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Hi i have 2 questions;

does the plugin recognize when an order was made by paypal or credit card gateaway when its already paid by paypal or creditcard? I mean, is the status then already marked as PAID when the order was made by paypal or creditcard?

What about when an order was made by cheque (not paid yet)? is the status NOT PAID?

Every gateway has to ping back a success message to indicate the order has been paid, our plugin checks this and acts accordingly.

Hi. I have installed this plugin. In style, icons don’t show.

Please check ticket #5424.


Hey George, you filled our ‘Other’ form which is very very generic and does not allow you to enter any credentials. We replied not long ago after with a link for you to fill in the correct form and you have not done so since.


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Thanks for reply. Follow-up Request #5500 Id #5673

We have fixed 2 of the 3 issues you’ve reported to us. We are still working on the last one. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

I have purchased, but when status change, the email is not sent! Please quickly help check, coz i buy the plugin is because i need to trigger email function when change order status.

I fill in information already,but wait for a week no one reply, I need to ask for refund in this way, not function though I have purchase that !

I purchased coz your spec said will trigger email when create new status.but turn out this doesn’t work

It does trigger an email when you change the status. What is your ticket number for your support query?

hey there, have you ever tested your plugin with WooQuotation? (

I’m looking for a replacement for the Skyverge status plugin found on Woocommerce, as it has a conflict with my quotation plugin. (when new quotes are made, the wrong status is set)

I havent been able to pinpoint the cause, but the quote plugin adds a basic array of order statuses, and when a new quote is made, it tries to apply one of them. With the order Status manager plugin active, the new quotes simply get set to processing.

Heads up: I bought and tested your plugin, and there is a conflict. When a user submits a new quote request, the proper status is applied. When I edit the quote and send it, the proper status is applied. When the user accepts the quote, the proper status is applied. But when they pay for the quote, the status isn’t updated to “processing” like it should be.

With your plugin disabled, it works. And for reference, i tested another status plugin and it worked as well (just didnt have the options of yours so i was hoping to not use it).

Ok thanks for sharing this. Could you please fill in our support form so we can log in and check the issue as we do not have the quotation plugin you are talking about to test with.

Getting this error on the Order Status page in Wordpress admin.

empty string to a string offset in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/[replaced]/public/wp-includes/class.wp-scripts.php on line 447

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem with our plugin. Please can you fill in our support form found here and our support team will be with you as soon as they can.

Please test the plugin with the latest version of Wordpress and Woocommerce.

You will find the error message, guaranteed.

Is the WP_DEBUG set to ‘true’?

Fix this bug when status is changed:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Order::get_billing_email()

This plug-in does NOT WORK.

We are not getting this, please can you fill in our support form so we can check it on your end.

Is there a way to update an order’s status to a custom order status via API?

Yes, use the WC_API that is with WooCommerce, it works as well.


When bulk editing statuses and selecting a particular status from the admin area, the loading times are extremely long. Sometimes minutes. I use cloudflare so these long times sometimes result in a 502 gateway error. Can you have a look at it for me please?

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem with our plugin. Please can you fill in our support form found here and our support team will be with you as soon as they can.


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Hello, Status Icon’s are not displaying on orders page anymore since last woocmmerce update! Any fix please?!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem with our plugin. Please can you fill in our support form found here and our support team will be with you as soon as they can.

Hi. I have installed the plugin.icons don’t show.


We have just replied to your ticket. Please respond so we can fix this as soon as possible.

hi, demo not working… after login in your admin panel, auto redirection to your codecanyon profile

The demo is working for us, please check again.


Thanks for the awesome plugin. It is working really well.

I am noticing a small bug with icons of custom statuses. Please have a look at the below mentioned screenshots:

The icons are not showing at all in the orders page and it is also showing a weird box icon in the dashboard widget for all icons. I selected the icons correctly in the admin pages of custom statuses.

The website is running on WP Engine hosting

Please have a look and let me know.

Thank you…

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem with our plugin. Please can you fill in our support form found here and our support team will be with you as soon as they can.

Hello, is it possible to show the cancel button in the order details given? Theme only complies with this.

Are you referring to the My Account page?

Yes, but I want it to be in the order detail. Orders are not on the main page.

In that case, sorry it is not possible. You can have the cancel button shown on the My Account page.


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Possible to verify the ticket 5665 created 3 days and without any concrete progress?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-status-actions/includes/class-wc-sa-order.php on line 297

We have fixed the issue. Please can you check and let me know if the error line has gone?


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Thank you and please do not forget to leave us a review.

Hey, great plugin. One question – I need to be able to resend the custom order status email multiple times. Is it possible to enable this via the order actions panel on the right? Thanks for your help.

There would have to be a setting which allows you to resend the email from the orders page. We can develop this for you, are you happy to wait until we develop this or do you need this urgently?

Other than this feature my store is pretty much ready to go, so obviously it would be great to get as soon as possible, but we can probably impersonate it just by changing the status to something else without email notifications and then back again. It’s pretty dirty but it would work until the feature was available I guess. If you were able to develop it for us though that would be great.

Yes, we have added it to our to do list anyway so hopefully we will get to it eventually.

Hi, I bought this plugin and now found that I can’t edit or overwrite woocommerce core or default order statuses, is it possible? are you planning to include this feature? thanks

Yeah, sorry but that is not possible with our plugin. As we said, you can only change colour, rename and remove it from the bulk actions list.

What you mean is I can only edit your custom statuses right? look how my bulk edit looks, all woocommerce statuses just show “mark”, could it be fixed?

No that should not be like that, if you go to WooCommerce > Settings > Order Statuses and then click Save Changes, it should correct it.


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Moved to new host, and now the status icons in orders list doesn’t show. Please advice :)


paatus Purchased

Please wait with troubleshooting, I changed DNS 10 minutes ago. Should be ready sunday morning. I will also need to update FTP credentials in the ticket.


paatus Purchased

Automagically solved itself.

That is great news.

Presale question: Is it possible to create a “Reorder/Repeat Order” action and button after the order is complete. I would like to look up an order from previous customer and reorder Thank You

No, that is not possible with this plugin. Sorry about that.