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Hello, i just bought the plugin and installed it. Followed instructions and Usage. Doesn’t work right away in its basic mode.

Hi, please send your site details to jakub.ptak@optart.pl.

I would like a refund.

Hi! you should be able to request it from your envato panel. Than we can process it

Hi, i’m trying to build a one page quote builder. I’m currently using Divn request a quote plugin, I’m guessing it wont be compatible if YITH Request a Quote isn’t?

Hi, you can buy our plugin and try. If it doesn’t work we’ll give you a refund :)

I sent you an email with screenshots of the plugin not working with WooCommerce Booking – please can you refund per our conversation prior to purchase. Thanks Will

hi, please start refund procedure from your envato account

I purchased this through a different account (commenting through this one so I get the notifications) I was able to install and activate no problem. However, my cart is very screwed up when I add to a regular page. On the actual product page itself it seems to work and look fine. Why would using the product shortcode 2 on a regular page make it look like this: http://pasteboard.co/3ySyXYLWH.png

Probably because of your theme styles. Please provide a link to your product to jakub.ptak@optart.pl.

Hi i really like your work. i need one change in it is that possible for you or not kindly guide me before buying.


i need this type of order form is that possible.

Hi, you mean having the form at the top, near the product info?

HI, I don’t remember the account I used to purchase your theme, but there was an issue that you guys fixed. You guys send me a different plugin with the fix, but it seems to be broken again.

My website is: https://www.vitagravyfx.com/product/vitagravyfx/

My website should be in your files. Could you let me know if you guys have a fixed version.


Hi, I checked the previous issue (it was refreshing form on filling inputs) and it doesn’t occur now. Is there a different issue?

Can the items and the shopping cart be put next to each other (not one below the other?

Hi, it possible, you can override the default woocommerce cart template (https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/blob/master/templates/cart/cart.php). Just copy the file to yourtheme/woocommerce/cart/cart.php and change it’s structure as desired :)


swiday Purchased

Hello, is it possible to enable one page shopping insteaf of default checkout page of woocommerce?

Thank you

Hi, you can set a page with ops_section shortcode as a checkout page in WooCoommerce > Settings > Checkout tab > Checkout pages.

Good morning, I am having troubles using the plugin.

It says: “OPS settings are not available for this product. Go to “WooCommerce” > “One page shopping” tab to see possibilities.”

The website is named http://actorstudioambra.it/paypal

Could you please provide me any solution as soon as possible? Thank you

Hi, we are sorry for such late response. This message means that you have a global One Page settings set, you can edit them in WooCommerce” > “One page shopping.

Hi guys!

My plugin don’t work on Flatsome Theme!

Please, help me.

Hi! What doesn’t work? Can you provide a link to the website?

Hey, it doesn’t auto scroll to cart after clicking ‘add to cart’.

Hi, can you send us a link to your website?

Hi, the plugin doesn’t seem to integrate with other plugins on my website. When I click add-to-cart, it doesn’t jump to the order form but half way of the page instead. I would like a refund, thank you.

Sure, please add a request here: https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new :)


There’s seems to be an issue with your plugin at the moment. When I first purchased your plugin there was an error with it, but you guys sent me a modified one which worked, but it seems as if the problem has come back.

The website I’m writing about is: https://www.vitagravyfx.com/product/vitagravyfx/

The issue is that when I update my cart the actual “total” does not update, so I believe there’s a break someone where there.

Could you guys please get back to me with the best resolution.

Thank you!

Hi, did you update the fixed version?

No I have not. I have auto updates, but don’t believe that your plugin updates automatically. I also tested the old plugin you emailed me, but it didn’t work. I believe there’s a JavaScript issue, but I’m not sure.

Thanks for your help

Hi, there seems to be an incompatibility with your theme/plugins. We can offer you a full refund for our plugin.

hi I have found that the Pay link on the “pending Payment” invoice does not work. It links back to our site but then just displays the “shop” page Have you got any suggestion on how to fix this? Graham

Hi, are you sure you have the right checkout page set in woocommerce options?