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Hi, Can this plugin autocomplete orders?

Hi I like the idea of the plugin but before I purchase I want to test it. I’m trying to use the demo site to test sending a custom email after a custom status is set..

I create a new order, put in my email into the billing email, and create a new order. Then I created a new status and set the custom email to be sent for it. For some reason no custom emails are being received when I test it. The only email I can get your demo site to send me is an Order Complete email. Is this an issue with the demo site or am I confusing what I can do with this plugin?

It could well be the demo emails are not being accepted or sent, they usually work – have you tried again or checked your spam?

Hi, can you propose an email editor which goes with your fantastic plugin?

We do not work with email editors as there are too many to integrate with and our plugin deals with placeholders / short codes.

There is a bug with the latest version… When I try to create a new order status… there is a “Connection Lost” message at the top of the status editing page.. see screenshot here.

Then, it will not allow you to save as draft or publish any newly created statuses.

are you aware of this error?

We are not getting this error, however, we do want to fix this for you, can you please go to our support page so we can look into this for you.

No worries, I fixed.

there was a plugin that was causing the error. Thank you for your timely response.

Ok thanks for updating us.

I have had a notification of version 2.1.3 for a few weeks now. When I try to update I get an update error, so instead yesterday I downloaded the latest version of your plugin from code canyon and then manually installed it only to find out that its still version 2.1.2? So, your download is not the most current and the auto update won’t work? I simply need access to the latest version thanks.

Please enter purchase code on Dashboard > Actuality Extensions.

Hi, having tested the plugin using your demo i have just one question. Order Note Prompt Check this box to display a modal window to enter a custom note when clicking on the action button. THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK AS I DO NOT GET A WINDOW TO ENTER A CUSTOM NOTE, NOR DO YOU HAVE ANY MENTION OF THIS ON YOUR DOCUMENTATION.

Can you advise me on how to get this working.

It works when the action of the status is triggered, not when the status that it triggers is actioned.

It is the same for me than c4concepts : I have a notification of v2.1.3 but when I try to update I get an update error.

Please enter the purchase code in Dashboard > Actuality Extensions.

Oh ! Great ! Thank you. I don’t know why the purchase code has disappeared.

Hello, I have two questions before purchasing the plugin :

1- Is it possible to define an automatically custom status when the user has just ordered and paid instead of the “processing” status ?

2 – I’m using the “Woocommerce Subscriptions” plugin, I would like to know if custom status will appear in the subscription tab of my users dashboard?

Thank you!

1. Yes.

2. It will appear in the order status on the My Account page.

Hi there,

does it work with Wordpress version 4.7.1 ?

Kind Regards Michael

We have tested with the latest version as always.

With your plugin, is it possible to remove the Complete and Processing Buttons from the Order Listings page? I don’t want to remove those actions completely, but just the Checkmark Button and 3-Dot Button. Please let me know, thanks

if yes, would it be possible to remove those for certain Roles only?

You can remove it but not for the default statuses. You cannot assign status depending on the roles of the logged in user.


jimisme Purchased

Can you tell me how to automatically assign a custom status to a newly received order. Thanks.


jimisme Purchased

really? after 6 days, that’s what I get?

Sorry, but we tried to replicate this error on our end and we tried a few ways but nothing appears.


jimisme Purchased

So, you tried to tried to change the initial custom status of a payment method that was “not paid” such as check or net30. And you are saying that you were able to change the initial status to something other than “successful payment” or pending?

Hello, I have question before purchasing the plugin :

Is it possible to add a new status in the processing of an order ?

In fact, I would like to confirm the order of my client before the payment. 1. the client validate from the website his order. 2. this order will have this new status. 3. I check this order and validate it (or not). 4. If order validated, the client return to the website and pay the order.

Is it possible with you plugin ?

Hello Is it possible to have an answer ? I would like to buy your plugin but I need to validate this point before ! Thansk a lot

Yes this is possible. Check out our demo.

When placing an order, the status is pending and automatically sending email to customer with confirmation. It is sent correctly. Then I change status to processing, email is beeing sent automatically but customer receive it with errors. For example sender is [:pl][:en][:de][:cs][ru][:it][:] While it should be one of them depends on customers language choosen on my website. It works with the first status/email.

I think it works for the first time because “system” can see what language on site customer has. For second one it doesnt know which language to choose so it sends all of them. Is there any method to choose language based on customers shipping address for example? I am using qtranslate.

When can I get any answer please?

Very sorry for the delay. We just pushed out a major update.

Moving forward…

Our plugin will send the one email, there is no logic to check the language. However, please fill in our support form so our dev team can take a deeper look at the issue.


jimisme Purchased

I am getting an error saying the file was not found when trying to update to latest version from plugins screen. Is there a solution?

Have you entered the purchase code within the Dashboard > Actuality Extensions?


eproduct Purchased

Hi, I tried direct support on your website but the ilnks (help/support -> Usage) just took me to your documentation which isn’t very comprehensive. I have a custom woo gateway and I’d like to set my custom status first and directly with PHP (i.e. not using the core Woo status of on-hold first and then changing it to a custom status; all the code I see that changes the default gateway status relies on the core Woo status being set first).

The reason I don’t want to use a core status first is that those statuses already have other action triggers.

If I use the custom status label/slug it doesn’t work, i.e. $order->update_status(custom_ae_slug)

Just wondering – is there prefix that I need to add to the custom slug (e.g. woocommerce uses wc-) to make this work, or is it simply not possible to set this directly in the code? Thanks


eproduct Purchased

In other words I can see that you can set the status with code like this:

// Automatically update the order status to custom status for BACS orders function auto_update_on_hold_order( $order_id ) { $order = new WC_Order( $order_id ); if ( 'on-hold' === $order->status ) $order->update_status( 'your_custom_status_here' ); } add_action( 'woocommerce_thankyou', 'auto_update_on_hold_order' );

However, how can I set it in my custom gateway plugin to go directly to your_custom_status?


eproduct Purchased

nevermind, i figured it out – you can set the custom order status directly in the gateway, without using a core status first.

Not happy with support. Waiting almost 5 days for ticket answer (ticket 4247))

We have replied, we are working on it. Please be patient.

Hi, Do emails we generate through plugin also show as a string? I am asking because I want to try it with WPML. Can you say that if it wont work for us, you will offer a refund?

We have not tried and if it does not work, we cannot offer a refund. Email our team and we can arrange something for you to try out with WPML.

Answer from the team:

” Sorry we cannot do this with the Order Status & Actions Manager plugin. We can only do this with the Point of Sale plugin.

Kind regards,

Can I use it on different websites at the same time? Or do I have to buy another one for another web?