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Is there a reason that i can’t order the Woocommerce “Gateway display order”. This issue is also present in your own demo.


What are you referring to?

Just as mentioned the “Gateway display order”. The list of payment gateway options are not arrangeable with your plugin activated

Are you referring to the list of gateways under WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout or the one under WooCommerce > Settings > Order Statuses > Gateway?

I need more detailed information about automatic email triggers and how they work exactly (or maybe even an example). Specifically, I am confused for which order status I should include the trigger. For example, I have a 3-stage workflow (i.e., (1) Received, (2) Processing, (3) Shipped), and I want that the “Shipped” order status replaces the “Processing” order status automatically after 5 days. So, on which order status do I add the trigger? I’ve read the ”?” tips, but I’m still confused. Any help or guidance or examples would be very helpful. Thank you.

Technically, you’d have to set this for the processing status but there is no way to edit this status so if you can find a different status to replace with “processing” or wait until we allow you to edit core statuses. It’s a task we are working on but not sure when it will finish.

My developer has already replaced the default “Processing” order status with “Received”, so that’s not a problem for me personally. So, nevermind the naming. What I am more concerned with is how do order status triggers work? On which order status do I create the trigger, so that 5 days after the preceding order status changes automatically? Thanks.

You create the trigger on the status that comes before the status you want to automatically go to.

I have just installed but there are no action icons showing on the main order page? Any ideas?

Not usual, we’d have to see what is causing this. Please fill in our form on so we can look into this further.

Hello, We use this plug-in for a while and it is a really great one. Only thing that make our life pretty hrad is that the statuses of completed orders are changing back to the processing status. Not all of them and not in some exact time or delays. We checked really wvwrything but we still didnt find where is the problem. Do you have any idea?

Best thing to do is to check with no plugins active other than WC and ours and then see if it still happens. There might be another plugin kicking a cron job to move the completed back to processing.


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Hello, we checked everything but the problém still persist. Can we get in touch and can some one from your tam take a look?

Yes, please fill in our help form on

I have an issue with stock. I have a payment gateway triggering a custom status. When this status is set, the stock is reduced twice. Need some support. The order status notes show this: wc-on-hold -> wc-pending wc-pending -> Custom Status Then for each item in the order I see stock reduced twice.

Before I do that, I will try to replicate the issues without any other plugins. If the problem persists I will create a ticket. However, this is hard on a live website.

Submitted. I think it is related to the product bundles plugin, where 1 item can have more bundled products.

Ok, we will look into this and get back to you through the tickets.

plugin can not be activated because “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare WC_SA() .... wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-status-actions/woocommerce-status-actions.php on line 56

Please visit our support form on

Hi! Can this plugin be used to automatically trigger a change of status from an existing woocommerce to a custom status?

e.g. Order Recieved: Status = ‘Processing’ (existing status)

Trigger: ...10 Minutes Later

Status Change: ‘Processing Level 2’ (custom status)

There are a number of powerful use case for this as it can be used with other plugins to send additional marketing e-mails and SMS’s for many situations.

Please let me know if this is possible as it wasn’t clear in the description if it was or not. And if it isn’t, would you please implement this?

Yes you can but the default (initial) status needs to be a custom status as our plugin doesn’t allow extensive modifications to core statuses.

Can you please confirm If the Order Statuses defined by your plugin are returned by Woocommerce API ?


Hi there, I see that as a feature it says “Define at which point in the order management workflow should the actions to assign the order status be shown. Decide on when the actions should be shown”

But is your plugin able to do “Next statuses” like WooCommerce Order Status Manager does? i.e. set what status(es) should follow on from the custom status you are creating/editing?

They are similar, you just have to define the status which triggers the custom status.

Ok, so if I understand this correctly (from the demo and what you’ve said) is that it’s the other way round from Woocommerce’s Order Status Manager in that rather than defining which statuses can appear as actions after the one you are creating/editing, with this plugin, you define which statuses must come BEFORE so that this one can appear as an action?

Yes, it is definitely the other way around. But they both fulfil the same objective. It’s just we started it like this – 2 years before they released theirs.

this seems very interesting, let me ask:

1. can i have multiple order fulfillment stations in my warehouse all using this? meaning, i might have 3 or 4 people each processing orders at the same time

2. if yes, is there a way to make sure that each work station is processing different orders? in other words, i need to make sure that each simultaneous work station is managing a unique set of orders – no two stations working on the same order

3. when the orders are updated to completed, will the outgoing emails to customers also include their linked tracking numbers?

4. at the end of the day, can i pull up a report that tells me (1) how many orders were processed, (2) a list of all those orders, (3) which work station processed which orders, and (4) which staff users were logged in to which work stations so we can get an idea of productivity at each station?

i’ve been looking for months to find a nice warehouse order processing plugin for woo


What do you mean?

just glad that i can do the stuff that i need, will be great :)

That’s very good. We hope you buy this and benefit from it.

Where did you get link above from?


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If you follow the login link ( ), put in user name and pw that was the resulting page which was not found.

No, that is the support forums.


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I cannot change order status via bulk action, also cannot add a support request via

Hi, I use yith email templates to send custom template on email notifications. Is there a way for this plugin to send those notifications with that template?

It will depend on the code, please fill in our support form and we will check integration possibility.


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Is it a way to change the order status row? When we add a status it goes to the bottom. With drag and drop after save it looses it again. Is there any way?

Are you rearranging the order of the status so you can have it appear on the top of the list in Bulk Actions?


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how could i change the row of all these? I would like to change them to display properly at dashboard

How are they being displayed now?

i purchased because it said I could automate the task of an order status change. i simply want the order status to change from on-hold to payment pending after some time. does this plugin do this or not

Yes it does but not for the default statuses as we cannot add these settings for the core statuses. You’d have to change the default status for what is taking it to on-hold and then make that custom status trigger another status automatically. Does that make sense?

Dear Author, is it possible that restrict to each user role to click on the order’s next action/status? For example the order statuses flow is [1]Processing -> [2]On Hold -> [3]Completed and i wish to restrict to User Role [A] to process from [1] -> [2] while User Role [B] to process from [2] -> [3].

Any advice how to achieve that via your plugin?

The reason behind on asking this because i wish to implement different user to do their work on specified order status and pass to next person in charge.

Will be very much appreciated if you willing to suggest me any alternative way :)

Please fill in our support form on

Submitted. Thanks for pointing out the support form, overlook it :)

We are dealing with your ticket.


can allow Shop Managers to attach any kind of file to lients’s orders? (Attach Images, documents, videos, proofs… no limits!)


Attach this to where?