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Hey there, have a presale questions.

1. Can we turn off the photo upload option so it doesn’t display on frontend? 2. Can we restrict which products or categories the customers receive the review reminder for? 3. How does the link in the reminder email work for guest customers that don’t have an account? 4. Is it compatible with the Avada theme?

Thanks in advance

Hey Kim, I tested the free version plugin and deleted it before installing the paid version. All cache was cleared.

The issue is as mentioned above, when you make changes to the Coupon email settings it will not save the updated settings?

I can’t change the coupon discount from 11 or even when I add text to the email it will not save it!

Hello timeturner, sorry for inconvenience. Please visit and leave a ticket. We will help you with the problem



Your live preview sample pages doesn’t have the photos or rating features activated. But I see in the photo and video preview that these features are displayed on the page. Do these features only display in certain browsers?


Hello Mateo, the plugin works on every browsers. Please check again now. Thank you.

Hi, I like this plugin, it’s great. I hope it has more features.

1. Change the order, the latest is on the top.

2. Limit the number of the reviews per page using pagination.

3. Click a thumbnail once, show the original image. Click the same thumbnail again, close the original image.

4. On the mobile, replace the current style with lightbox, so the image can be displayed full screen.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider to add these features in next updates.


Very nice plugin! Can you please update it to include days before sending review reminder instead of hours? as it may be more logic to ask a review after the customer received his items.


Hello skystream, We will update this feature soon. Thank you for your feedback.

One nice thing would be also to have a list of the orders with reviews pending with the ability to send it to older orders.

Hello skystream, We will update this feature soon. Thank you for your feedback.

Thanks for your latest update!

It’s really nice improvement! I like also the ability to see the photos and rating in the comment section! One thing that would also be great is to modify, update the photos in the comment section. How is it possible to modify and update them?



KimVT Author Team

Hi skystream,

We’ve thought of this already and it’s under consideration.

Thank you.


does the review system support google rich snippets?


KimVT Author Team

Hi Ewoutkegel, Currently the plugin does not have this feature. Maybe we will add this feature later. Thank you.


KimVT Author Team

I see that Woocommerce support google rich snippets already. Thank you.


When i send a review to a costumer, the photo is added from the product whit the text review now. The picture is the original size from the Webshop 1000px, i prefer a thumbnail or a another small format.


Hello Ewoutkegel, thank you for your feedback. We will update the product picture size in review reminder email in next update. Please wait, thank you.

It would be nice if reviews could be approved/deleted before posting

Hello devineone, you can configure that by tick on the option “Comment must be manually approved” in Dashboard/ Settings/ Discussion

Changelog updates…What’s new or what code has been changed?

Sorry, the change logs is now updated

Hello, for some reason I am not able to submit a question on your forum since it says purchase code is not valid even though you see I ve bought the plugin. Anyway, can you help with making the reviews tab active on the page load, ie when you load this page where the plugin is working nicely you see the first tab “Description” active. Is it possible to make it so that the Reviews tab is active on Default instead? thanks in advance

Hello bbrain123, thank you for purchase. The reviews page is on to-do list now. Please wait for an update.

Hello, thanks, how about making the reviews tab active on the page load, ie when you load this page where the plugin is working nicely you see the first tab “Description” active. Is it possible to make it so that the Reviews tab is active on Default instead?

Hello bbrain123, the option to display the review tab by default in single product page is ready and it will be available in next update of WooCommerce Photo Review. Please wait for a few days. Thank you.

Hello, recently I buy your plugin and I like to know if is possible send a coupon for a number of reviews, no only for 1 review. For example: 10% less coupon for 10 reviews Is possible? Thanks

Hello donchihuahua, Sorry this option is not available now. You can choose to use an existing coupon but can not choose how many time it will be used. Or you can let the plugin generate coupons with that value (10% off)

Hi, when I disable ratings count there is a bug in ratings popup preview. It looks like this When ratings count is enabled everything looks and works fine

The page I need help with:

I’m using free version, because I’m testing your plugin and developing my site. I’m definitely gonna buy pro – you did really good job. I’m wating for automatic page with all ratings – then its gonna be absolutly what I’ve been looking for.

Hello mtburda, thank you for the feedback. We are working on the problem now.

Hello, I see there was an update for the plugin – can’t find though how to make the review tab active as default? instead of description tab?

there is no option like this where do I find it?

Hello bbrain123 Please update to the latest version, it should look like this

If you have the latest version installed but can not find this option, please leave a ticket at We will help you out.


Really good for boosting the conversion!

It would be just awesome to import reviews from Aliexpress directly with a chrome extension and link them to selected products! Even this is an advanced feature, are you thinking to implement this kind of amazing feature in future?


Hello skystream, Infact, we are working on the “Import AliExpress Reviews” feature now. Please wait for it, it will be available soon :)

Really? whaah, just amazing! will eagerly waiting for!

Yeah, it is real. Please wait for it :)

WHY did you need to add all that cheap looking, self promoting advertisement to the plugin…WHY?

Now it looks like it’s a cheap freebie plugin from I could have downloaded and saved some cash!

I paid for this premium plugin as it didn’t have any cheap free advertisement pasted all over it, please release a new update WITHOUT this crap free marketing!

Hello timeturner, Sorry we are not going to remove that. That help customers easily to access our support forum and we put it only in our plugin settings page. So it should not be annoying.

Hey! You guys are just awesome!

Your latest update with the Aliexpress direct import is just amazing! It’s so easy now to import the reviews with pictures!

Thanks so much for providing such good functionalities! You are providing a lot to supercharge woocommerce with powerful marketing tools!

Thank you very much :)

The latest update still shows Version 1.0.7 and it’s only Tested up to: 4.8.2? that also needs an update!

The plugin php file still has * Version: 1.0.7 may need an update for the update :)

Thank you. We will update to fix this issue now.

question, can we approve or disapprove reviews? unpublish etc? where do i find reviews that are left on products to edit them, or approve or disapprove them?

also where is option to import reviews by ali express?


KimVT Author Team

thank you :)

i have one other question Kim, i notice i still cannot change the colors in the settings. Should i open another support ticket?


KimVT Author Team

No need. I will check that problem for you now.

Hello ! I purchased your plugin 2days ago. But as a result, we are not going to set the homepage now. Could you do the cancel and refund for me? Sorry for that. Pls let me know !

Hello awakeasleep, Please leave a ticket at We will check the problem then solve it or issue you a refund.

Great Job with the plugin, it is already boosting my conversions!

2 minor things that would be a nice improvement for me:

1, can you change or add the option to change “Verified Owner” to “Verified Buyer”?

2, Can you add in small font “Verified Buyer” next to the green icon?



KimVT Author Team

Hi k33gan,i can, but that will lead to a problem translating the text to different languages.