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Hello, I just noticed that trying to filter out a certain product in your demo (so the order page doesn’t show orders containing it) is not working – doesn’t do anything. Color highlighting works with no problem. Is that intentional?

Due to our demo environment, not all features will work – this is one of them. We just tested this on our staging, and it works.

Hey just purchased the plugin under the assumption it supported filtering via shipping zones. Is this something you’re planning on adding?

We can add it for you, please contact our modifications team so we can look into this for you.

I’m having an issue with the filtering. I hit filter and it just brings me to a blank screen.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem with our plugin. Please can you fill in our support form found here and our support team will be with you as soon as they can.

As above – filtering on the Orders screen doesn’t work – blank screen.

Ok, can you please fill in our support form so we can look at this in more detail?

Sorry, my support has ended. But I suppose this bug is a result of changes in WooCommerce – lot of things happen since last plugin update mid April.

It does not matter if support ended, we will have to fix this issue anyway.

Hi, I am getting the following error:

WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘2017-08-22’)’’ at line 1] SELECT posts.ID FROM wp_posts posts WHERE DATE = ‘ DATE ’

We have replied to your ticket, please check and respond. Thank you.

Pre-purchase question:

Is it possible for an Order Rule to automatically change an order’s status? Or can it only change the row colour?

No, you can have automatic status changes using our Order Status & Actions manager.

Hi, I test the demo of your plugin, but all times then I use the filter of order, the refresh of page come back to home page of demo. I want use your plugin to filter order but he not run actually on demo. if your plugin is ready send me email, I will buy : . best regards

The plugin works, the reason why it may not work for some is that the demo user has restrictions which the order rules plugin requires. Sorry about that.

Hi there, I just purchased your plugin looks great but I’m missing some filters, like filter on City, Zip code. And also a few custom Checkout fields. Is there a way to add those with your plugin?

I’m using the original WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin.


You can hire us to develop the integration for you. Please fill in our contact form on our website and our team will look into this for you.

Hello! I am interested in buying your product but have a question. We sell items with a lot of custom attributes. Does your plugin support search orders by custom attributes?

Thank you for your answer.

No, it will load the attributes that are with standard WooCommerce order.


I want to filter orders by country, i created a rule to filter by Billing country on demo website, i want to show only orders coming from France,

when i go to Orders table on woocommerce and i select France then i click on Filter, i’m redirected to Dashboard.

here’s screenshot :

Can you please tell me how it works ?

Thank you

That does not happen in the plugin, it may be happening because of demo environment. I will pass this onto the tech team.

Hello can you filter by order price? Like under $20 one filter and over $20 is another filter?

Yes, if you go on our demo you can see that you can filter using the order total.

Good day,

Presales question: I would like to filter by Shipping State. Your plugin currently allows for Shipping Country. Can you include state in you next update?

There should be, we will look into this and get it fixed.

Thank you. Please let me know when fixed, then I will make my purchase.

We have just pushed an update that includes this.