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Your plugin does not look like the demo… https://snag.gy/6tKIrS.jpg and I would like to know how I can make my checkout look the same withe billing info and additional info on the left and product details on the right within a sticky div as you have it in your demo?

Which storefront template page should I copy the styles from?

Hi! to get exactly same result, you’d need to use storefront template. Otherwise you have to apply styling yourself. If you’d need help with it – we offer custom development too and you can reach us via contact@optart.biz

Thanx for your reply.

Hello, could you help me with one question , is One Page Shopping working well with stripe plugin for woo-commerce payments?

Hi, yes – we worked recently with plugin available on wordpress.org and didn’t have issues with it toegeter with newest version of our plugin.

Hello. I purchased this plugin in the hopes that I could build a single-page website, with only 3 products listed on the homepage, plus the Cart & Checkout areas, directly below them ( all on the same, homepage ). But it looks like this plugin is designed to only work on Single Product ( detail ) pages. Am I correct that there’s now way to make it work as well on normal pages with a products loop?

Hi! you can add it on any page/post/custom post type by using shortcodes described in product description and visualised in our demo. In case of any issues – let me know!

Hi! you can add it on any page/post/custom post type by using shortcodes described in product description and visualised in our demo. In case of any issues – let me know!


mertxe Purchased

I’ve installed your plugin but it’s quite buggy. I’m On WordPress 4.9.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.6 . This is the page where i’m having trouble: https://tieroneclub.com/events/barcelona . The checkout is with Stripe. If i don’t click update cart (i might buy only 1 item) the Button doesn’t change to “continue with payment”, and the checkout fails. Please look into this ASAP.

Hi, have your solved the issue already? I see it works now.


mertxe Purchased

Had to disable Ajax because i was losing sales. Is it a compatibility issue with my theme?

It is possible, we have stripe enabled on our demo http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/ and it works fine. You can check if there is something incompatible on your side by switching your theme to default wp theme/storefront theme.


migge Purchased

Hi Is it possible to change from the standard checkout page in the bottom of the product to another checkout page?

The reason for this is that we use a provider that offers an iframed one paged solution and i must change the page for checkout from Checkout to Svea Checkout (the name of the payment provider)

Hope you understand my question :)


Hi, if you can make the change to normal WooCommerce checkout page then it should work with our plugin. You can simply replace standard woocommerce hooks in templated with custom ones.


migge Purchased

I tried to add the short code [svea_checkout] to the normal Checkout page, but your module won’t call this page in to the products page.

It seems that your plugin calls for the woocommerce standard checkout page, no matter what short codes added to either the Cart or Checkout pages.

Maybe there is a simple way to add a function to call the [svea_checkout] to one page plugin?

The plugin doesn’t use checkout page, it uses checkout widget. You can use hooks to add your shortcode to it (longer version), or you can edit our plugin directly – in file woocommerce-one-page-shopping/templates/frontpage/checkout.php there is a line

do_shortcode( '[woocommerce_checkout]')
. Replace woocommerce checkout with your shortcode (as I understand you want to replace it completely).

HI, there seems to be a problem with Facebook pixel and your plugin. It counts “Checkout Initiated” but it doesn’t count “Add to Cart” when the One Page Shopping Plugin is Used.

Please let me know how to combine the Pixel with your plugin as I need it to optimize my ads.

Hi, can you provide a url to the dev website with both plugins turned on?

I will send you an email with the login info along with some screenshots of the pixel events that where captured that are wrong!

If you can suggest a plugin for the pixel that is compatible with your plugin, we are willing to change it and save us all the trouble!


Unfortunately I got issue with Woocommerce One Page Shopping -plugin. The URL is: https://te3balance.com/shop/ And the error is:

“Uncaught TypeError: $.cookie is not a function at front-min.js?ver=4.9.4:1 at dispatch (jquery.js:3) at r.handle (jquery.js:3)”

I have tested with all plugins disabled and active again, and the Woocommerce One Page Shopping causes the error. And then the payment gateway (WB Paytrail Payment Methods > Payment bypass) don’t work when you plugin is active. What should I do to for it?

Br, Elias edsign@sci.fi

Hi, we will make an update, removing $.cookie plugin from our code. It should be ready for tomorrow, we will send it to your email :)

Thank you for the reply about the Facebook pixel I will setup a dummy site and send you the login info, along with some screenshots of what the pixel actually has recorded that really doens’t make any sense.

However I have a huge problem and I need your help.

When the cart refreshes sometimes it doesn’t do so correctly and the payment gateway disappears.

It seems that when it refreshes too quickly it gives an error:

“sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.”

Our site is live and so is our marketing campaign and we have people that have emailed us that they cannot make purchases.

You can replicate the problem if you got to one of our products ad a product to the cart and start changing countries, each time the cart refreshes it will either give the error, or it will show the gateway.

Our site is https://justgirls.vip

Found the plugin that was causing the problem with the payment gateway, so it is working now!

We are happy you solved the problem. Can you provide a name of the problematic plugin? It may save us some time in the future :)


I just purchsed OPS for my site (purchase code 69b45579-493e-483b-88c9-a6294bda0721).

I have one product (simple / virtual). When I click on the OPS options I get the following message: OPS settings are not available for this product. Go to “WooCommerce” > “One page shopping” tab to see possibilities.

I went to the tab and there were no ‘possibilities’ that appeared to fix this

Can you help please Martin

Hi, what do you want to do? The settings are global (not per product) because you have set plugin scope to “enable for all products”.

Please could I get a refund on this product

My purchase licence is: 69b45579-493e-483b-88c9-a6294bda0721

I’m sorry but this plugin doesn’t do what I understood it would do – as the webiste is down i was unbale to check out the love preview bfore purchase

Hi, no problem. Just send the request here: https://codecanyon.net/refund_requests/new. We will accept it.