WooCommerce Order Tracker - Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notifications

WooCommerce Order Tracker - Custom Order Status, Tracking Templates and Order Email Notifications

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WooCommerce Order Tracker displays order status comes with interactive graphics and allows customers to track their estimated delivery.

The whole process of the tracking system is simple and streamlined which keeps the customer aware of their WooCommerce order status. Customers can track their orders with the order numbers and tracking URLs.

This WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin enables tracking of the ordered products from your store. It allows order tracking even if you use third-party shipping services. You can create custom order statuses based on the shipment process. It enables you to create WooCommerce order-tracking pages with the help of a shortcode.

Features of WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin

  1. Track WooCommerce Orders
  2. The WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin provides an option to enable order tracking. Both admins and customers can track their orders with the help of an efficient tracking system. Admins can create custom order statuses and upload preferred logos.

  3. Email Notifications for Order Status
  4. You will be able to send email notifications to the customer on changing order status.

  5. Order Information
  6. This order tracking plugin for WooCommerce provides tracking information with an estimated delivery date. Customers will get full details about the order status whether it is packed, shipped, or delivered. Also, they will get information about the shipping service, tracking number, and delivery date.

  7. Order Tracking Templates
  8. WooCommerce Order Tracker offers six different types of order tracking templates. You can opt for any of them to display WooCommerce order tracking. Admin allots order statuses to the tracking steps that would be displayed on the tracking template.

  9. Shortcodes for Order Tracking Page Creation
  10. It enables admins to create their own pages for WooCommerce order status tracking through a shortcode. Also, guest users will be able to track orders via Order ID only.

  11. Third-party Shipment Tracking
  12. This WooCommerce custom order status plugin allows shipping services integration with USPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. Admin can do third-party shipment tracking by enabling the third-party shipping API.

  13. Tracking With Google Maps
  14. Admin can enable tracking for customer orders with Google Maps by entering the Google Map API and address.

  15. Tracking With 17.Net
  16. WooCommerce Order Tracker provides tracking features with if the admin ships its order from different shipping companies.

  17. Custom Status for Bulk Action
  18. This order tracking plugin for WooCommerce allows admins to apply for custom order status as bulk action on products.

  19. Order Export
  20. WooCommerce Order Tracker enables logged-in users to export their order from My Account or Order Section. Also, guest users can do so from the guest tracking page.

  21. Payment Link email Notifications on Pending Payment Order Status
  22. Customers can complete their payment through the payment link that they will receive when their order status is pending.

    Benefits of WooCommerce Order Tracker

    1. WooCommerce Order Tracker enables you to keep your customers informed about the order status of their products and avoid getting unnecessary delivery inquiry calls.
    2. Make your shipment process transparent and earn the trust of your customers.
    3. Customers can track their orders even if you use a third-party shipment service.
    4. Allows you to create custom order statuses according to the steps of your shipment service.
    5. Customers can receive information on order status via email notification instead of making inquiry calls to shipment service.
    6. With this WooCommerce order tracking plugin, you can apply for custom order statuses as bulk action for product orders.
    7. Merchants can create custom pages for order tracking through the shortcode-[wps_track_tracking_page].
    8. Customers can track the complete product shipment process- from order placement to product delivery. They can even track the ordered product even if a third-party shipping service is used.
    9. Customers will get all the tracking information about the order.
    10. Logged In users can track the order using the form created by shortcode- [wps_track_order_form]. A WooCommerce order tracking form will be created.
    11. Logged In Users can export their order by navigating to my account or order sections.
    12. Guest Users can export their order by navigating to the guest tracking page
    13. Customers will receive an email with a payment link if its order status is pending to complete the payment.

Live Demo

Visit a demo to experience the powerful features of Plugin and explore.

Frontend demo of Order Tracker Click Here
Backend demo of Order Tracker Click Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do my customers track their orders using the WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin?

