WooCommerce PayClub Gateway

WooCommerce PayClub Gateway

WooCommerce PayClub Gateway will add support on Woocommerce for credit card secure payments with Diners Club, Discover, Visa and Mastercard through Interdin payment gateway. This platform allows real-time authentication of the credit card and its holder meets security standards for the largest credit card companies, providing secure transactions to the owner of the store.


  • Automatic Inquiries of Order Status – Cron
    Consultas de estado de Ordenes automaticas – Cron
  • Check Order status on demand
    Consutla de estado de Ordenes bajo demanda
  • Payclub Status for Admin – User
    Estado Payclub para Administrador – Usuario
  • Automatic Conciliation – Cron
    Concilacion automatica – Cron
  • Changing States with Error or Success Notes
    Cambio de Estados Con Notas de Error o de Exito
  • Debug logs
    Registros de depuración
  • Validates Ip for Secure Payments
    Valida IP para pagos seguros
  • Error & Success mesages to user
    Mensajes de Error y Exito al usuario
  • Translation Ready. The item has .po file which allow you to translate words in other languages between 10-15 minutes.
  • WordPress 4+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 2.6 Ready
  • Well documented

Change log:

*** PayClub Changelog ***

2017.04.11 - version 1.4
* UPDATE: Automatic concilation now runs each day at 12 midday, since they only accept requests until 16:30.

2017.03.04 - version 1.3
* UPDATE: Documentation

2017.02.16 - version 1.2
* FIXED: Total price with Discount

2016.12.28 - version 1.1
* NEW: Logo Update

* FIXED: Encoded variables for conciliation
* FIXED: Run Conciliation Cron only if Group ID inserted
* UPDATE: Plugin update Notification
* UPDATE: On order failed redirects to order-pay
* UPDATE: On order failed PayClub option showing
* UPDATE: Automatic Conciliation in one query instead of multiple

2016.10.25 - version 1.0.0
* First Release