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What happened here?

Any idea why your demo is not working?

It should be working now, please check.

Hello mate, is it possible to have POS only products, ie. Simultaneously run the pos and an online shop in one installation. So could the prices be different for the same product, product x costs 20 on POS and say 30 online. Would be interested to know

How is going the feature to work when my internet goes down? Its possible to place order offline and when internet go back the system send the orders and sync?


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When adding a customer from the POS it requires too many details. As you know with WordPress/WooCommerce all you need is an email address. For us in particular we just need first name, last name, mobile and email. Is there a way to avoid having to enter full address details each and every time?


Another question – All our product prices are including tax (GST here in Australia). Adding products to the POS is fine but unfortunately when I save the order and then load it back in the shipping and/or discount fields are treated as excluding GST (tax) eg) I had an order total of $692 including a $100 discount. When I loaded the order back into the POS it showed up at like $701+....any ideas how to solve this so that all non-product fields remain inclusive of tax irrespective if I complete the sale or load it from a save etc.

Hey there, Do you support z-reports (daily, monthly)? Thanks, David