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cgelici Purchased

Can you improve the section where you can pick the amount the customer paid with ? For example: In my country we have 5/10/20/50 EUR bills.

The customer is buying something worth 20 EUR.

I have the choice to select the amount the customer has given. Right now I can pick 20/25/30/35 etc etc.

This doesn’t make sense. The customer would never pay with 25 because that means he can also pay with 20. The same for 35.

It would be more logical to offer 20/30/40/50

Here is a screenshot to be more clear.

Yes, you are right. We have added this to our suggestions board and we hope to get it implemented soon.

Does anyone have a bug that POS only products appear online?

You would need to enable the POS visibility in the settings page.

What do you mean by that? Product settings or POS settings?

Point of Sale > Settings > Register and of course then go in each product setting and define its visibility.


shackbill Purchased

i realize this is the holiday season but i am having some significant issues with orders and erroneous POS CUSTOM PRODUCTS showing up. Has anyone seen my ticket filed last week #6563


shackbill Purchased

i am at Version


shackbill Purchased

also, we are showing 72 orders in PROCESSING (and 9 pending) but if i click on some of the order (not all) the notes, it says completed. but this gives me false sales reports if i query only completed orders. ALL of my transactions are cash only. what can cause this? Ive sent screen shots in my ticket requests. thanks for Reply.

Yes we got your ticket and we are looking into this, we will update you through our support ticket system.


TIMIT Purchased


First of all you did a great job the last view weeks. POS becomes better and better :-)

When I disable “Enable out of stock products” in the settings I can’t open the register anymore. No message, but products are not loaded anymore.

Thanks Serge

Thanks for the kind comments. This setting should not break the register, please fill in our support form so we can investigate why this is happening.

Hello, We are unable to display the cash register software in our browser, regardless of the browser, when we choose a cashier and press enter. The page starts to load without ever displaying anything. Can you help us solve this problem?

Please fill in our support form so we can understand the problem more as this is not enough for us to give you the possible solution.

We have already contacted the support without any response


ArthasXP Purchased

Everything apparently works fine but when I try to process a payment, the system takes me out of wordpress and sends me to a login screen, as you see in the image: The whole web works without problem, I’m using the latest version of woocommerce and the latest version of your plugin, what’s going on ?.

Hi, what’s the matter, to others if you answer and not to me?

Apparently, the screenshot you sent me says that the session has expired – which is odd because our plugin does not really ‘expire’ the session – only WordPress can. Also, there is a setting in register settings which changes the user after each sale – that could be checked.

There is a problem with the navigation when you are browsing in subcategories it takes you suddenly to te beginning, this happens randomly , using version |

Please update to our latest version. It says here you have not purchased the product so that may be why you have not got the latest version.

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Is there any way to integrate this plugin so that you can easily access saved addresses for user accounts?

Not really no, we would have to integrate or develop the solution.


I’ve set up the POS and everything works as intended. I seem to have trouble printing reciepts through Safari on an iPad.

The hardware is a Star Micronics TSB650 BTi and it’s paired fine with the device. But when printing from Safari – it doesn’t show up. Please advice?

Thank you so much in advance.

There could be many causes, we would have to look into this. Please fill in our support form so we can investigate this issue.

Where do I find the support form?

Pre Sales Question: I have been looking at the demo site but cannot see any products in the register display. Is it possible to have the grid show the categories as they are set up in WooCommerce? Also, with discounts – is it possible to assign a discount to a customer so that it is automatically applied? Thank you

We have reset the demo so you can see it how you should have seen it.

Excellent – looks like that’s what my client will need. I’ll be seeing them next week so hopefully I can show them the demo site and they’ll OK the purchase. Thank you!


I have some questions before buying your plugin : - Is there a french translation ? - Is it possible to pay a part of an order by cash and an other part by chip & pin (200€ by cash and 200 by credit card for example) - Daily report with details (orders pay by cash / by cheque / by chip & pin) - Which tablet (brand, screen size) do you recommend ? - Which product do you recommend for scanning barcode ? - Someone in France is already using your plugin ?

Tank you in advance,

Rémi G.