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Presales questions:

Is this compatible with Woo 2.6 (2.6.14 in our instance), because you write it is compatible only up to 2.4.x?

Is it possible only to send order notification to admin only, and no sms’s to customers?

Yes it is compatible with 2.6 version and there is a settings for sending sms to admin only Thanks you :)

Is it possible for ’’WooCommerce Order SMS Notification’’ to get two sms notifications? Because we are working with a team and like to see that 2 admins get a SMS notification for each order. Thanks!

No, this feature is not available in this version. Hope we will add it in our future update.


I need to add variation/attributes and shipping method to the sms for admin. Is it possible?

Sorry, variation/attributes and shipping method are not possible for now.

Hello, I purchased your plugin and created an account with Twilio ( I got a number ) and I filled all the details but I’m not getting any SMS.

could you please help me on :

Thanks, Adrian

For the free trial account, you can send SMS only one number, which number you using for registration.


Hi there The texts are being sent from country code +61 by default for some reason Is there a way to change the default country code to +972 ?

Sorry for now, there are no settings to change default country code. Hope we will add it in our future release.


Ok but can you tell if it’s set to +61 from the plugin? Thanks


Is it possible woocommerce only send sms admin number when order completed? Just only order/payment completed.

And can that custom sms send SKU and customer’s billing phone number?

Thank you,


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hello, I bought this plugin, but I have always this error: “Error: Message Sending faild, Please check your number or gateway settings” I use twilio, I have filled in all the ACCOUNT SID and the AUTH TOKEN can you please help?

Please send your site details in out mail

Hi, is this possible to integrate with ? thanks

You need to customize the core plugin to integrate such type of third party gateways.


Hi can we have another sms gateway aside from those in the list? We have our own smsgate which our local telco company provide and want to used it in this plugin.


Your plugin does not send SMS when new order arrives with status “pending payment”. I have checked all checkboxes and with other statuses (on hold, completed…) it notifies by SMS just fine.

Please help me resolve this issue as this is mandatory functionality.

If you are using NEXMO demo credit then you must need to add your admin phone number as a test number. Otherwise, the message didn’t send. For adding test number you can check this link If you are using NEXMO paid credit then please let me know. I need to check your site.


Using paid credit. Please send your contacts or contact me at with specific instructions.

Ok send your site details with nexmo details in our support mail

Hello! Is there possible to send sms with a text that includes the tracking number (custom field) ? For example. Your order is shipped. Tracking no. is [tracking_field]. The tracking number is imported by a plugin i use.

Also is the above possible to do on demand in the orders i want and not when the order status changes ?

Hi, I am sorry for my late reply. You didn’t send any custom fields as SMS message shortcode. You need to do some custom code for doing this.

Yes, you can send SMS to a buyer on demand in the order. You can send SMS only to that buyer who is related to this order.


Hmm is it difficult to write code for this?

Not so difficult. But you need to hire a developer to do this. If you are a developer then you can easily do that.

Hi I was trying to know if the plugin is compatible with woo commerce simple auction? so that for every bid and outbid the customers receive a sms.

Thanks for the help, Best regards, Joaquin.

We installed the plugin SMS Notification and choose the Nexmo gateway as nexmo, created a free membership, and tested the verified and generated number. After and for two separate websites we tried two demo orders with COD payment option. But we haven’t received any sms from the website yet. What is going on? Is it the COD payment method, do we need to go premium with the gateway? Please reply, i have 5 months of support left.

Please check your email. Thank you


I want to purchase this plugin but before buying it I would like to know is there any working demo available for this plugin so that I can check its functionality.

Also I would like to know if you can provide me download link for a trial period of 1-2 days so that I can check whether its fulfilling my requirements or not.

Thanks, Kiran

Does it work for my country? (Peru) was attentive, thank you.


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WooCommerce Order SMS Notification integration Issues step-by-step installation has been sent. Please look over to help.