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I am constantly getting errors in excel reports. I already setup the profile but if I click download, there is a error appearing.

Please see screenshot the error

Thank you

I apologize for any inconvenience, please contact me by email

Done sending the email, please check your inbox. Thank you


I upgraded the plugin from Version 2.4.17 to Version 3.1.14 and now we can generate the order reports by excel with no error.


Hello I have a problem, I need to export all orders together with an invoice number. How do I do it when there is no option? I mean the invoice number

Hello, replied to email.


gzaban Purchased

Hey awesome plugin, Would I be happy to know if there is a possibility to issue a purchase report only for a specific product? Or at least arrange a report by product name or ID? Thanks Guy

Hello, I am glad that you like my plugin. I’ll add this function in the next version of plugin.


gzaban Purchased

Hi thanks for the comment, I wanted to know when you appreciate the release of the update, and can i pay for it before to get it right know?

Please contact me by email

Hello, Does your plugin support Exporting WooCommerce Bookings Orders?? Kindly confirm so that i can buy the same! Regards, R

Hello, sorry for the late reply, no this plugin is not allowed to export data from “Bookings Orders”, but in order to resolve this issue you should contact support. Please write to this email

Hello, I am interested to buy your plugin but please can you send me sample file (excel and csv) with variable products to see how it looks like. Regards


here is the sample with one order which has two variations (color & size):

sample xlsx: sample csv:

Hi there. I need to know if your plugin can export customer emails.

Hello, plugin can export customer emails and other information of clients.

Hi guys I want to know if your plugin works like this 1) does it work with Woocommerce brands from woothemes? 2) I need to export a CSV w/ products into a FTP folder every day, automatically. does your plugin allow that?

I replied to your email

Hi, nice plugin but I can not make ACF fields work… I have created a text field within each order … but then I can not find it in the woocommerce orders’s list. How can I make it appear? Thank you

Ah… another question… the CSV export does not work … once selected it always saves me an excel sheet

Hello, I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll add ACF fields to Orders Export today. Please contact me via email

Ok, I sent the email. I’m waiting for your answer :)

Can you export the weight?

Hello, I answered you by email. Thank you.

Hi, is it possible convert the date format from (Y-m-d) to (d-m-Y) in the export table? And Can you export the weight? Thanks :)

it is normal that if I select .csv as export and separator ”;” save me the file in columns… as if it were an excell’s file?

Hello, I sent you an email for a request the day before yesterday … have you received it?

Hello, yes, I’ve just replied to your email.

Hello, I bought and set up the plugin, but I can’t seem to find how to export orders custom fields made with ACF for Woocommerce… Please help, I bought the plugin especially because you mentionned ACF as a supported plugin. Thanks in advance

Hello, please contact me via email, and I’ll send you new version with ACF.

Hi, I just bought and installed your plugin. However, when I click “download” the icon spins, then disappears, and nothing downloads. There’s no message or anything. How can I fix this?

Hello, please contact me via email

Will it export also product variation etc. made with ?

Presale question: Exporting also bundled, product with addons, mix & match and composite products correctly?


Hello, plugin exports data from most popular addons, but if you need special features or some field doesn’t export, please contact me by email

Hi, Is it possible to export product attributes and custom fields from “WC Fields Factory”?

Cheers, Chris

Hello, yes, you can export product attributes but I’m not sure that custom fields will be exported from “WC Fields Factory”. If they are not exported, I’ll add them.