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Pre sales Question: I have a custom field that is added on the productform (an extra address line). Can that be exported too?

... just saw other questions about this too. I’m going to try it and see… :)

For future reference: Adding a custom Order-page-field to the export can be done by opening fields.php and adding your field (with the correct name) in it.

So if your field is named “BLUB” just add: “BLUB” => array(“BLUB”, false), to the fields class.

Pre sales question: How flexiible is the export schedule? I see that you can select daily – But can you choose the time of day it exports? Thanks

Thank you very much for your response – I have submitted a request.

Approved , thank you.

Thank you very much! Great Support – You are a credit to Envato! Disappointing it didn’t work for us, as it’s clearly a fantastic plugin. We wish you all the best & will definately consider buying from you again in future.

Hi. Is there any way, or any plans to filter or include product tags into reports? Very interested to get your feedback. Thank you

Please contact me via thank you.

look at my site can you export products with year make and model. If you can I will buy your product.

Hi, we recently bought your plugin, it works great thank you.

We are trying to download the orders. We use the plugin: “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” and we can’t add that column to export.

How can we do this?

Kind regards and thanks in advance.


I apologize for my late reply.

Please, send the plugin “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” for me, and I’ll add ability to export data from this plugin.

Thank you for choosing my plugin.

Hi, I can’t attach files to this message.

It is a free plugin, you can download it here:

Kind regards.

Please, contact me by email


can I export field from WooCommerce Custom Fields & Product Add-ons and WooCommerce Extra Product Options.?


Pre sales Question


uc2012 Purchased


I am interested in buying your WooCommerce Orders and Products Export plugin.

I checked your documentation, and everything sim to mach my requirements. But there is one thing I am not to sure of, and I would appreciate if you could clarify.

I need that plugin to schedule automatic daily email to curler company with CSV file that contains all orders from the last 24hours. The only thing that concern me is that the client courier company have a strict rules about the format of that CSV file. Based on your documentation, columns can be rearrange etc. but what I will also need is blank / clear columns in that files.

For example:

Curier company required, the following format:

blank column / customer name / surname / blank column / house number / street / etc

So my question is, will I be able to add those blank columns in automated CSV file export ?

If yes, then great, I will buy that plugin today, and all sorted.


ifede84 Purchased

Dear Costumer Support,

I’ve just purchase your plugin but i’have an issue: when i clickj on “products export” i simply obtain a blank page, as you can see here:

Can you help me, please?

Thank you!


Please, contact me by email

Its possible map the fields names? Wen export products for example, I can specifies the name of one row?

Would purchase if we could update a google sheet with one new row per order and items in columns, or update google sheets with new orders and one item per row. The same if we could update an Excel sheet. I need all the monthly orders in a sortable spreadsheet.

I need to export all Fancy Product Designer orders that’s set to “processing”. The export should include the generated images.

An PDF with Order details would be awesome as well.

Thank you!

Is it intentional that in reports the SKU field is blank when a variable product is purchased? Seems counter-intuitive to leave it blank if you’ve assigned individual SKUs to each variation. For stores that drop-ship their orders using these reports, including the variation’s sub-SKU is vital.

Hello, I apologize for my late reply. Please, contact me via email, thank you.

Is this plugin compatible with shipping methods? Can it list the shipping method along with the shipping fields?

Hello, I apologize for my late reply. Please, contact me via email , thank you.

Update worked perfect. Thank you for a quick fix.

Is it possible to export external Woo products with this plugin? The following fields are to be exported to CSV: Title and External Link.

I guess my question did you overlook?


Please accept my apologies for this late reply. Plugin can export any data of products which is on your site. If some fields don’t export, please contact me by email and I’ll add them.

>>The following fields are to be exported to CSV: Title and External Link. Plugin can export fields Title and External Link (Product Llink).

Will this export subscriptions? From the woocommerce subscriptions plug in?

Hello, Plugin can export data from external plugins. If subscriptions doesn’t export, please contact me by email and I’ll add it.

Dear developer,

It’s an great plugin to use! The automail function works also great.

Our client wish to receive the detailsheet in PDF instead of Excel. Is it possible to add that function?

I hope you can expand this great plugin with that function. Maybe a lot of (potential) users wish this function.

Kind regards!

Hello, I am glad that you like my plugin. And thank you for your kind words. I can’t add export in PDF now, but I’m looking for a way to do this.

I need to clarify some details. Please contact me by email

Hello MakeRise,

Pre-purchase enquiry – I am using an extension from Tyche Software for booking appointments. Will your plugin export booking data to Dropbox?

Also last update was 22 March 17. Will your plugin work with the latest Woocommerce update 3.01?

Thank you in advance, Phil

Hello Phil,

Testing and debugging process is ongoing. This version of plugin is partially supports Woo 3.01. The plugin will have been upgraded with the support the WooCommerce 3+ shortly.


Pre-purchase inquiry.

Is there a way to export order details with product image by using this plugin. Thank you!

Can I use your plugin to export my data and import it into my new site?