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Hi, the description say that we can use coupons at checkout but the demo do not show the option.. Can you please confirm that it does

Please click on Discount > Coupon

Hi again

When I add a lemon to the basket the quantity show 0.5.. why is that. i am buying 1 whole lemon

Decimal quantity is turned on. It’s for those who sell in weight.

We are having issues with QBMS/Intuit orders failing. We are using the plugin directly from the WooCommerce marketplace. The notice says that the payment token is missing. Is this a known issue? Please advice on how to proceed.

Please can you fill in our support form on so we can look into this and help you

product loading loading just its not working properly plugin is not compatible to wordpress new version cookies cash problem in plugin when clear then working properly sometime cookie cash clear then still not working the reinstall wordpress then working my clients was shouted for his daily bugs if you updated new version as per wordpress compatible then fine otherwise refund me payment this plugin not able to hold many products if you upload many product then hang while loading or while generating receipt i send you direct email you still didn’t reply to my massage

Sorry to hear this but it is not easy to read your paragraph. Please consider purchasing support so we can help you more.

Hi, in the demo, there are different icons per payment gateway, is it possible to change these icons if i’m using a custom payment gateway?

No it is not. We put the custom icon on gateways we work with and the default card shows for any other gateways.


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The receipt is not getting printed after updating to the recent version. I am unable to print receipt through the register option or through load option in the register. How to fix this?

Go to

I have submitted the ticket and the ticket number is 7271

We will reply to your ticket.


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Hi! I’m having problems with the receipt logo. It’s visible in editor’s preview, but not in printer’s preview. I can’t test it printing (I’m waiting my new printer), but doesn’t appear in preview code too. Can you help me with this?

Can you please clarify?


kanatish Purchased

Yes, sorry for my english. I can’t put my logo in the receipt. It doesn’t work. I’m trying with a 100×400px .jpg image.

Please fill in our support form on

After the recent update to, the Pay Button in the Register is not working and we are unable to take orders and this affects our business and reputation. Please fix this asap.

I have raised the ticket and the ticket number is 7273

We will reply to your ticket.

I have a problem, when I close the register the pop up of the close report is showing a wrong date an our only in the odres listed, but in the order itself the hour and date are correct, only when is showed in the close report even the open hour and close hour is showed correctly but the orders listed don’t

will this compatible with any dotmatrix printer?

does it have android/ios apps?


I see you would started with integration for composite product in the beginning this year, what is the status about that? We would really like to buy your plugin when it work with composite!


Hi, I checked your website but didnt see anything listed. Can you confirm if a STAR SP700 printer and APG VP452 Cash Drawer will work? We are ready to purchase a license if these are compatible.

Is it possible to add more than one way to pay for example cash and credit card