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I’ll wait for a new version as promised to rate this as it’s not working right now… Example : I choose “not paid” for on-hold orders, bu nothing change, stay counted in reports…

Yes : 2424

The issue you stated in that ticket is different to the issue you are discussing here. There you discussed about the status not working correctly, which we have fixed but here you are talking about the issue of it appearing on reports. Which issue are you talking about?

Hi, I was thinking it was the same problem. For me, if the paid status was working correctly, the order with this status has to be in the reports accordingly to the status set. Anyway, I uninstalled this plugin and integrate myself a function to do what I need. Regards.

Does the customer also get a E-Mail if i mark it as payed?

No, it simply marks the order as paid using a new status called ‘Payment Status’.

Ah okay, it would be cool if there would be an option to send also the customer out an email that the store received the money.

You can do that using our Order Status & Actions plugin.

pre-sales question: demo not working locked me out after to many login attempt. so password not working 2.

Look forward to test. Thanks, Tommy

This happens when people enter wrong password. There is a period after which it would work – which should be now, sorry about this.

I cant find “Partial” in the order filter?

We have not put a filter for partial. We will do this now, it will be available in the next update.

Tnx, would it be possible to add more types? preferable customize your own? I´m missing Credited, sent to “collection company” and more….

As we only have three, we can only add those three. If you want, use our custom status plugin to add your own status.

We’re offering paypal as well as invoice payment. Is there a way to mark orders, that are paid via paypal automatically as “paid”?

Yes the plugin should mark it as paid when the payment is successful.

Hello, if i use another plugin like deposit, will this plugin will also get the status (ex: paid deposit) that deposit plugin created to handle in your plugin?

We have not tried it with the deposit plugin, sorry about that.

When you change orderstatus and payment status at the same time payment status is not save. And when will the next version be released? really need to filter on Partial payments

We are going to work the filter for the partial orders. We hope to get it pushed next week. Thank you for your patience.

Ok sorry to be a pain in… but how is it going with the update…

No news, we started but priority tasks came in and we have to finish them first.


Daze77 Purchased

Hello I bought this plugin, but in I click “register for updates” and nothing happens, I dont have form where I can paste Purchase Code .

Thank you for help

Please can you fill in our support form on our website so we can look into this for you.

Hello, this plugin is able to change the status of waiting for payment to canceled in a certain period, in case the person does not pay in 5 days, for example, the status changes automatically to canceled.

Thank you.