re welcome :)

is it possible to have a timer start when a link is clicked in an email automation mail. So at the end of a series of mails my subscribers get an offer with a discount that’s only available in the next 48 hours after receiving the mail with the offer

no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t that feature

Ok. thnx for your quick reply

Can I time limit all items at once? I want to set all items at the same time all together.

to bulk assign presale rules to different products, you can just the bulk assigner by clicking on the Pre-sales / Time offers menu.
It this way you can just select the product / categories you need, set the presale options and then click on the Save button.

You can perform tests using the demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo

is there a way to let the user include a note when he does his pre-order?

No, unfortunately the plugin doesn’t offer this kind of feature.


Your plugin is amazing but we’ve some issues with VAT.

At first, we choose in to enter prices with VAT included in the WooCommerce settings. But with this configuration, your plugin was working well for single products but when we used a variable product, the showed price didn’t include the VAT.

So we decided to include our price without VAT and let WooCommerce calculate the VAT. It is working well and the discount calculate by your plugin is working well and the price is showed with VAT.

But it’s working well only for single products and for variables products where prices are different between variations. If the price is the same for all variations, then the showed price doesn’t include the VAT. As soon as I change the price of one variation, VAT is included in the price showed by your plugin. Then I set the same price for all variation and the price showed by your plugin doesn’t include the VAT anymore.

thank you for reporting the issue. I’ve just fixed and released the new 7.6 version. It will be available to download in 3 – 4 days (codecanyon approval system takes awhile to publish new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the update directly! :)

If you have enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please also consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)


I know my support has run out but i have come across a serious problem which is killing my site and i havent done anything and its being caused by the plugin.

This is the website:

The homepage takes ages to load and any page or product which features the pre order plugin on a product it takes ages to load and i mean ages, i havent changed anything and have no idea how this has happend. I turned off the plugins one by one and the plugin causing the error is this one.

Do you know what can be causing this as its causing serious problems with the site?

The website and plugin has been working fine for 6 months now and the problem has started over the weekend, as said, nothing has changed here.

If you can help ASAP


Hi Vanquish, Thanks for this, I have renewed support, can you give me an email address and I will send more details. THanks!

send me the data I requested in the previous comment and your email address via private message (click on my name then use the low right box).
I’ll reply to you using my private email.

Oh yes! missed that sorry, shall send now :) thanks again