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Hey, is it possible to generate the voucher as png?

Hey guys – i just sent you an email with more detailed information. Looking forward to your reply. Very best regards!

no problem we can discuss in detail via emails only.

Buenas tardes quisiera saber si a la factura se le puede colocar un codigo QR donde tenga la información de la compra. gracias

please ask your questions in English only.

Good afternoon I would like to know if the bill can be placed a QR code where you have the information of the purchase. Thank you


I didn’t get you exactly.

Do you want to add QRCode on PDF Voucher? If yes, then you can place that through voucher builder. Please refer documentation :- http://wpweb.co.in/documents/woocommerce-pdf-vouchers/pdf-vouchers-setup-docs/#qrcode_and_barcode_for_vouchers

Through this you will get QRCode on Voucher, which you can scan through any scanner and will able to redeem the voucher.

Please create a support ticket for any more questions.


HI, can i know is this plugin can display the wc-vendor shop name, top of the pdf page ?


As of now “PDF Voucher” doesn’t support this functionality.

You need to create shortcode for this. Please refer to link – http://wpweb.co.in/documents/woocommerce-pdf-vouchers/shortcodes-support/#creating-shortcodes for creating custom shortcode.

If you want us to do this then we are happy to help you in form of custom work.

Thanks Jigar Shah

Can you explain if we can set a voucher as used or part used amount if used in-store when the voucher was purchased on-line?

Thanks in advance!

Tried that, but without a purchase code, it’s a bit hard to submit a ticket?

yes that is for purchased users only I though you are already using our product. please try live demo of the plugin to get more idea about the product.

My user name does not show “Purchased” I’m asking pre-sale questions…


mitchcan Purchased


What is the best way to get CSS to apply to the Voucher?

I added some CSS:

.success {background-color: #f53d3d; color: #f4f4f4;} (weird colors, just to test if it worked) :)

to the Custom CSS area in the Woo PDF Settings, it did not apply.

I then added the css to the theme child stylesheet, which also did not work.

I even tried to change it in woo-vou-check-qrcode.css within the plugin, which did not work.

I am at a loss, which is the best way to get css to apply to the voucher?

Thank you.


I didn’t get you exactly. On which page or exactly where do you want to add CSS?

If you want to add CSS on Voucher Template than please refer to Github link :- https://gist.github.com/wpweb101/bd85964a520059ea79d499d70c027351

If you want to add CSS on any page, where PDF Voucher loads, then you can add them in “Custom CSS” setting from “Woocommerce” -> “Settings” -> “PDF Vouchers” -> “Custom CSS”.

For any more questions please create a support ticket and we can only provide support via support platform.


Hi, is it possible in the Voucher Generator that the Barcode, Date and Purchase Code is always fixed at the bottom of the PDF Page like a footnote? At the moment it’s pretty hard to get it done because if someone adds a description with a lot of breaks i get two pages because of the Barcode. I also limited the description length.

Thank you.

please create a support ticket and we are more happy to help you with such questions via that.

Hi ! Have you got a french translation for this plugin ? Thank’s

No, sorry.


synlau Purchased

I know you developped a frontend “Used Voucher Code”, is it possible to develop “Purchased Voucher Code” with all coupon ?

replied via email. please create support ticket for any more questions.


synlau Purchased

Is it possible to correct the security of link who generate pdf report. Because everyone can download pdf of all your coupon

here is the link : http://demo.wpweb.co.in/woocommerce/wp-admin/admin.php?page=woo-vou-codes&woo-vou-voucher-gen-pdf=1

thanks for pointing it out. we have resolved the issue and launching the update now.

is it possible to increase the quality of the voucher to a hi resolution file

Can you please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

Hi. Does the plugin support East European languages (latin-extended) in the pdf text? Thanks.

Yes, it is supported.

HI there, can we please discuss about buying the plugin, through email, this is my email address a.joudieh@yahoo.com

thank you waiting your email

you can drop email on wpweb101@gmail.com for any presale questions you have.

Hello. I have some presale questions before buying. 1. I want to generate the vouchers and give them out as e-pins to buyers, then they will return to my online store to use them( I don’t have a physical store). That means those who have the vouchers can get the digital products free by using the voucher to purchase access to the product. 2. I want to be able to track the vouchers usage. ( I want to know which user uses the code/voucher/e-pin) 3. I want to generate many vouchers at a time and each voucher can be used only once.

Are the above points possible with your plugin?


wpweb Author

Hello there,

1. Yes you can use generated vouchers to redeem on online shop 2. We have reports page of purchased, used and unused voucher codes. where you can see details in depth like buyer information, order information, redeem information etc.. 3. Yes, you can generate as many as voucher codes you want. Also you can set voucher usability also either once or unlimited.

Hope you are clear now.

Thank you


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Hello at the product page the font color is white my backround is white how can i change color for the font?



gehtsnoch Purchased

OK fix withe css. thx


wpweb Author

glad to know that.