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I have not received any reply from you. I have already inform you that it is still not working. I have given you all the login credentials to check which you haven’t done still. I have already ask to you before I purchase it if this support the latest woocommerce and you agreed your beta version will support. Now I have been waiting for the last 10 days following with you. So request you to please help me in resolving it immadiately.

In case you are not able to resolve it please refund my money so that I can buy another plugin.


The support ticket that you have opened has been answered in the same day providing the beta version that you have requested.

I have also sent you the instructions to reach the plugin’s settings.

You have just sent me the admin credentials right now, and I have logged in, and the plugin’s settings are working fine in your website.

Kindly note that there is a support policy that is being followed.

If you need a refund please contact Envato support.


Hi, After all the changes you have told me, your progress bar is still not working. And either u are able to help me out even after giving all the server details. It has taken more than 3 weeks now.This progress has been of no used to me. Request you to resolve it ASAP.


1) You haven’t given me the server details, you have given me the admin panel credentials, thanks.

2) You have disabled the CSS editor and I have told you to replace some CSS that should fix it, as this is a theme conflict, as I can not do it myself.

3) I have been replying to your tickets within 24-48 hours maximum.

4) Please only use the support ticket to communicate your issues.

5) The plugin is working normally in admin, and in front pages except for a css conflict with your theme. You can either provide FTP for me to be able to help or to ask the theme author to do it. Again, theme conflict is not within the support scope but I am doing it for free.

If you want, you can ask Envato Support for refunds even though it’s working fine but apparently not as per your requirements.


Pre-purchase questions:

1. Is it functional with WP 4.2 and WC 2.3? 2. Does it support also custom order statuses?

Thank you!


This has not yet been tested with the newest versions. It supports custom order statuses yes.

Hi, all my bars are grey.. :(


Check your CSS settings there might be a conflict with the plugin. If you need help please email me

I create a ticket 8 days ago, but doesn’t reply me :(

I interested in your plugin. Example i’m the buyer, If i go to MY ORDER -> Can i see all of order status such as:

page 1) All order included page 1,2,3,4,5

page 2) pending payment (which is not success payment yet)

page 3) shipped (which is the seller add tracking number already)

page 4) Deliveried

page 5) Dispute (order on dispute)

page 6) Refund (order on process refund, waiting buyer send back product to buyer, or the buyer did not ship a long time, buyer/seller accepted refund)

page 7) Evaluated (which is waiting for rating each other/ or still on time accepted click to dispute or refund time)

page 8 ) Success order (which is buyer no allow to requires dispute return any more, success purchase)

Importance: Each step 1 -> 2 >>> 3 >>> 4>>>> 5>>>> 6>>>> 7>>> 8 . will have notification to email to buyer and notification on website. when buyer click to the email link or notification, buyer will see the page of status.

Hello does this plugin work on woo 2.5+? No new updates or functions? Thanks


This plugin is not working in my site. It’s not showing up on my site. Any suggestions