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Payment Status works beautifully on the Orders screen. However, on the Order Details screen: 1) When you manually set Order Status and Save, Payment Status is not changed to the correct status as set on the Payment Statuses Options page. 2) Alternatively, as a workaround to above, if you manually set Order Status and then manually set Payment Status and Save, the changed Payment Status is not saved.

For example, Order Status = On Hold, Payment Status = Not Paid. There is no way on the Order Details screen to change to Order Status = Completed and Payment Status = Paid using either of the above methods. Instead, you must change Order Status to Completed, then Save. Then change Payment Status to Paid, then Save. Awkward.

Be great to have a solution to this for this terrific plugin. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that, it should follow the rules set in the payment status table. Can you please fill in our support form so we can look into this?

Do you plan to support the new preview order screen that was introduced in WooCommerce 3.3? There should be an action button in the preview window near the other status change buttons.

Yes, we are working on something. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

PreSale Question:

We’ve browsed a couple of the plugins you have available, but are looking for a plugin, that bassicly allows us to capture payment when an order changed to ’’complete’’.

Is it something any of your plugins are capable of? We’re simple looking for a quick way to capture payment of orders, without having to open the orders up manually.

I’d be more than happy to screen some screenshots of the process, to clarify, if you have any plugins capable of this.

How would you like it to capture payments?

The best one to use is the Order Status & Actions manager plugin but that works with custom statuses not complete.

Hello Again,

We are using a payment gateway, that allows us to capture payment directly from the specefic order. When we go into a particulair order, we have the option to press ’’capture payment’’ and it basicly withdraw the money from the customers credit card.

We’re looking into a way, to quick charge the process. Would it be possible to create a custom button that does the same, just on the full order page.

If it is marked not paid, then the pay button should appear.


Pre sales question:

By default in Woocommerce, orders with only virtual products will change from “Processing” to “Completed” status automatically.

Using this plugin, if an order with only virtual products reaches “Processing” status and the “Processing” status is set to “Not Paid”, will this plugin stop it from being automatically moved into a “Completed” status?

We have a gateway for “Pay on pickup” as well as Stripe either of which can be selected for virtual or physical goods. One of the virtual goods is tied to a booking plugin and needs to go through the “Processing” status to complete the booking. We want to stop it from reaching the completed status though if the customer hasn’t paid though.

We already have your POS and Order Status & Actions Manager plugins.


We have not tried this, but if you want to buy and then try this and if it works, great and if it doesn’t, contact us and we will do our best to correct the issue.

Hi, the plugin only allows 3 payment statuses, how to add custom statuses? Example Credited, Cleared, etc our workflow requires around 6 custom payment statuses, I’m already using custom order statuses but I require 2 simultaneous statuses, one is order status separated from payment status. Thanks

Interesting. We’d have to customise this.