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Hi, your plugin looks great. Would it be possible to filter orders by order date “last month” ? For example if I run the filter today, show only orders from november ?

And more complicated I guess, would it be possible to filter orders by order date “first day of the month”? For example if I run the filter today, show only orders from december 1st ?

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You can do the ‘Order Date’ is ‘before’ and ‘after’.

I want automatically to have a filter “last month” I dont want to have to change the before and after date each time

Fill in our modifications form on our contact page and we can look into this for you.

does this support woocommerce extra product option from different plugin that has different weight by size or quantity?

I can’t seem to find any shippling pluging to support woocommerce variation weight based by plugin,

No, this does not do that, sorry.

Hi, im using Point of Sale and this plugin.

I need to filter using CONTAINS in ORDER NUMBER because i have SUFIX/PREFIX (by POS) and i need filter.

Are you trying to filter orders from a particular register? You can do that using a filter on the top enabled from the POS plugin (ours).


I wanted to sort the orders regarding the Shipping Method. After install it turned out that the plugin supports only old legacy Shipping Methods (Free Shipping / Flat Fee / Local Pickup) – there is no way to select the actual Shipping Method.

As you know since WooCommerce 2.6 legacy shipping methods has been replaced by Shipping Zone based methods. Under i.e. Domestic Zone I can have any number of flat rates with own name. I would like to filter the orders by these Shipping Methods. Now it’s not possible. Therefore you cannot claim the plugin is WooCommerce 2.6.x compatibile – at least not in terms of filtering by Shipping Method which is done on legacy methods of WooCommerce 2.5.

Any chances you’ll correct it in the near future?

Kind regards.

Of course we will correct it, thank you for raising this to us.

Great product, and it’s worked so well for me. However I recently updated to latest woocommerce, and am also having issue with the shipping method filter. This was great for me to highlight orders that had priority shipping etc.

Is there anyway a fix can be released?

Hi – my support is expired, but I will renew my license once a fix is released for the shipping methods. Thanks

We have fixed it and we will push the changes today.


karim_005 Purchased

Thanks – I purchased the new version. It doesn’t seem like it’s updated yet, and version is still showing as older one, and shipping rules still not working. Will try again tomorrow.


Thank you for a quick update. Unfortunately, Shipping Methods don’t work properly. Filter gives selection for Shipping Type: Free Shipping/Flat Rate/Local Pickup, instead of actual Shipping Method (i.e. Shipping Zone: Domestic; Shipping Method: 2nd class, 1st class, expedited).

This could be something like:

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We have pushed an update that supports the latest shipping methods on WC 2.6

I updated to 1.4.6 and there is selection for Shipping Types: Free Shipping / Flat Rate / Local Pickup not Shipping Methods.

Hi. I saw some references in older comments about the ability to filter orders by Product Category being added soon. Can you confirm if this has been added please? To clarify, I’m looking for a plugin that can quickly and easily display all orders that are in a certain category.