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Hey there. We have an issue with this plugin. There is no “Ship to different address” section on the first load of the webpage. It appears only after refreshing the page. We tried to play with a configuration in Admin panel, update to the latest version 2.5.20, etc. But it didn`t help. Please advise. Website: http://promilless-update.lumovip.com/tuote/luotettavin-promilletesti/ Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/jwn4ez Best regards.

It seems to be codecanyon issue. Please contact us at pawel.urban@optart.pl to get the latest version.

I have downloaded the latest version and all works fine. Thanks.

good to hear, thanks for confirmation

Does it work for variable products? That I can have packaging of same product at 1 size, 2x bigger size, 3x bigger size?

It does work for variable products. If you have any issues connected with our product, please contact us at pawel.urban@optart.pl.

How do I translate the button add to cart that is used with the shortcode?

[add_to_cart] shortcode is standard WooCommerce shortcode, it is translated like other WC shortcodes.

is there any option to stop one page shopping for external products

no i was asking before buying, i have a thousands of products, i think adding “per product type” option for your plugin would be helpful for many people, and i wouldn’t pay for custom development

if you are willing to add this feature its will be great

Hi! I’ve added it to our to-do list but can’t promise any date

Hi there,

is it possible to show some products (maybe some cathegories), which are hide in the main store on one page with this plugin? I am interested in using this plugin on some landing pages, where i want to show more products as i do in our main store.

I checked the Live-Demo -> when i click on a product all details shop up on top of the page (love it!). The breadcrumbs , which are shown (Home / Clothing / Hoodies / Happy Ninja for example) -> Do they refer to this one-page-checkout landing page or to the main store?

Thanks a lot for your help


hi, if I understand correctly – yes, you could use shortcodes to list hidden products on one page another option to show up many, hidden too, products at once comes with our other plugin – https://codecanyon.net/item/wholesale-table-add-to-cart/12632420 if you’d need something other than these – we offer custom development too.

Okay that’s fine – so there is only one question left. The breadcrumbs in the details refer to the special page or the entire shop?

not sure what you mean but it’s not the part of plugin – breadcrumb is part of theme and simply states which page/product is it. if you use custom page – breadcrumb will show this page

I’ve updated WP and Woocommerce to the last version, and installed the last version of your plugin. These are the settings https://i.imgur.com/uCC597W.png and the result is that when I browse the product, then the browser redirect me to and URL with /undefined. Please tell me how to solve it. Thanks

hi please send us your temporary site admin access to contact@optart.biz for checkup

Hi there! Great plugin. one problem though: When deleting items from cart (red X) the page reloads but the items stay. Can you advise? Thanks, Alex

hi can you check if it happens on default theme/with other plugins disabled? if yes – can you send us your site url and access for further checkup? contact@optart.biz

Hello. Your plugin broke my site, it was fine again when I deleted the plugin. Please refund my payment. Thanks

Hi! if you’d like us to check it out please send us your site address and access to contact@optart.biz. If you prefer refund – please proceed from your envato account

plugin does not my requirement as I can request the refund

hi! is there anything not working as advertised? if yes – please describe/send us your site link for checkup, thanks. contact@optart.biz

Unable to use the plugin with the enfold theme custom product pages. Please advice.

Hi please either send us your site url and access to contact@optart.biz or request refund from envato account

Hello! PreSale Question! We have specific theme and logistic plugin at checkout.. its it possible to make “test drive”before to buy? thx a lot…

hi, we don’t have such option. But if you’d have issues and we wouldn’t be able to fix them – you can get a refund from Envato easily


we discuss some time ago about specific logistic plugin… so we buy your item and we need help, because checkout page it the same…. see the pic https://monosnap.com/file/JVaA0m6YVbDSAtgP9eO57umfGVoGMw this is default chechout page of theme and we can change it … how we can construct checkout page at your pluging? we need dont use dropdown sections and lift up logistic variants https://monosnap.com/file/3Nu4coFCrIa9MHk5x3vFgnAUNMZTWx

thx a lot!

Hi! Unfortunately making it work with your scenario would require 3+ hours of cuatom development. If you’d like us to do it, please contact us through contact@optart.biz, otherwise please request refund directly from your envaro account

Your plugin works as intended for my purposes but for two issues:

1. The “Disable scroll to checkout” option does not disable the scroll function when checked.

2. I have the “Enable sidebar update” option checked, and it works, but the ajax update in that section takes over three seconds to reflect the change, whereas the cart items add almost instantly.

Any solutions for the above?

I can provide a url to the webpage in question, if needed.


1. Is there any error shown when you open the console in your web browser? Could you give us more info on that via email: pawel.urban@optart.pl?

2. When it comes to time needed to update to be performed it depends on the server and speed of the particular site. We offer hosting and optimization services for our clients. For more information on that please contact us directly at contact@optart.biz.

Thanks for the response!

I’ve sent an email with more details.

Used this plugin and got an order, but the size informatino wasn’t passed on when checking out. So I’ve had to reach out to customers who added a size when it went to cart, but the information didn’t send to me when they checked out.

Size information for my products aren’t being passed on during check out. For example, a customer ordered a bathin suit from me but the size doesn’t appear on the receipt so i have no idea what size to give them. What should i do?

Hi how are they added? As normal variants or through plugin?


jtuni168 Purchased

Hi, I just bought this plugin and having trouble on setting up an automatic scroll. When I add the product to cart it will not auto-scroll down to the check out form. Please help. Thank you

hi please check if you don’t have any javascript errors in browser console. you can as well contact us via contact@optart.biz with your site url and temporary access.

I notcied another buyrer asked 3 years ago…...Does this work with Dokan?

Hi unfortunately we have no recent experience with it. If you’d have any issues please let us know and we’ll either fix it or refund.

Where is the demo? What is linked is definitely not one page shopping.

You can find a demo by clicking “Live Preview” which will link you to http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/ page. “What is linked is definitely not one page shopping.” – What you mean by that?