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Your plugin is awesome, thanks! I’ve been looking at all offers and you truly have the best options.

I’m developing a website for a client and would like to test sales ie. increase the total sales counter, so I can replicate how it will look like when live. Can I do that from the interface ?

thank you for your appreciation :)

yes you can do that. The info is stored in a product meta data called wcps_total_presales. You can edit by enabling the Custom fields metabox (click on the Screen options tab in the upper-right part of the produt edit page and then check the Custom field option).
If the field doesn’t exists, create it:

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Awesome, thank you!

Thank for the rating! :)

Is this plugin allows product release by minimum order? Most available are by date.

What I mean is, instead of the order is released by date, I want the pre-orders to be released when the pre-orders reached certain numbers. For example, if the pre-orders reach 10 orders, then the order will be released.

unfortunately there isn’t such a feature for orders. You can set different goal strategies like make the product unavailable if a certain numer of sales hasn’t been reached before a certain date, or make the product purchasable at its normal price only after a certain number has been pruchased.
But there isn’t any feature to automatically charge orders only if a certain amount of items have been purchased.

Hi, I created a fixed product discount in woo-commerce with unlimited usage. The pre-sale plugin is making the coupon to apply for all the products in the cart instead of that particular product. The function is working fine with the plugin inactive. Could please let me know how to fix this issue. This is happening with percentage discount as well.

To recevive support you have to purchase a valid supporting license, The one you actually have is expired. Pleaso also make sure you are using the latest 7.7 plugin version (you can download it from codecanyon).

Once done I need more clues about the coupon configuration you are using. What do you exactly mean you are creating an ulimited usage coupon? It has been configured to apply to a specific product or to cart total? Please share the complete configuration you are using for that coupon and then report a step by step guide on how I can reproduce the issue.
Thank you.

Hi we noticed that the total sales can only show quantity. Can we add total sales amount?

Hi we noticed that the shortcode of [wpcs_get_sales] can only get sold quantity, can we add total sold amount? like [wpcs_get_sales_amount]

Thank you.

no unfortunately the plugin hasn’t any feature to keep track of the total amount sold per product during the sales periods.

However it is a nice suggestion, I’ll see if it will be possible to extend the plugin to keep track of those amounts, but I cannot give you any ETA.

In case of news I’ll let you know by replying here!

Hello, Can you make one than one purchase, with the plugin? Are you able to manipulate the number to make it look like you have sold more units, in order to stimulate sale? Does this plugin work well with Divi?

Thank you,

  1. What do you exactly mean with more than one purchase? Presale items can be purchased more than one per time
  2. Yes. To do that activate the Custom field metabox: and then just edit the wcps_total_presales setting the value you wish:
  3. Which is the plugin Divi?


I use this plugin in combination with WCMP / Vendor plugin. But it conflicts with the plugin.

License : 80a948d6-f3b8-499c-a442-45d5aa767397

Can you please look up into it?

the plugin doesn’t have any kind of support for tha plugin and its feature. What exaclty is the “conflict” you are experiencing? Could you provide a more detailed description?

For now I can only say that to have further assistance you have to renew your support license. Once done, keep in mind that it could be that the two pluins are incompatible and they cannot work together (so It is not possible to implement any workaround on my plugin code to fix the “incompatibility”).
In this case, you should also report the “conflict” to the other plugin developer in order to see if its interferences can be fixed.

Hi Author

After i activate the plugin, and update 1 product, all products are not visible, except that particular product. plz let me know what could be the issue?

purchase code 9a7aed28-1fb5-4511-bb3a-2843ea385da7

Thank you, now I see. The strange thing is that however the issue affect your installation even after the plugin was disabled. If a plugin is disabled none of its scripts (and then the code that eventually causes the issue) is executed, so the issue should be gone.

To try to figure out what’s wrong in your installation however I need to further investigation and to perform some tests on my plugin scripts. To do that I need a FTP access. Please send me via private message (click on my name then use the low-right box). Thank you.

sent u FTP detail in private, thanks for quick support :)

Thank you, got it! :)

hi – quick question re variations, you say it is not supported – but what would happen when a customer wants to pre-order a large red tshirt, and the next a medium white tshirt (same design, different sizes and/or colors) on a variable product)- are they able to do so? Thanks, robert5

the plugin support the general variable product, not the single variation.
It means that you can set a variable product as “presale” and not its specific variation each one with different settings.

However the plugin has a full demo site:
user: demo
pass: demo
where you can test its features in order if they fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask! :)

Is it possible to set two different expiration dates?

For example: for the customer role I want a product to expire after 60 days and for the supervisor role I want the same product to expire after 90 days.

