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Enable automatic email notification doesn’t work

I did enable “Enable automatic email notification” but no email get send out – only if i do it manually. What could be wrong?

Hi bennywhite1987, automatic email notification sets a new cron task. Not easy to debug unless you have a plugin like https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-cron-manager/ the task should be triggered then depending on your setting. What frequency did you set ?

morning admin, i have question before buy this good plugin, can u help me ? i want to ask for Reguler Lisence $12 all in for unlimited day ?? or just 6 / 12 month ? thx

Hi, I have 2 requests for a future update. I have left a ticket at your support system in September ‘16, but have not received any reply. Please consider:

1. Include a Scheduled Emails section and perhaps a Log at the bottom of your plugin settings. This would make great troubleshooting and some insight what is done & scheduled. Like this: http://screencast.com/t/9Z7XykofGaqj

2. Add macro’s to address variables like {customer_name} and {order-amount} in the Email Content. This allows us to create more customer-friendly e-mails. More examples at: https://www.screencast.com/t/ZRs8xmYcRv1

What do you think? It would really improve your plugin! I hope this is still an active plugin project, and you are still working on it to make it even better. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Hi Erik, both are well thought. I ‘ll try do my best to integrate them in a next release. Benoit.

Is it possible to add a discount code with the auto-reminder?

Hi, We’ve been using your plugin for a long time and we see that the email that is being sent is not as “pretty” as it should be to make the customer finish the order. How can we modify this email to include for example the images of the product, the name of the products, a link to “complete order”?

Right now, the email has your text that can be modified and below the description of the order but in plain text and quite messed up:

NúMERO DE PEDIDO: XXX 4, diciembre 2016 Product Name Quantity: 1 Cost: 16 € ========== Subtotal: 56 € Envío: 5 € vía Envío Forma de pago: Tarjeta de crédito Total: 61 € (Incluye 9.77 € IVA) Print your order http://www.xxxxx.com/mi-cuenta/print-order/33743/?print-order-email=xxxxx ** DATOS DE CLIENTE Correo electrónico: xxxx@hotmail.com Tel: xxxxDIRECCIóN DE FACTURACIóN xxxx xxxx Calle xxxx número x xxxx xxxx

Thanks in advance.

Hi, are you talking about pretty email plugin or payment reminder ?

Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, it’s the payment reminder plugin.

Any previews for updating the plugin? Woo 2.7?

woo 3.0?


Pre-purchase question: Does the payment reminder E-Mail continue the actual link to finish the payment?

( Like in WooCommerce user-account “Pay now” button, going to href like /checkout/order-pay/12345?pay_for_order=true&key=wc_order_16ke8aaccf19f&force_pay_order=1 )

Or is it just a reminder and customer has to figure out how to pay?


DrMarvin Purchased

Hello! How to use and change the email content based on the user language? I use WPML but I don’t fount the email content to translate it. Awaiting a reply :) Thanks a lot


i have pre-order questions:

1) Will your Plugin work with woocommerce 2.6xx and wordpress 4.7.3 ?

2) can i change the reminder emails with Email Customizer for WooCommerce? is also here on envato?

thanks for your answers…