WooCommerce Order SMS Notification

WooCommerce Order SMS Notification

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This is a WooCommerce add-on. By Using this plugin admin and buyer, can get notification about their order via SMS using different SMS gateways.

The WooCommerce Order SMS Notification plugin for WordPress is very useful when you want to get notified via SMS after placing an order. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification after an order is placed. SMS notification options can be customized in the admin panel very easily

Key features of this plugin

  • Very easy to install
  • Very easy to customize
  • Seven major SMS Gateway Supported
  • Admin can get Order SMS notifications
  • Buyer can get order sms notifications
  • Available settings for Admin to control SMS settings and gateways
  • Send SMS to any number
  • Directly Contact with buyer via SMS
  • Customizable SMS text
  • Send Order details ( order no, order status, order items, order amount ) in SMS text
  • Different SMS send corresponding to different Order Status
  • Extended Settings Option
  • Compatible with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers
  • Works with WooCommerce 2.4+
  • All version of WordPress 4.3+ supported

There are seven types of SMS gateway. Such as:

Using any one of these service Admin can get SMS notification of orders. Admin can also enable SMS notification service for buyers as well

User Reviews


   * 11-12-2016 -- varsion 1.8
     -- Twilio gateway SDK changes for PHP 7.0 compatibility
     -- Talkwithtext gateway API endpoint changes
     -- Added [billing_phone] and [order_items_descriptions] shortcodes

   * 05-04-2016 -- varsion 1.7
     -- Added some hooks for extending shortcodes
     -- Compatible with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers
     -- Fixed some code structure 

   * 20-09-2015 -- varsion 1.6
     -- Added Atompark Gateway
     -- Added more order data with SMS body
     -- Fixed empty message data in SMS body
     -- Fixed Unexpected Syntax < token in checkout page
     -- Fixed Force buyer notification error condition

   * 10-06-2015 -- varsion 1.5
     -- Added Hoiio and Intelliosms Gateway
     -- Added a feature for sending different SMS corresponding to different Order Status
     -- Added some hook for extending functionality
     -- Change the folder structure
     -- Code cleans up

   * 18-10-2014 -- varsion 1.4
     -- Clickatell gateway problem fixed
     -- Remove unnecessary scripts file.
     -- Code cleans up

  * 17-09-2014 -- varsion 1.3
     -- Compatible for WooCommerce Version 2.2+
     -- Compatible for WordPress Version 4
     -- Code cleans up

   * 25-08-2014 -- varsion 1.2
     -- Send SMS to any number feature added
     -- .po nad .mo language file added for translations
     -- Code cleans up

   * 26-07-2014 -- varsion 1.1
     -- Upgraded for working with older version of PHP
     -- Added Order items ( product list) in SMS body
     -- Added Order amount in SMS body