If not, could you suggest a workaround?

no unfortunately the plugin has not been designed to work like and there isn’t any easy workaround to achieve that.


Pre-sale questions to be sure this pluggin can answer my needs :

1) is it easy to use this pluggin in other langage (full translated on unlogged an logged webpages?) 2) Do you have Template emails available (depending the statu) to manage easely the Customer communication? 3) Is it responsive design? 4) Is it possible to manage different send fees depending the quantity or country? 5) if I have a website in English and French, do I have to by the pluggin twice?

Thank you for your returns. BR Julia

  1. Plugin can be translated using the .po and .pot file you find inside the languages folder. However it doesn’t ship with any already translated file
  2. The plugin doesn’t not provide any template because hasn’t such feature to send messages to the customer depending on the status
  3. Actually for what concerns the UI, it just display a timer, a progress bar and status text that will displayed according to your theme responsive directives
  4. no
  5. For static strings you have just to translate once using the .po files you need. For what concerns the dynamic strings (like product and shop messages) you have to dinamically translate them using a plugin like WPML for the languages you need. Just edit the product, select the metadata starting with the “wcps_” prefix and make them translatable


The pre-sale plugin is giving our store bug issues with our free gift cards, it is making users get way more free gift cards than intended.

If you need admin access or FTP access just let me know.


Unfortunately I don’t know which could be the cause of the interference.

The pre-sale plugin actually desn’t manipulate cart items. It just modifies the item price trough the following actions:
  1. woocommerce_get_price
  2. woocommerce_product_get_price
  3. woocommerce_product_variation_get_price
and it also checks if a coupon code can be applied to a pre-sale items through the following action:
  1. woocommerce_coupon_is_valid_for_product
What can I say is to try to disable the previos hook by editing the WCPS_FiltersManager.php file you find in the classes\frontend folder. you find the hook on line 89:
add_action('woocommerce_coupon_is_valid_for_product', array( &$this,'check_if_coupon_can_be_used'), 10,4);
That is the only action perfomed by the plugin that my apply with a coupon apply.

Unfortunately I don’t know how that plugin actually has been designed and which hooks it uses to apply the discount. So it is quite impossible to guess which action handler could interfere. Try reporting what I’ve reported to yousee if rings any bell to the other plugin developer.


That seemed to fix it! Thanks for the help!

good :)

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Plugin is creating a buggy column on right side of product dashboard…


this issue is caused to the fact that you are display too much data in a screen not big enough. Wordpress automatically shrinks columns in order to try to make them visible without enlarging the table, causing the issue you experiencing.

This behaviour however doesn’t not depend however on my plugin, but it depends on Wordpress. I can only suggest to disable the column you do not need by clicling in the Screen tab you find in the upper-right corner of your screen and then uncheck the columns you do not need to display.

The plugin is not working as required, you are requested to make the refund.

Thanks for your support. I have one question. For non authorized users (non logged in users) it shows that “This option will not work for single product variation” , does it mean that option will not work for simple products and only work for variable products. I also tried in demo site, the option did not work for non logged in users

It is the contrary. I means that only for simple products the price will be hidden. For variable or single variation, that feature is not available!

before proceding with the refund you have to:
  1. purchase the new plugin
  2. post a comment in that plugin page in order to let me know you purchased
  3. ask for the refund

For now it results to me from your purchase history that you have not purchased the other one, so you are not elegibe for refund.


Is the plugin compatible with this template :

- Is compatible with the plugin :

- Can I hide products after countdown expiration - Can I use it with revolution slider to show product countdown and hide it if expire? - Does it support product variation and wc-ajax ? so the price will be calculated correctly in any situation ?!

sorry for asking all those questions, but I’ve already bought a countdown plugin and I’ve spent a lot of time fixing it, and every time I find an new issue, then I removed it…

Thank you

the plugin hasn’t any particular support for the WooCommerce Extra Product options pluing and its features.

For what concerns the theme, if it is fully WooCommerce compliant there should be no problems. However the plugin hasn’t any particular support to it.

No the plugin hasn’t any support to revolution slider, so product countdown won’t be showed on it. Product can be hidden after the presale period ends. Just select the Item will expire after expiration date (draft) in the End period options while configuring the product:

It do not support specific variations, it only can be configured at product master level. I do not know what do you exactly mean with “wc-ajax” support, so I cannot answer to this.

The plugin has a demo site where you can fully test its features before purchasing in order to be sure it actually fits your needs and expectations. If you need further info, feel free to ask.


