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hi, if i click on the free buy now button it tells me my shopping cart is empty. thanks.

the problem is with demo site, re-uploading the plugin on other site. will update the demo url shortly. :)

Done please check now…

Hey… for me, the plugin cannot be activated… Error below:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/udid/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-postlocker/woocommerce-postlocker.php on line 98

Hi, Can you message me temporary Dashboard Access so that i can check?

Is it possible to display the excerpt of a paid-post to the public without having to put a shortcode manually into the post?

This Plugin has been kept simple so it can be used by everyone easily, but you can always order the Custom Plugin on my Envato Studio Service.


I want to see demo … current demo is not working… :(

woocommerce need update on demo site and currently demo site has huge load, it is straight forward plugin, once you checkout you will see the unlocked content the real Post Content.


is this plugin working with woocommerce 2.2.10 version and wordpress 2.1.

Thank you in advance :)

Yes, it should, if it doesn’t just hit my inbox. :)

Hello, pre-sale question. Is it compatible with woocommerce subscriptions? Say I want to lock a post with its monthly priced product, will the post be unlocked and if so, will it be locked again if canceled by the customer? Thank you very much

Hi, Once user Purchase the Product the post will be unlocked, subscription is not supported.

Hi, i’ve got a problem, i’ve installed ok activated ok but when i click on settings i’ve got an error “You do not have permission to access this page.” i’m in administrator mode on wordpress.

Hi, Can you inbox me dashboard?

i’ve sent you information via message now

ok all works fine now, i think it’s just eh settings link does’nt working

Can I restrict the product category using this plugin?


Not with this plugin, If you need a Custom Plugin to achieve this, contact me on Envato Studio.

It would be really nice if the locked posts were viewable by an “Administrator” level user (or maybe even selectable user level in plugin settings somewhere)! I think it would be pretty easy to implement, just add a user role check to the Woocommerce_postlocker::checkForProduct() method.

Thank you for your suggestion i will consider this. :)

Hi, I would like to use this plugin to unlock a product if an administrator has selected a custom option in a user’s account profile. For example, I create a selection box which only the admin can see and when he toggles it ‘on’ then a product is unlocked in the store. Is this possible?

Not with plugin.

Can I use this plugin to protect a page where users need to pay every time they want to access the page? The page is a page where users need to fill some forms and upload a picture, is it possible with this plugin?

That said, the last time this plugin received an update according to Themeforest is two years ago. Is this plugin still valid and functional without bugs? And also, the demo page is not functional. May I know why?

The Demo is also ready now. :)

Thanks for the reply and have checked the demo page. And you just answered me that I can use the plugin to protect a page. Does that mean, I can use it to protect a page that is created from WordPress >> Page? Or only a page created with WooCommerce?

That said, is there a way of not including the “Add To Cart” button or hide it totally? And also instead of “Buy Now” change it “Pay Now” or some custom phrase?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks and regards.

yes also the WP Page. Yes you can change it to anything. i have used WooCommerce shortcodes there in demo.

Can set a time limit for accessing the content even though it’s purcahsed?

No time limit.. If purchased once will always be unlocked.


rwtryb Purchased

hello :)

When I try go to plugin page options I have:

Sorry, you do not have permission to this page. (Przepraszamy, nie posiadasz uprawnień do tej strony.)

Could you tell my why? All other Wordpress admin panel work fine :(

Make sure the URL is YOURSITE/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wcppp-plugin-options_options Also Make sure you are logged in as Administrator.