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Is there any way to display multiple statuses? For example we may want to note “Assembling” and “High Priority” and the “Warehouse”

If this is not possible solely with your plug-in, do you have another suggestion for denoting things like priority and location?

Do you want the statuses to be like labels in Google Mail where you can have many statuses (labels) to one order?


Myskin67 Purchased

Hi , can you please reply to the ticket 4976 ?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

Is it plugin compatible on Woocomerce 3.0.5?

I’ll wait your reply and thank you in advance

Yes it is.

Hi, this plugin can replace WooCommerce Order Status Control . ( Order Status Auto-Completed )

You can use it to automatically set a status to an order of a given payment type.

just installed and it works well. On the page that lists all orders – in the drop-down menu for bulk changes to orders the woocommerce statuses only show “marked” for all statuses. You cannot see what the “marked” is. The custom statuses are all shown and work well.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Order Statuses and then click Save Settings.


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Hello. File available for download here says it’s version 2.1.2 and the changelog states you are on 2.2.0 how do we get the new version?

Through the WordPress dashboard.


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Hello, as I can update the plugin, here in codecanyon is only the previous version … look I have written many times, even from your web … but nothing… I need to know if you are going to update the plugin…

We have updated it, check the WordPress update – what version do you have?


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...Not Found wordpress 4.7.4 woo: 3.0.7

What version of our plugin do you have?

PRE-SALE Question – Does this support Sequential Order Number Pro? We use sequential order numbers on our website instead of default order id’s. When scanning barcodes for bulk marking, does this take into consideration the sequential order numbers?

That should not affect it.

Any issues with autocomplete orders? I was using a code snippet in functions.php but somehow it stopped working (even that I haven’t updated anything). I’m using PayPal basic. IPN and such seems to be working fine according to logs.

If you can assure that it’s working, I’ll buy it. For now – I’m stuck to my PC and manually clicking stuff – lol.

You can define what payment gateway has what status. Not necessary complete.

Does your plugin work with PayPal and it autocompletes the orders upon receiving a authorized / full payment (virtual products)?


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Hi! I’m trying to download the last version o My Account Page on envato market but when I download I get the version 2.1.2 and I need 2.2.1. Could you help me please?

Pre-sales question: Can I define custom status by user role? Example: I require only Admin be allowed to see/modify status to “completed” Can I achieve this with your plugin? Thanks

*In our required setup, shop manager would be able to change all the statuses except this “completed”

*EDIT: I’ve just found your “WooCommerce Order Rules & Filters” and “WooCommerce Payment Status” my requirement is fulfilled with them, is there a bundle to get your plugins? Thanks :)

No there is no bundle, sorry about that.

Regarding your first question about role based actions, we can develop this for you if you want.