We have purchased your plugin based on the information that customers can pay a fee in advance. When implementing the plugin it came to our attention that the total amount does not appear on the product page or check-out. The feeling we get is that we are buying the product at the fee price which is not our intention. Is there any way that we can maintain the total amount on the product and check-out pages and simply inform the customer that he is paying a 10% fee in advance?

yes you can use the special Product page message, Shop page message and Products table – badge text to show next to pre-sale items options to let your customer know that the actual price is a deposit/fee price that lately will be discounted from the original price.

You can also optionally enable the Show old price with a line-through option to let your customers which is the final price.

We’ve try that, but we cannot simply write the price on those fileds. We need to read it from woocommerce due to multicurrencies. If I write the price in any of those boxes it will appear either in EUR or USD.

Unfortuantely the plugin doesn’t offer any other feature to display the original price or to print other additional texts besides the ones I reported in the last comment.

You can try then to put that price info inside the product description.

I know our support for this has expired, but we have purchased 3 copies of this previously so I am hoping that you can provide assistance.

We have found that with this plugin activated, when we try to create a coupon (either a fixed or percentage discount) and specify a usage restriction such as ‘product categories’ the coupon is applied to items in this category, but also all other items in the cart that are not in this category.

Once we de-activate the pre order plugin the coupons work as they should. So in this example the discount is only applied to products within the category that we specify under usage restriction. All other products in the cart do not receive a discount, and this functionality is what we need to achieve.

We really like your plugin, it works perfectly for us as we have a lot of products that need to go on pre order so desperately would like to keep using it!


thank you very much for reporting the issue! I’ve just released the 8.1 version that fixes it! :)
You can manually download the new version via codecanyon or receive as automatic update by installing and configuring the Envato updater plugin: (here the guide that explains how to configure:

I hope you enjoy! :)

Thank you so much for such a quick response, we will install 8.1 and give it a try. Im glad we could contribute to the development of this plugin because it works so well for us, you have done a great job.

Thank you very much for your appreciation :)


Hilario_b Purchased

Hey, when I update general options (like color of sale bar), changes are not kept. Any idea?


Hilario_b Purchased

Haha you are facing this issue as well.. On your demo please go to Pre-sales / Time Offer > Pre-sales / Time offers . On this page, try to change the color of Progress bar, Save. And you will see the change didn’t apply…

Ehmm actally that is a bulk assigner page :)

Via that page, you can assign the desidered values to products. Once done those values will be assigned to the products (you can see them by editing the products) but they won’t be saved in that page :)

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We have a problem with the plugin, Indeed for variable products (with the same promotion applied to all) he adds the VAT oddly While we have entered our prices including VAT all over the shop:


The product normally costs 21 € TTC and should with the promotion of 70% cost 14,70 € But here today the price crossed is not the good, the sales price either, since the 70% discount is not made on € 21 but € 25.20.

However when you arrive in the checkout, the price of the item is displayed at € 14.70

Could you tell us what to do to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Nb: Weird – For a simple product there is no problem

Thank you for reporting the issue. which plugin version are you running? is the latest 8.1 version?

Would be possible to have an access to your backend? In this way I can see how exactly the taxes are configured and perform some tests on my plugin scripts in order to have more clues about the issue.

Please send me via private message (click on my name and then use the low-right box) the following data:
  1. you email address
  2. Full admin access to the wp-admin area
  3. a FTP access

Thank you for your patience.

For those who look in the comments, to avoid unnecessarily disturbing the support. The team set up a new option following our exchanges: disabled tax in the plugin settings options. For my case, this solved the problem of adding taxes that should not have been on variable products.

Thanks again to the support for their responsiveness and their professionalism

Actually it is not a team but just one person: me :)

Thank you for your rating and have a great day! :)


Hilario_b Purchased

Hey there: I have issue with Tax. Indeed, the price displayed on the product is VAT included. But when I select a variation, it appears with VAT excluded. Any help please? Thanks!

it sounds strange because as you can see for example in the demo site in the following variable product:

the plugin properly applies tax even to variation. Note that the plugin applies taxes according to the WooCommerce -> Setteings -> Taxes -> Display product including/excluding taxes options.

Which plugin version are you using? is the latest 8.2 version? If not, can you update and report me if you still experiencing the issue? Can you link me a screenshot of the Taxes options you are using?

Note that if you want to completely avoid the plugin to apply taxes, once you have updated to the latest version, In the Options menu, in the bottom, you will find a specia option for that.


Hilario_b Purchased

Hey. I had the 8.0 version indeed! By downloading 8.2 and choose to avoid the plugin to appl taxes, and worked like a charm :)

Very glad to hear that! Please update to the 8.3 that I just released, due to that option has an issue with simple products.

At last but not least…If you enjoyed my support and/or my plugin please consider leaving the 5 stars, I would really appreciate! :) (to leave a rating: go to your profile page, click on “Downloads” and from there you can rate to your purchases)