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HI optart,

Nice plugin and idea. I’m a bit confused though.

Without a demo, I’m not totally sure what your plugin is doing. Please clarify for me.

1. Does this automatically take over all products or can I specify which product this plugin will effect?

Or is this just adding the checkout portion of Woocommerce to appear on pages when a custom adds a product to their cart?

2. The other thing is, how would this affect the main product/shop page when items are loaded via ajax to the cart?

Would I have to set auto direct after “add to cart” to go to checkout?

Thanks for any details.

Hi @BrandDedication, Sounds like good idea, but where you’d like it to point to? Top of current page? Main shop page? In case of one product shops there would be no sense to go to main shop page as it wouldn’t be used most probably. Top of current page may be confusing on the other hand?

Hi optart,

The plugin is fine for now and serves well. I was thinking of shops with multiple products (a store) and the link would go to the main shopping page. But, when I get the plugin I can then get some live environment ideas and post back to you, if any at that point.

Sounds good – any suggestions will be checked and if possible and reasonable – implemented!

Can we have a Live preview, please?

@Ru11er preview is live!

I’m 100% interested. A one pager can be a great conversion booster. But me too would like to see a live demo.


@carl5 live demo is up!


Seem’s to be a good way to sell faster …very interested too but I need a live demo please…


@taratato live demo is up!

Yes, a live demo is needed. I want to see the Cart / Checkout areas being added without page refresh after adding to cart. I also want to see how the Checkout button works without page refresh. Any page refreshing (to me) is not a one page checkout since the user could have simply gone to another page in the time it takes reload the page.

Does this appear only for Single Product pages? Does it work for all product types? Simple, Variable, Grouped, Virtual, Downloadable, etc.

Is there a way you’ve implemented or a way you’d suggest on how to display the login / create an account on your one page checkout?

I currently use the following item to do login, registration, etc –

It uses / hooks the standard WP login system and extends it. Is there a way to insert a shortcode somewhere in your plugin so I may display the this UserPro’s login / create checkout section?

Since there’s guaranteed the customer will already be logged in / have created an account this would be preferred rather than making them do it after pressing the checkout button? The order of events would probably make more sense if I could see a live demo, hopefully you’ll add one soon.

@WPWiseOwl – it works without refresh – check out the demo!

yes it appears only for products it should work with all product types but we’re checking it again to make sure. it should work perfectly fine if you’d add shortcode to your login in product description area. There is no place for shortcodes within plugin. It should work fine with built-in login/register area but we’re checking it out once more to confirm.

@WPWiseOwl Just confirming that we checked, and the plugin does work with all product types.

I’ll wait for a demo too, I’m very interested

@ipuiuna sorry for the wait the live preview is now available!

I’ll wait for a demo as well

@poweb sorry for the wait the live preview is now available!

I need a live demo as well – thanks!

@sundialstudios sorry for the wait the live preview is now available!

would it be possible to do a 3 step path like this:

index = contact info 2nd page = payment info with https 3rd page = thank you page

this would be awesome if you can make it work with woocommerce! :)

Hi @map85 at the moment it’s designed to put everything on one page, but we’ll check possibilities to extend.

Looks nice. Is it 100% responsive? Will you post a responsive screenshot and live demo?

@gluegl the live demo is up! Whether the plugin is responsive or not depends on the theme.

Are you sleeping? We are waiting for your answer ...

@taratato sorry for long reply time – I was out for weekend and came back happy to see interest in our plugin! Replying right now.

well … sorry for my post … bit I couldn’t wait ! thank’s a lot

hi can i add this to any website to sell one product, is it standalone…? thnaks

Hi @pipoulito, Yes, first intention was to make it easier for people to sell one product only with woocommerce. It is not standalone – it requires woocommerce installed first, but that one is free!

It might be look different from live preview and in screenshot. what will we get with the your plugin ?

Hi @paresh1234, demo is working on default theme so that is how plugin looks like without extra styling. screenshot shows same plugin implemented in one of our projects. That theme will be available on codecanyon in future too. You can achieve same/similiar effect with CSS styling.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I like screenshot theme more. I added you in favorite and will buy plugin in future. Thanks.

Thanks for adding a demo!

I’ve noticed that if you skip the main / first “Add to Cart” button the product page and instead scroll down to either the “You may also like…” or the “Related Products” section and click one or more of those add to cart button(s), it still says “Your cart is currently empty.” However, the moment I click the topmost “Add to Cart” button, it scrolls down as expected and shows all the items.

Is this the intended behavior or just a plugin / demo glitch? Shouldn’t it instead scroll down to the cart / checkout area when ANY “Add To Cart” button is pressed on a single product page? Fixing this inconsistent behavior would likely prevent any additional visitor confusion due to this.

Favorited. Will definitely purchase once fixed. :-)

Hi WPWiseOwl, we will check this out and probably release new version that works as you described. We didn’t thought it to be a problem but you are right that it would be more clear this way.

Hi again, I just updated WooCommerce on our demo to 2.1.5 and as you can see with that version – there is autoscroll available what makes things much more intuitive

So, do you expect to have the updated version of the plugin available this week?

To Recap: An update that would optionally make all “Add To Cart” buttons on a page work the same no matter whether a visitor clicks the main purple Add To Cart button (of your demo) FIRST or one of the Grey buttons first instead?

Hi WPWiseOwl, It isn’t checked yet how difficult it will be so no decissions yet there. For now, there is implementation of smooth scrolling to proper section in WC 2.1 – see the demo.

Ok. Yes, I viewed yesterday when you said you had updated that. When the shopping cart is empty though even after pressing one of the gray add to cart buttons (alone and first) .

After that, there is still no section to scroll to at that point. However, if I do a manual page refresh, of course the items appear. You’ll eventually get it worked out, I’m not worried.

Hi can the address area/checkout info be modified? Thanks

Hi @carlamurray, we use standard shortcodes there so yes, you can change it same way as you can with standard checkout page (special plugins or via functions.php)

is that a plugin avail here at code canyon? Thanks

Hi @carlamurray, You can download it on

Hi there this is a great and well thought of feature- and would love to have it for my site. Anyway you could tell if this would be compatible with my theme- which is here: Thank you..

Hi @terminator5, it should work well with any theme, including yours! However, as with all plugins, there is a chance of some conflict. In case of issues after installation – let us know and we’ll try to help.

Looks great.

I use a page and then a shortcode to bring in the product, which brings up the product page:

[product_page id=”28”]

Will this work still doing it this way?

We haven’t tested such scenario. We will check it out and get back to you

Thanks. It’s a good way to ensure you don’t lose the sale


I’ve purchased the plugin, but I would like to have the shopping cart and checkout on my homepage. On the homepage I’ve stored al my products, so I hope this is possible.

Hi Moiety, Thanks for purchasing! It works on product pages only. You can of course set up product page as homepage too

After installing the plugin, I get this issue:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING or ‘(’ in /home/children/public_html/wp-content/plugins/optart-woocommerce-one-page-shopping/woocommerce-one-page-shopping.php on line 11

Got everything to work correctly, but I would love a way to handle different types of products differently. For example, for donations it would be a single page while selling tickets or apparel it would take you through the full checkout process.

Hi @designmyjm, we’re going to add it in next plugin version – it should be out within ~one week!

Great, looking forward to it. Thanks.