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Support dieded?


hope everything is ok with the developer. Is this very good looking plugin still supported? If not, why to buy.


Is it compatible with Woocommerce 3.3?

Last reply was 12 month ago!? Is the plugin still supported?

This plugin is no more supported? Automation is not working with Woocommerce 3.3

Hi How can i add the product name to the reminder email? Thank you Paulo


wooguy Purchased

Manual send works with Woocommerce Version 3.3.3

Automatic reminders are not working for me. What should I do?

10 days ago and nothing!


Same here no automated emails being sent on woo 3.3.3

Can anyone fix this??

I tried with server cron and still not working as far as I can see

I have emailed the developer on their website so hopefully get a reply soon.

Hi Your plugin is not sending emails, can you please tell me what might be wrong? Thank you

Hi I have sent you a support ticket asking for support at about 15 days ago, can you check it? The email is toque**@gmail.com Tx


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Just figured out that the plugin is not sending automatic e-mails anymore… bummer!!! Can you please fix this, since there is still an open support contract.

Alternative would be to open source it on wordpress.org and fix it with the help of the community, would probably be a license issue…

actually seems like it’s being distrubuted under GPL.

I do not understand why Codecanyon do not block not supported plugins? Codecanyon recommend me not to buy, but it is still listed…

Yes I agree, cant this go out to another developer? Surely it can be fixed, probably due to deprecated code somewhere

Test on your sites use WP Crontrol to see if this hook is in the cron list?

OK I think I might have a workaround for you using this, I have just tested on my site and it triggered the cron for sending the emails.

Deactivate and delete the plugin and reinstall, make sure your email is setup to send in woocommerce.

Install WP Crontrol and activate, Goto tools>cron events Check to see if woopar_do_cron_hook is there, if its not then Paste woopar_do_cron_hook into ADD NEW CRON EVENT Choose a date and time to start Set recurrence, I have mine set to once per day Click ADD CRON EVENT

You can test if the cron is working by running it, once I done this all the emails starting working. I will update you to see if this runs again tomorrow.

I’m not sure the cause of this, it may be an update with the theme I was using, maybe but not sure.

Just an update all seems to be running well after this workaround

Hi, it’s possible integrate the WooCommerce Payment Reminder to this SMS plugin? “woocommerce-apg-sms-notifications” example: in a bank transfer order, that hasn’t have been paid? Thank You

can this plugin works for failed and cancelled orders?

how can i remove the first line>> Hello, a note has just been added to your order:

Pre-sale Hello Does this plugin enable the bell reminder for me when the customer does a order? I have a web for delivery.

Is there any update available soon ? Automatic function is not working anymore !