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how can i create an url with automatic add to cart – but so it wont redirect to cart, but just will scroll down to checkout.


Hi, first you need to turn on automatic adding to cart on visit in plugin settings. After this you just need to append #one-page-shopping-checkout to the link. Like in this example:


I just purchased the plugin – 19825055-1ded-4dfd-9b15-31f2d61e1137

Will you please tell me how to get rid of the big red X on the cart for a product? When I click that X the cart and checkout completely disappears off the page/post instead of updating. And, no matter how many times I refresh the page/clear cache the page/post just stays blank. The cart and checkout do not reappear.

Thanks! Bernadette

Hi, can you please provide us link to your website? You can send it to jakub.ptak@optart.pl if you don’t want to make it public.It is the first time we hear about red x caused by our plugin.

Hi…when user press button place order, the system is not displays anything. How I can show the message “your order has been placed, thank you”.

Hi, after pressing “place order” user should be redirected to a special “Order received” page, you can set it’s endpoint in WooCommerce checkout settings :)

Hi, your plugin sounds really interesting. Can I use it with woocommerce subscriptions ? Thanks

Hi, you can buy it and check yourself. If it doesn’t work we will give you a refund :)

Hi, I just read your plugin doesn’t run with stripe. That is right ? Regards

yes – unfortunately it’s not compatible with this payment gateway due to js issues

Hello, i am creating a custom dropdown for variation on the product page. and once the dropdown changes ajax request goes to add to cart. how can i trigger the one page checkout to appear? kind of like that you have one people click a regular add to cart button? here is the example. thanks! http://www.365meow.com/product/kalendar/

Hi, I see that you have already solved the problem. Do you need anything else?


When trying to use the WooCommerce SquareUp Payment Gateway in conjunction with this plugin, the payment gateway is not working with your plugin. The squareup payment gateway works normally when going through the built WooCommerce shopping cart, but not when going through yours.

I have contacted the payment gateway’s support and they referred me to you.

Hi, I am afraid it is not compatible with this plugin for now. We will soon look at incompatible plugins and try to do something about it, but for now we can offer you a refund.

Hi we are trying to implement your plugin on shop.panlegis.com.

The plugin works with the shop.panlegis.com/shop page but doesn’t on the individual product page. We are suspecting this is a conflict with another plugin that is at work on the site.

Please let me know what you need to check this issue so I can provide you with all the information necessary.

Thanks and Regards.

Hi, please send us access to this website to jakub.ptak@optart.pl.


I’m currently working with your product.

Is there a known issue that once a product is removed from a cart, it can never be added again?

Hi, it is the first time we hear about such an issue. You can check our demo – http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/. It doesn’t happen.
Can you provide more info when this happen to you?

Hello, once installed my one page shopping does not show the second column for shipping address and does not show the credit card field. Please advise

Hi, please send us link to your website to jakub.ptak@optart.pl, we’ll check that :)

I work with the One Page Shopping Pro. When change the quantity of a product the quantity not change in “Add selected to cart (0)

What can i do to fixed this?

Hi, please send link to your website to jakub.ptak@optart.pl, we’ll check what is the problem :)


I consider to buy your plugin, however I have some questions:

1) Can I use social login or signup at your one page checkout plugin? 2) Can I use sms/otp mobile verification at login/signup via a other plugin with your one page plugin?


Ok, thanks. I will give it a try today.

Hi ,I tried but it did not work out. Could you accept the refund as you offered? Thanks

Hi, refund accepted :)


I already activated and enabled OPS for my product, however didn’t work.


It’s been 5 days and I still waiting for your guy. Please be faster, I need to use plugin asap, otherwise I’ve to ask for refund.

Hi, sorry but I didn’t receive anything. Please change this account’s password manually in admin panel and send it to jakub.ptak@optart.pl.

Hi, Already sent an email to jakub.ptak@optart.pl

Is your plugin compatible with the latest woocommerce 3.1 and wordpress 4.8?

HI! Yes, it is :)


One of my client have this plugin installed but users not logged in are not being able to checkout i see in the comments here that one user had the same issue can you please let me know how to fix this.

Thank you!

Hi, are you sure you have the latest version installed (2.5.9)? This issue was fixed in 2.5.8 :)


I have purchased your plugin ( 9fd1354b-60fd-4c0b-898d-ea2dca9c538e ) everything works well except that user registration from checkout do not show password strength meter, and it allows users to register with any kind of password, even with only one character as password. I don’t have any hook disabling password strength.


Hi, please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl for a new version. Approving plugin on codecanyon takes a while :)


Hello, I would like to ask for a refund of the woocommerce-one-page-shopping plugin I have paied as this is not working as I expected to do. Is not working properly on the website and it is giving me major problems and I wanted to install this in a working website.

I would really appreciate the refund for this. Kind regards!

hi, please describe your issue here or through contact@optart.biz – maybe we can help?