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Hello! I am interested in buying this plugin. I just want to know if it can do one specific thing:

Can it automatically change status order after for example a few days?

For example:

Customer Purchases > Preparing (3 days after) > Assembling (2 days after) > Packaging (1 day after) > Processing > Completed (Manully marked as completed)

Yes, this is called the Automatic Trigger.

Hi, I have another plugin for emails (WooCommerce Email Customizer) is it compatible? Can I use your plugin and turn off email customise?

You can use our plugin to send emails when an action is sent. It may be different to this plugin you talk about, check our demo.

Hello! How to update to version 2.1.4? it just says not found and i can not update till now? Thanks

Have you entered the purchase code?

I dont think so, where can i enter it, i dont see any menu?

Ok, i found, thanks

Hi there,

We’re seeing a weird error – where when we search an order that has a custom order status in the Woocommerce > Orders screen, it doesn’t show up in the search results.

Also – I just downloaded the latest version – but it shows up as 2.1.1 instead of 2.1.4?

Please fill in our support form and we will look into this for you.

Guys – we’re waiting on a response for 5 days now…do we need to cancel our purchase or are we going to get some support??

We are working on this, please be patient with us.

11 days passed. I will wait 24h before complaining to envato. Please refund me asap.

Sorry about that, please can you request a refund so we can refund you.

Hi, I purchased this product 1/2 year back and the support is now expired. However, I was not able to update the plugin after the support period. Is this how it should be? I thought updates are forever, I just don’t get the support after 6 months. Could you please confirm? Thanks.

Have you entered your purchase key in the Dashboard > Actuality Extensions?

Hi, whether there is a feture automatic cancel order if the customer does not make payment within a certain time?

No, that is not possible. What you can do is have the order status change after a certain amount of time.

We have the same issue as vitexio. We can’t access any email options for our custom statuses (see screenshot). We are also using Yith Email Templates plugin, so it seems there is a conflict somewhere.

Please fill in our support form so we can look into this further for you.


ncsfer Purchased

Hello … wordpress tells me that your plugin has a new version … but I downloaded it from here but it’s the same old version … please, can you help me … thanks in advance

Please fill in our support form so we can do this for you.

Iam using woocommerce bookings and as soon as a booking is paid, the order status does not automatically change to completed. can i use your triggerfeature to automatically change the order status when the booking status changes?

Sorry for the delay. Our plugin was not developed with Bookings status in mind, but we can take a look at this, please fill in our support form and our agents will look into it.

can i buy and test it out myself with bookings? or can you send me copy to test it?

No, sorry we do not have a demo copy of our plugin.

Hi. How is it possible to update to version 2.1.4 ?

Go to the built in updater, it should be there. If not, please fill in our support form and we will fix this for you.

You need to go to Dashboard > Actuality Extensions and check you’ve got the purchase code entered there.

Hi, We currently use “WooCommerce Order Status Manager” however I have noticed that once we enable your plugin and disable the WooThemes plugin, all of our orders disappear and we cannot see them. Is there anyway to fix that?

Please fill in our support form so we can look into this for you.


cayosar Purchased

Hello, when the compatible woocommerce 3.0 version will be available?!

It is available already


cayosar Purchased

I just bought it, I have the latest version (2.1.4) and it is not working at all

Please fill in our support form so we can debug this right away.

Hi There – Problem. I can no longer select my order via clicking the check mark box option and then performing Bulk Edit > Selecting my Custom Status. This plugin is now requiring me to scan my order, or manually type in each and every order number (time consuming). We don’t have the option to scan, nor do we have bar codes. Can this Bulk Scan Editor have the option to be toggled off, so we can select the orders via check-mark like the older versions allowed?

We want to take a look at this for you to fix this. We need you to fill in our support form so we can look at this closely. Please go to our contact form on our website and follow Support > Bugs and the link.


tkchuah Purchased

hi guys, when i try to download from “my download” area, why am I always getting v2.1.2 while the latest version is already 2.2.0 according to the changelog ?

It takes a while for files to be live on Envato, they review it.

I updated to the latest download version and wanted to use the internal updater to get to 2.2 and received this message: Update Failed: Download failed. Not Found

Have you entered the purchase code under Dashboard > Actuality Extensions?

FYI; I know you guys just released an update 2.2.1, because the plugin was causing an issue with shipping zones – it did not fix the problem. Cannot add shipping zones, my current shipping zones vanished, and my shipping classes vanished as well. Both 2.2.0 is buggy with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping. Custom Order Status & Actions do not work with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin, from extensions. I had to de-activate Custom Status & Orders plugin in order for my customers to see the correct shipping fees. I am not upgrading to Woocommerce 3.0 yet because I want to make sure all plugins are compatible and working properly (woocommerce table rate shipping works). Plus, my theme has to be updated as well. I need Custom Status & Actions to be able to work with older versions of WooCommerce and not only Woo 3.0.

Sorry to hear this, can you please fill in our support form and fill in the required fields so we can login and test this.

compatible with wc 3 ???