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Hello, im not From usa in paypal developers site it says user and reciver needs to be from USA to use adaptive Payments.

Is it still possible for me to split Payments that i recive ?

It has become a limited release but we are not aware of it being restricted to only USA.


hi just buyed this great plugin. But i cant get it to work. I have setup everything and wanted to test in sandbox but getting error:

Authentication failed. API credentials are incorrect. Error Code: 520003

It may be a problem in your API credentials though hard to say without checking. Please open a ticket at so that our support can check it out.


Does this work for reoccurring payments?

Please open a ticket at so that our support can check and let you know. Most likely it may not work but still we can check and let you know.


Hi, 1 – Do all the recipients must be Paypal Business accounts to receive the money ? 2 – In the Woocommerce backend after purchase, what is the amount stored : is it the whole price of the product or another amount ? 3 – Does the Woocommerce system, or your plugin, provide an invoice of the total amount of the purchase ? Thank you


1. Only the Main PayPal account (site admin in most cases) will need to be PayPal Business
2. We display the payment split up in the order details page as additional information along with the regular order details
3. Our Plugin doesn’t give any invoicing feature. The invoicing feature is what is available in WooCommerce


Pre-Purchase Question.


As per description of plugin, we can only have six different receiver for whole payment. so it can be possible that only 1 product have 6 or 4 product have total receiver. I know that you added a restriction over cart for same but is it possible to limit user or show user when we have 6 receiver in the cart items and not letting them adding new item to cart ?



It is 6 different receivers per order. The validation is done on checkout page. We will check the feasibility of adding the validation in cart page and if feasible we may bring this in future updates.


Please tell me if the price paid is for one year of use only or I can use it after 1 year without paying again? In other words do I have to renew/pay every year the license fees to continue using the plugin on my site?

All products sold at Envato are as per Envato’s terms. As per their term as of now, the price you pay is for the license to use the product in 1 site and you can use it even after 1 year. Please open a ticket with Envato and check with Envato for more details.


Are future updates included with the purchase after the 6 month support ends? Are updates included indefinitely?

As per Envato updates are free as of now. It would be better if you check with Envato as it is Envato’s terms. Thanks.

Also why is there such a huge price difference between your plugin and woocommerce/automatic adaptive payment plugin? What’s the difference?

It is better if you compare and see the differences so that you can decide which suits your needs.


Pre-Purchase Question

In my website i’m using Woocomerce. And i want it to integrate with 2 Pay pal accounts.

I have only two main products. So it’s like this,

If someone purchase Product1, that transaction should go to pay pal account 1.

If someone purchase Product2, that transaction should go to pay pal account 2.

Can i do it using this plugin?

Please check our other Plugin – Custom PayPal which does what you are looking for.


Hi, Can you send me the plugin link which supports my requirement. Thank You.

is it possible that there is a separate shop page with different product and different owner of particular items. Now when a customer buys product from any of the page, certain percentage go to the particular vendor who owns the pruduct and remaining remains with us.

I mean split based on individual product or individual supplier items. i want to create a multivender place with different supplier. as soon as the purchase is made, certain percentage go to the respective supplier who own the prouduct

You can set multiple receivers (max 6) at product level and category level. You need to see how the multi vendor works to see whether this Plugin will suit your needs.


We right now did sandbox test transaction using Parallel payment mode and here are the details.

Product 1 = $240 Shipping Product 1 = $140 Product2 = $250 Product2 Shipping = $160 Split Product 1 Seller 90% Store = 10% Split Product 2 Seller 85% Store = 15%

The results in Paypal are as follows-: Product1 Seller = $348.25 = (+ by $6.25) Product 2 Seller = $342.60 = (- by $5.90) Store (incl shipping ) = $99.15 = (- by 35p)

Please explain why this is happening?

Our support is looking into this kind of scenario and will reply to your support ticket soon.


When I select Enable Use Customer Shipping Address in PayPal, will this be fraud proof or is it better to capture the default PayPal shipping address?

Please check with our support at by opening a ticket. Thanks.

In the meanwhile, Parallel Payments with Express Checkout can be done. This ensures that the Shipping Address found on PayPal is the default shipping address!

We have made note of these points and will look into them in future updates. Thanks.

hi there, Can I set up 10 categories and have a (one only) different PayPal account for each category?


You can set up one different PayPal per Category and for each order there can be a max of 6 different PayPal receivers as per PayPal.


Hi, with your plugin 4.8 and WooCommerce 3.0.6 running I am not able do edit my Menus in the admin area anymore. If I deactivate either of the two the menus are there again. I deactivated all other plugins to test this.

Best Michael

It is difficult to say without checking. Please contact our support by opening a ticket at so that our support can check it out.



duffyb Purchased

I see that this comment is a little old but with the recent changes from Paypal I thought it was worth bringing it up again. I have been using Paypal Adaptive Split Payment for a couple of years now with great success but have a new site to set up and they are already using Braintree. Any chance you could build this same thing for the Braintree payment gateway?

As of now we are held up with lots of work. In future if feasible we will look into such a Plugin. Thanks for checking.