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Hello, I am using your plugin. I had some trouble and was in contact with the support on All the sudden the ticket has been closed and I should open a new one, but the website is not available anymore. My ticket was here:

If I click on “support” or “docs” at the plugin overview in woocommerce I get redirected to a similiar plugin from woocommerce directly which is NOT this plugin. I already contacted woocommerce and they told me this is a wrong linking.

So first I still have problems from the ticket with your plugin which need to be solved. Where can I place a new ticket?

Second: Whats going one here with this plugin? Why is the website down and you are setting wrong links?

Please give me some information on this asap.

Thank yo!

You bought our plugin from an illegal site.

It even says here you have not purchased our plugin, we cannot support users who buy our plugins from illegal sites.

I urge you to get a refund from the.

We did not take any website down, we are here and we’ve been here since 2013.

I have a purchase code: dfd08df0-575e-4835-a893-444852ba3287 Are you sure its illegal and its the same plugin like you offer? The website and the ticket system of proword is now working again. If its really a fake copy of your plugin, I will follow your advice

Please contact Envato so they can confirm this.

recently got this plugin to work with pos plugin by you , issue i am getting in cloud prints as template is not thermal printer ready , add feature so can use same pos receipt template , for restaurant kitchen print when status change from processing to delivery .

Please fill in our support form on


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I’m going to edit my comment, because it was not here. regards

Hi, 6 months ago someone (pewela) put a comment here that this plugin blocks admin from making changes to variable products. Your reply was “We have made a note of this and will make the changes right away.” I don’t see those changes have been made. Please advise.

Well, we tested it on our end and it was working fine. The user that reported this did not want to give us access to see the problem on their end. Do you have a problem like this? Can you fill in our support form on so we can address the matter?

Thanks. Yes, I have the same problem. I will fill in the support form, thanks!

Hello. I’m interested in the following question: if I buy your plugin, will I be able to do so:

1) The buyer makes an order on the site, but does not pay! 2) The manager processes the order and sets the status of the order, for example: “Pending payment” 3) The buyer receives an E-mail notification with a link, clicking on which he proceeds to pay his order

Yes you can do that.

See ticket #7983:

Hi there, It’s me again. I have been working with the plugin for the last few months now. And I just recently purchased ‘Order Status and Actions Manager’ to go with the POS. But neither are working to their full potential and are filled with bugs and errors. Please help! Your online demo works great, but I can not get your plugins to perform the same on my site.

Issues with POS: —>1. when orders are created through POS and ‘new order’ email is sent to the customer, the order total comes out to $0, even though the subtotal is correct. —> I have already deactivated all other plugins except WC, I only get the issue when the POS is activated, however ‘new order’ emails sent for a WEB order display the correct total value. —>2. It would be great if the on-screen keypad was deactivated so users can input values, change prices, etc. with their physical keyboard or the tablet’s keyboard. —>As it is right now, on an iPad, if you want to edit the price of an item in the cart, the POS pop-up keypad is covered by the iPad default keyboard making it difficult, if not impossible to edit the price. —>3. Receipt printing is not working automatically after an order is placed on the POS. —> when I click ‘pay’ to complete the order, a modal box pops up that says ‘generating receipt’, but, the printer dialogue box showing the print preview, printer options, etc. does not appear. The only way to get the printer dialogue box to open up is to go to ‘Load’, find the most recent order, and click ‘print’. Then the dialogue pops up.

Issues with Order Status and Actions Manager: —>1. Custom-created order statuses reduce stock multiple times, even if the settings are set to ‘have no effect on product stock’ —>On all of my test orders that involve a product that has ‘managed stock’ through WC, the stock was reduced by the incorrect amount for both POS and WEB orders. Example: When I purchase 2 Test items, the order notes say: ’ reduced stock of Test Item from 10 to 8’ ... then ‘reduced stock of Test Item from 8 to 6’ ... ‘reduced stock of Test Item from 6 to 4’ —> this was causing huge issues with stock management and forced me to de-activate the plugin for the time being. >2. When working alongside the POS, the order status goes from ‘on-hold’ -> ‘pending’ -> ‘processing’ -> ‘custom-status’ even if I set a ‘complete’ POS order to go directly to ‘custom-status’ after it is created. —>I think this may tie into the issue with #1, too. the checkout and order loops are being calle dup multiple times, or are not being over-ridden properly causing the order to go through the default WC process of ‘on-hold’>’pending’->’processing’ and carrying out the functions associated with those like sending out the default ‘thank you for your order’ ‘new order’ emails. I want to either avoid those emails altogether, or control custom order statuses so customers can pay for wholesale products after they are delivered (we bill with NET terms).

I love your plugins! but they are just not working out like I expected them to.

I can create a dev site for you guys to fix the issues, but please help! I have been working on this for 4 months and it is still not ready to be implemented in the field despite the updates that have been rolling out.

Please do not make any changes until I have provided you with a dev site.

I see that you have filled in our support form, with the exact comments you have made here? I would say wait for our response through the tickets and I am sure our support team will do their very best to make sure our products work well for you and together.

The custom statusses can trigger sending emails. However, these are custom emails. Do you think it would be possible to use the standard emails as well? As I need to send shipment details with track n trace, which is included in the standard emails, but I cannot add them to your status emails.

Well, I use MyParcel plugin. This plug uses the following action to add track n trace data to sent emails: add_action( ‘woocommerce_email_before_order_table’, array( $this, ‘track_trace_email’ ), 10, 2 ); Does this action work with emails sent on a custom status?

I see you have added aftership support in your plugin.. :) So I think it should be possible to add MyParcel as well :)

Can I use woocommerce_email_before_order_table with your emails?

How does the scanning work? I cannot find any documentation how this feature works…...

I found this, but not where I can find out about scanning in these documents….

You are simply scanning the order number, after that the plugin will locate the order. Perhaps we are misunderstanding?


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But how do you scan? Do you need special equipment or can you do it with a phone?


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Hello, is there a way to enforce order workflow. If orders are on woocommerce default status e.g cancelled, on hold etc. the order workflow is ignored. i.e we created 3 user roles to handle the custom order status but observed that order status can be changed from cancelled, refunded, on hold etc to any of the custom status created totally ignoring the workflow setup

No there is not a way to configure workflow but we can develop this. Can you give me an example of your typical workflow?