Discussion on WooCommerce Order Builder | Combo Products & Extra Options

Discussion on WooCommerce Order Builder | Combo Products & Extra Options

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Hi im interested in your plugin but i have a few questions, all of my products will have the same price you just have to select one option from different categories, but also i need to upload an image is this possible? i´m making a custom gift box with an image the customer uploads on it

Hey, our plugin doesn’t have an upload fields, so I’m afraid this option is not available.

Bonjour je souhaiterais acheter votre plugin , serai il possible si je prend. L exemple de la demo avec les bouteilles , de remplacer les photos des produits lors de la configuration , par des produits du catalogue ( les photos des produits ) Ce qui permettrait de mettre directement les produits du site au panier Est possible ou qu’est ce couterait le plugin avec cette fonction Merci

Bonjour, Le plugin vous permet de créer un seul produit avec plusieurs options et images, vous ne pouvez pas l’utiliser pour plusieurs produits à la place.

its compatible with oxygen builder?

We have not tested the plugin with Oxygen builder, so unsure whether they are compatible or not.

Hi … does each option need to have a price. i’d like to use it for a gift tray where the user picks 5 of 30 different kinds of nuts. the price of the tray doesn’t change based on what they pick. is there a way to have a flat cost for the product and options dont matter?

Yes, you can set all items price to 0, and hide the items price with CSS if needed.

Hello is there a possibility to have different vat based on the product variation?

Hello, no that is not possible, the plugin add variations in the form of product options, meaning the items are not actual products which means you can’t apply custom logic to them.

Hi there, Great work I appreciate your effort you have done your job nicely, I want to start my e commerce website Like Custom battery Pack Manufacturer. But I have some question before this can this compatible for Elementor?

Hey, thanks for the kind works.

The plugin will work with Elementor, but it will not allow elementor to customize or move the plugin components.

Hello! After latest updates of WooCommerce (v.6.0.0) and WordPress (v.5.8.3) the module is not working anymore. Can I get a fix ASAP please? Thank you!

Hello, thanks for reporting this, can you please share more details? are you getting any errors? what’s the issue exactly? We will try to fix ASAP once we have more info

Hello! I have sent you an email via your site support form. Thank you!

Thanks, I got your email, will look into this and get back to you.

Great plugin… the main issue im having with it is when I scoll half way down of a product page, the entire page seems to bounce up like it has automatically changed a stlye sheet somewhere base of the scroll possition.

this only seems to happen when order builder has been activated on a product.

you can see what i mean here –

Hello, I can see that the page jumps automatically when you reach a certain position. This seems to be caused by your theme trying to force a sticky product cart element which doesn’t exist. It automatically add this class ”.has-sticky-product-cart” to the body tag and changes the height of the element ”.sticky-add-to-cart-wrapper” when you reach a certain position. You need to find a way to disable this behaviour when WWOB is enabled, or disable it completely, there must be an option to disable sticky cart in your theme settings.

You could also try to work around this with some CSS, but it’s not reliable, here is some code to start with (add it to your theme custom CSS):

.wwob-product.has-sticky-product-cart { padding-bottom: 0px; } .sticky-add-to-cart-wrapper { height: 100%!important; } .sticky-add-to-cart-wrapper .sticky-add-to-cart—active { position: static!important; display: block; animation: none; }

Yeah, deactivating the sticky cart seems to have sorted the issue. thanks for that

You are welcome

Hey, I just got this plugin. I think everything is setup correctly but the “max select” option isn’t working. For example, I’ve set it to 20 but it’s letting me choose more than 20 items. I’m doing a pick n mix website where there needs to be a limit on the number of items ofcourse. The quota and min select are working fine.

I see, max select doesn’t take quantity into consideration, it only count the actual selections by default.

But there is an option that I think would help. Go to WWOB settings select “Product options” and set “Restrict sub-items quantity” to “yes” and see if this would fix it for you.

Hi, yes. That worked! Thanks very much for your help :)

That’s great

Hi, I upgraded WooCommerce to 5.9 and your plugin not work more… in the console have this:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘parentElement’) at new StickySidebar (sticky-sidebar.js?ver=1.1.2:97) at wpali-woocommerce-order-builder-public.js?ver=1.1.2:15 at wpali-woocommerce-order-builder-public.js?ver=1.1.2:396

I try to rollback to WC 5.8 but keep the problem… database has been updated to 5.9

even with a fresh installation:

Can you help me?

thanks in advance.

hello, In this site I only have WooCommerce and your plugin.

PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.8.2.. with WP 5.8.1 does not work too

Could you please send me the login details by email so I can check.

Hello, I just check and the issue is that you haven’t gave this product a price, you must set the price for the builder to appear. I made the adjustement and it’s working without any issues.

