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Nice job, it’s very useful! :)


i hope it will be very helpful for the woocommerce customer

Hi just purchased and installed the plugin, like the concept however a couple of issues

1) all the completed and processing orders appear twice, and are thus counted twice this seems to be on all payment gateways (bank + paypal). I wish it was quite that easy to double sales ;)

2) cancelled orders are showing under all, but the status cancelled isn’t being pulled through, and not an option to filter. the status is currently blank on your reports

3) exports to excel aren’t in easily useable date types and needs to be manually manipulated. as an export to csv yo would expect dates to be in date format in excel + numbers/currency in a form that can be summed up in excel, but as the currency is in the same cell as the number, its not easy to manipulate in excel.

nice concept for a plugin, but hope you can fix these issues asap.


thanks for fixing the duplication problem so quickly, tweaking the excel to have amounts as number format and adding the subtotal/ shipping overview on the main page.

the date format on the excel is coming as american format rather then UK for me, are you able to allow the user to set presence, or better still read of wordpress/woocommerce setting which will have country.

also are you able to have the subtotal/shipping info etc not just on the pages, but also on the excel?

thanks again for such a swift fix of the duplication error!

hello, i have just updated plugin with the new features and bug fixing. last updated date 30 november 2015. now it is available


thanks for fixing and adding the suggestions . 5 star support!

Nice work, Good Luck :)

thank you very much

Getting this error:

Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /home/onlineflyfishing/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-payment-gateways-reporting-systems/includes/gateway-totals.php on line 304

Anyone else seen this? Also wondering if this could also list out WooCommerce Point of Sale gateways?

I sent my information via email….

Hey, thanks for submitting a Woo plugin. One q: Any reason this is nested as a new link, opposed to being the “Reports” section?

HI, I use “Account Funds” in my website and I was wondering will your plugin report on this payment type. I need a list of orders that use “Account Funds” and any payments (deposits) made to customers “Account Funds”. Best Regards


it will work only payment gateways for the woocommerce.


Would it be possible to click on the order ID and be taken to the order directly?

order directly means what, it will completed order or any things. anyways any customization you need extended license

thanks for purchase

Hello, I use the free version of this POS:

And in the wp_postmeta table use this: meta key= _payment_method meta value = pos_cash or pos_card

Your plugin can detect this values to make the report?


This plugin follow WC()>payment_gateways()>get_available_payment_gateways() function. So you can check using this function.


Nice Work! GLWS!

thank you so much

Any way of getting this to work with Woocommerce POS by actuality extensions? The report page doesn’t show any data related to POS (offline) transactions.

Would it be possible to go one step further with the credit card reporting and break the transactions down by credit card type/brand (MasterCard, Visa, etc.)?

no, it will work with woocommerce default payment gateway only


Will the WooCommerce Payment Gateways Reporting System will allow us to export detailed reports on all of the individual orders placed by the direct transfer payment type?


Exit3 Purchased

Hi There,

i’ve just purchased this plugin and only PayPal is showing up as a gateway, yet we have bank transfer etc setup as well?

please send your access info to check the problem. please send