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Just purchased this plugin. after installation it indicate that there is a new version. but when i try to update i got a “Update Failed: Download failed. Not Found” message. Please advice.

Sorry about that, we fixed our update server.


hnr2802 Purchased

Currently, i’m still having the same issue. Could not update through wordpress.

There is a timeout of 12 hours which you need to wait. We had a little transition between license servers so this could have affected you, but you should still be able to get updates.

Hi there,

a client of mine purchased this item and he has problems with the update procedure. When he tried to update his valid purchase he got a message: “Aktualisierung fehlgeschlagen: Download fehlgeschlagen. Not Found” which means in english “Update Failed: Download failed. Not Found”. Are there any known issues with your server?

They need to enter the purchase code in the Dashboard > Actuality Extensions window.

Hi, just a quick question: does this plugin use the default wp_mail() method to send email? Or does it use php’s mail() directly?


Yes, it uses the default wp_mail function.

Hi I this is pre sale query. Does this plugin allow us to manipulate core Order status functionality ?

Yes, you can edit, rename and assign whether there is bulk action. What else would you like it to do?

where could i found the documentation for this plugin? Thanks

Hi! I’m getting and error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-status-actions/includes/class-wc-sa-order.php on line 297

What can I do to fix it? I tried to fill out your contact form, but it asked for all of my login info which I am not comfortable sharing online like that as we were hacked a couple years ago.

Do you get this error only when WP_DEBUG is turned to ‘true’?

Could you send us a screenshot (using link) on where this error appears?

Hi, i have it to automatically trigger the next status after 4 hours, but this never happens (I even test it with 1 minute trigger).

yes wp_cron is enabled

What now?

Usually, that is what causes it to not function properly. In this case, we would ask you to please fill in our support form so we can look into the issue and fix it. Can you do that for us please?

I am trying to create a monthly box subscription that allows the user to edit their monthly box each month. Is there anyway to do that with this plugin? I would likely need the user to be able to edit their products after payment has been made.

No, this plugin would not be able to help you but please do give us more details as we may be able to help you.

I am trying to do a monthly subscription box. I am using woocommerce subscriptions and composite products. I need something like this

- User select products for monthly box 1

- User pays for monthly box 1

- We ship monthly box 1 (mark completed)

once it is marked completed

- User selects products for monthly box 2 (user can start editing once box 1 is completed, the order will be “locked” once payment is made as part of the subscription)

- user pays for monthly box 2 (exactly a month away)

- We ship monthly box 2

The same system could work if the user pays and then selects the products for the monthly box. So essentially (let’s use candy as an example). A user/customer pays $30/month and we ship them 6 different candies. They get to pick which 6 they receive every month. The price doesn’t change.

Hope you can help

this is a pre-sales question. Once I create a new status can I automatically assign this status to an order base on order contents? For example, if the order contains xyz category then status = abc. This would then trigger the appropriate email to be delivered.

Thanks, Joe

No, there is no such feature but we can certainly develop it for you.

How can I get the most up-to-date version? Always when I download it comes the past version.

Just enter your purchase code under Dashboard > Actuality Extensions.

Sorry, but where I find the Dashboard to put my purchase code?

If you go to Dashboard > Actuality Extensions in the WordPress backend.

i want to buy the plugin. can we allocate for every user one status for the order. ex i want for user test to have only the option to allocate delivered. nice day

for every user i want to asign one sigle option for order status. user dtp to change the status only for dtp …etc

do you have this feature?

No we do not have this feature but we are going to develop this and add it – we just need to decide whether to apply it to user or user roles.