A. Customers can enable order tracking by going from WooCommerce>Settings>Track Your Order>Enable Track Order

Q. How can the WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin be used as shipment tracking with FedEx?

A. You can use FedEx shipping services to deliver packages to your customers, and you want to provide the status of the package to your customers. For it, simply go to WooCommerce-> settings-> track your order-> enable API-> enable the check box for FedEx API and enter your details.

Q. Do these order status update manually or automatically?

A. In WooCommerce, when an order is placed, you have to change the order status manually but if you are using a third party integration then there is no need to change the order status manually because the status will change automatically by the shipping services company.

Q. How does the WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin used as shipment tracking with Canada Post?

A. If you are using Canada Post shipping services to deliver package to your customers, and you want to provide status of the package to your customers. Don’t worry, WooCommerce order tracker provides an easy way simply go to WooCommerce->settings->track your order->enable api-> enable check box for canada post api and enter your details.

This plugin is not subjected to GDPR compliance as it does not store any sensitive data of a user. It only holds information related to software that is run by WordPress & WooCommerce of the holder.

Thank-you for your interest in WooCommerce Order Tracker, WP Swings.

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29-03-2023: ver 2.1.6
New: Export order for logged-in user
New: Export order for guest user
New: Send email with pay link on pending payment order status
New: Compatible with latest WP(6.1.1) and WC(7.5.1)

08-02-2023: ver 2.1.5
New: Filtering options to the export
New: Use status icons instead of text badges in the “Orders”
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC

21-12-2022: ver 2.1.4
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC

10-11-2022: ver 2.1.3
Fix: Bug Fixes [Showing wrong time on all templates, ordering issue in new template 1, critical issue due to session]
New: Shortcode to show order tracking form for logged in user
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC

09-09-2022: ver 2.1.2
New: Setting to track order using order id for guest user
New: Shortcode to create order tracking page
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC.

16-06-2022: ver 2.1.1
New: Show the tracking data to users in the order details.
New: add custom order statuses in bulk actions in order table.
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC.

14-02-2022: Ver 2.1.0
New: Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
New: Notice display of current version for WP Swings
New: Minor Bug fixes
New: Compatible with latest WP and WC 

27.09.2021: Ver 2.0.9
Fi: Minor bug fixes

11.03.2021: Ver 2.0.8
Fix: compatible with latest WP and WC 
FIx: Update language file

09.02.2021: Ver 2.0.7
Compatibility with WP and WC.
Fix minor issues.

27.07.2019: Ver 2.0.6
Fix: Js and Css issue fixed for guest users and admin end.
Fix: Fixed bugs for the templates. 

28.12.2018: Ver 2.0.5 
New: Live tracking with various shipping companies (Feature added)
Fix: Minor fixes

23.02.2018: Ver 2.0.2
New: Tracking template for Custom Shipping Area.

19.12.2017: Ver 2.0.1
New: Integration with USPS Tracking API.

22.11.2017: Ver 2.0.0
Fix: Responsiveness of Tracking Templates in all devices.
New: 3 Different and New Templates for Tracking Customer's Order.
New: Shortable/Dragable selected Order Statuses on Backend new settings section.
New: Integration with Canada Post Shipment Tracking Services.
New: Add Extra Backend Settings for 3 new templates with date time format.

19.10.2017: Ver 1.0.6
Fix: Style Issues.

22.06.2017: Ver 1.0.5
Fix: Minor Issues.

17.06.2017: Ver 1.0.4
New: Mobile Responsive Templates.
Fix: Design Issues.

08.06.2017: Ver 1.0.3
New: FedEx Tracking Integration.
New: Templates for tracking order view.

11.05.2017: Ver 1.0.2
New: Templates for tracking order view.

29.04.2017: Ver 1.0.1
New: Create a setting to show order status in the pop-up view.
New: Create a setting to send notifications via e-mail on changing the order status.

25.04.2017: Ver 1.0.0
Initial Release

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