Hi, I tried to connect to the support but I can’t. So I sent you an email It concerns a translation. Thanks Best Regards.

Hello Rabigh, I’ve just responded to your email. Thanks

Hello, Currently, you can create product categories and in each category you can create products.

For example :

in category 1 type of sauce :

I create 10 products and I give permission to select a maximum of 5 and 2 identical.

Same for category 2 type of cheese :

I create 5 products and I give permission to select 3 maximum and 2 max identical.

Same for category 3 type of meat :

I create 15 products and I give permission to select 6 maximum and 3 max identical.

But it lacks the possibility to restrict the total quantity. For example 10 products MAX. Currently you can restrict only by category. But not the total amount.

I could put all products in the same category but not because I want to restrict by category too.

This is an interesting option.

Thank you.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this, but we’ll not be able to add soon.

OK thanks. What about the question just above ?

Hi, There are 2 things I can’t change in the plugin.

1) in extra option

I can’t translate this text in French. “Additional Options”

I would even say that it’s a pity that you can’t choose the name of the tab.

2) in extra option : Customer Instructions Take special instructions from your customer.

I wrote a text for the customer to give me an information.

Unfortunately at the end of my text there your (150 character limit). This information of. 150 character limit will disturb my customer. How to remove it because anyway my customer will write 20 characters on 2 lines maximum.

Thank you.

You’re welcome

Hello, I have renewed the support and I have sent you an email. Thank you.

Thanks, I’ve responded to your email

Hello is possible to add extra options for each item individually? for example i want to be able to choose colors of each product on the box. Thanks

Hello, No unfortunately, that’s not possible.

Hello, I want to buy but need some help with minor modifications, do you have an email so we can contact? Thanks

Hello, for any custom work, you can use our partner Codeable, just use the “custom work” button here and you’ll able to get the help you need Thanks

It would be great if you could share what you’d like to modify, it might be something that we did before and can share relevant code without the need to do additional work.

One of the issues/limitations of this plugin is that the Shop/Category pages which display multiple products and have an ‘add to cart’ button will result in customer going to product landing page with an error stating ‘you haven’t selected any options’.

There is no setting in the interface to change the ‘add to cart’ button into a ‘view product’ button or even better would be a modal window popup showing the individual product options that you can select (so you can complete the add to basket action), streamlining the checkout process. The only workable solution right now is to remove the ‘add to cart’ button altogether from all pages except the product info page itself. If this product options modal window could be implemented, I would consider using the plugin on more site projects.

Hello, I think it would work best with a “select options” button same as it works for variations. Here is a code that you can use to make such implementation.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text', 'wwob_loop_add_to_cart_text', 10, 2 );
function wwob_loop_add_to_cart_text($text, $product) {
    $enabled_disabled = get_post_meta( $product->get_ID(), 'wwob_enable_disable', 1 ) ;
    if ($enabled_disabled == 'enabled' and $product->is_type( 'simple' ) ){
        return $product->is_purchasable() ? _( 'Select options', 'woocommerce' ) : _( 'Read more', 'woocommerce' );
    return $text;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_url', 'wwob_loop_add_to_cart_url', 10, 2 );
function wwob_loop_add_to_cart_url($url, $product) {
    $enabled_disabled = get_post_meta( $product->get_ID(), 'wwob_enable_disable', 1 ) ;
    if ($enabled_disabled == 'enabled' and $product->is_type( 'simple' ) ){
        return $product->get_permalink();
    return $url;

Add this code to your child theme’s functions.php

Hi, Ive sent an email 12 hours ago. Bought the plugins the day before and registered for the support but no password was sent to me, registered two usernames and didn’t receive any password for both usernames.

Please reply my email as we need some help customizing some options and need it live within 24 hours. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you

Hello, we are having issue on our mailing server, please use here for support or the following email ali[@] (remove the brackets)

Does this plugin allow for conditional logic?

For example, if a customer selects the first options, then only some of the next options are available.

Hello, no conditional logic is not supported

Hello, Would it be possible to add a field for the ingredients of the products?


Hello, there is only the description field to add any related details, single items can’t hold additional information. If you wish to add custom field for ingredients it might be a good idea to contact a developer.

hello there is a way to unite two plugins yours and WooCommerce Bookings so that people can reserve multiple items at the same time.

I am looking for a solution where I have an event center and it can rent or reserve everything we have in the inventory in addition to the site.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to implement an integration outside simple products. Thanks

Well, it should, and not lock yourself into that. I think many would give more practicality to your great plugin, but well thank you very much.

Thank you, we would love to make the plugin better. However, WooCommerce have a very complex setup for variations and different types, the only way we could have the plugin work the way it is without making it complex is by only supporting simple products.


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