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and i have sent you an email at :

With our issue and website details

My email address is

got a pre sale question. will this work with woocommerce bookings. got a client that sells bus tours. thwy want a sms to go out along with the order confirmation and they want the possibility to send sms to all travelers on a specific booking if say the bus is late.

Hi, I am using SMSGlobal as the gateway but the messages are failing. Are there any log files where we can figure out why the messages are failing to send?

Sorry, there are no log files for now. Please send your site details to . I need to debug your site


Hi, i have purchased your plugin but it does not send sms’s when an order is placed etc. Please assist ASAP

Which gateway you are using?


Hi, I need a SMS notification plugin and would like to purchase yours.

We have clients send high value items to us and so we’ve modified the order statuses in WooCommerce to include ‘Order Received’. Just to give the client some peace of mind.

I wondered if your plugin would recognize the additional status and allow us to create a custom SMS for it?

Thanks in advance.


stasjia Purchased

Hi! Just installed this plugin on my woocommerce site – plus have a registered Twilio phone number attached too it – however the orders say Something Failed, Something Wrong when I try and send a text message.

Can you help?

Hi I’ve just downloaded and installed your SMS plugin, would you contact me via email so I can discus my issues.



Hi, I have installed the plug-in using Twilio as the gateway. When I’m trying to do a test to my mobile, I keep getting the following error:

Error: Message Sending faild, Please check your number or gateway settings

(There is a typo in the error message too).

Need help figured out when it won’t send.



We are looking to buying your solution – WooCommerce SMS Notification for wordpress.

Our question :

1. We will be sending sms from our gateway. Does your SMS solution have functionality for additional private Gateway.

2. Does your SMS Solution have Alphanumeric Sender ID. e.g sender ID is a NAME instead of a NUMBER

Please reply to this questions

Thank You

Hi Mate,

I would like to purchase your plugin. Please let me know that whether we can add our SMS gateway in your plugin as we have our own SMS gateway.


Hello, does this plugin support Woocommerce 3.3.1?


I have an store that runs as (multi-vendors) for home & interior decor, the store has 3 section: 1- for me as super admin 2- for the vendor 3- the vendor who sell design service

I would like to insure that your plugin would help in such job, notify me as a super admin with each new order, notify the vendor for each new order and notify the designer who could able to design interior decors with each new order.

Using Twilio and it keeps telling me the number in the settings is not correct. I have tried multiple variations and formats but the issue still remains.

I sent an email yesterday and hope you can help clear up some of this confusion.

does this plugin support other sms api platforms?

on version1.9 i have tested on infobip and twilio. the plugin is sadly not sending sms