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Is it possible to attach this to a product? I’ve got a friend who runs a print shop, so if they have a 500×500 piece of card would this be able to load and modify this 500×500 piece of card. Then on another product (200×500 for example) modify that one?

Are you want to design card?? yes, you can design with this plugin using customize and you need to Extended License for customization. if you want to customize then buy Extended License and notify me via email with purchase information.



I have a customer who runs a printing shop. He prints business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. So a lot of the stuff that he sales are two sided items. This is what we would like to be able to do :

1) Buyer goes to business card product page.

2) Buyer uploads high quality design (300dpi pdf files) for the FRONT of the card.

3) Buyer uploads high quality design (300dpi pdf files) for the BACK of the card.

4) Buyer adds the custom product to the cart and goes trhought WooCommerce check out.

5) We receive the ORIGINAL uploaded high quality design (300dpi pdf files) has is, once the payment as cleared the checkout.

Is this something that came be done with your system?


To do your requirement need customization, please contact us via email with 100loise100@gmail.com


Hi, what is the output of file? Can we get the hi-res output?

File output of this plugin many ways, pdf, image, svg and for pdf or image has multiple dpi system.


Hi, can i add a color range? E.g. only black and red…and so on

Ok I was able to fix it by myself. One question: Is it possible to modify the plugin that customization is possible ONLY after the product is added to the cart?

what type change or customization your need after add to cart

Hi, small changes: remove Option to customize in the overview and Detail page, only a hint: add to Cart to customize. I am using custom attributes and they take effect after adding the item to cart. When the item is in the cart customer has now the opportunity to customize Produkt. I do not need the Option of recalculation the price after customzing because the end price is already set by my custom attributes.

How is the output? There have been a lot of these toys, can I get a layered PDF file to separate colors for screen printing or is the output a crap jpg file?

you can create custom output like png, jpg, pdf, svg, high resolution image etc


Hi there I’m looking at purchasing this plugin. I was just wondering if there is a preset of products which potential clients can customise or is it just whats in your proof library?

if you need any customization, i will do for you but this case you need extended license, and please read codecanyon license terms and condition. plugin installation or configure free from me any time


Awesome work. I love it! Good luck with sales!


Is it possible to use your plugin withput woocommerce?

This plugin only for woocommerce


I am interested in this plugin, can i get admin demo account?

Looking forward to you. Thank You!

we hava screenshot for admin, please check


Hello, Is that possible to use your plugin only for one product and not with the entire shop ? ty

Hi! I want to sell plastic card passes, which the user shall be able to upload an own picture for the backround and one photo for the frontside of the card. is this possible to do this with this plugin?

can you send me any sample to better understand



ismael156 Purchased

Hi! I buy this plug in but I have some trouble with the responsive aspect. It’s perfect for small device like smartphone and tablette but It doesn’t work for pc. Could you give me advices to solve this problem? Thanks in advance

please contact via email