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HI i order your plugin today. thank you! there is something i cant do and i would like you tell me how to do it. how to limit delivery period after X days?

thank you

Hi, steel waiting for your update…


We are working on it, will update it soon

Perfect! if you can, add green color for active day in the calendar.

Hi! Great plugin and exactly what I’m looking for. However, I think I’m running into a small glitch. Below is an example of my pick-up date setup.

I currently have 2 pick up dates, Sunday and Wednesday.

The logic is as follows: Pick Up Date 1 – The user must submit their order by 11:59pm on Wednesday in order to pick up Sunday of the same week. Pick Up Date 2 – The user must submit their order by 11:59pm Saturday in order to pick up Wednesday of the next week.

I’ve set the “Disable X Days from Current Days” to 4. In theory, the pick-up days (Sunday or Wednesday) on the calendar should become un-selectable when the clock turns MIDNIGHT either on Thursday or Sunday. However, I encountered an issue yesterday. The Sunday pick-up date became grayed out when the clock turned NOON. It should have become grayed out when the clock turned MIDNIGHT Thursday morning.

I changed the “Disable X Days from Current Days” to 3 today and Sunday was able to be selected, so I know that’s wrong.

My settings in Wordpress are set to New York timezone and my I set up the week to start on Monday. Did I not set something up correctly?

Hi! Thank you for the quick response. You can view the image here:

I originally had the timezone set for UTC-0 in Wordpress/General/Timezone. Could that have effected the “Disable X Days…” functionality?

Yes, it is effecting, Your delivery time setting based on your server time zone


We’ve just purchased this plugin and we can’t seem to see the Time Picker after we’ve enable the plugin.

Here is the Dev Site:


Can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue and solve it



Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.7?


Yes plugin is compatible with latest woocommerce version 4.7

Hi, it is possible to deactivate the address for the client ? I want only delivery on my shop (they have to choice a date, pay and take product at my shop) it is possible ? thank

No it is not possible using this plugin

Please guide me my check out page doesn’t show time and date option.


Can you please send your site detail on so we can check issue

please check your mail

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question.

It is possible with this plugin to set two dates with time, separately for delivery and collection, for the order that will be delivered and later collected from the client (needed for a rental company)

For that you need two separate plugin of delivery. do you want to display both field on checkout page?

Thank you for prompt response but I realised that I am able to solve that problem myself (with a little checkout page modification). Thanks anyway.

Hi. I have a client that is trying to implement this ordering schedule. Can you help me set up the plug in for this?

Ordering windows are Friday 12:01 am till Monday at noon for pick up Thursday and Tuesday 12:01 am till Thursday at noon for pick up Monday


You can restrict days using this plugin but you can’t restrict time, you can set day start time from plugin setting page


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steel waiting for your update since 2 months now


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Hello, Plugin is not working. Thanks.

did you install it properly?

can you please send your site detail so we can check issue and solve it?

Please send your site detail on


Hi, no response from you guys ?????

Will update plugin this week or next week

good news then!