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please refund me for this purchase. Did not work as expected. Wordpress followed up and said it will not work as we need. Did not use at all. Have already purchased an alternate plugin.

hi, please describe what didn’t work – you should contact us for support, not WordPress. you can start refund procedure from your envato account.

My web dev spoke with woocommerce who sell the same product and they said the plugin is not designed for large websites, it will not work the way we need it to work. We did not use at all. Please refund.

Hi! not sure what you/they mean by large sites issue – there can’t be any different than with “official” plugin. If you have any issues, please contact us and we’ll be glad to solve them. If you prefer refund, you can start refund procedure from your envato account, though it seems there is no issue with our plugin or you haven’t contacted us about any?

Is it possible to only show the checkout form on a page with custom page template. I want to only show the form on the landing page. I don’t want to display the product info, add to cart, cart details, etc. Just the checkout form. is it possible with this plugin?

Hi! Add [ops_section] to your page content and add the following code to your functions.php raplcing $page_slug and $product_id:
add_action('get_header', function() {
  $page_slug = 'YOUR_PAGE_SLUG';
  $product_id = YOUR_PRODUCT_ID;
  if( is_page($page_slug) ) {
    foreach(WC()->cart->get_cart() as $key => $val ) {
        $_product = $val['data'];

        if($product_id == $_product->id ) {
            // Already in cart

    // Not found, add it

Is it possible to make cart and checkout form always visible withaut add to cart or automatic add to cart when visit…

Hi! Cart and checkout will be visible only if you have something in cart – otherwise there is no point in showing them, you don’t have anything to order.

Is it possible to make cart and checkout form always visible withaut add to cart or automatic add to cart when visit…


Mysthran Purchased

Hi There,

I just purchased your one page checkout and it was looking great until we tried it on mobile.

“No shipping options were available for your address” on both iphone and android.

hi, we have no issues on our test sites with mobile. maybe you have mobile plugin/theme causing additional issues there? if you won’t be able to find it out, please send us your site address and access for testing via contact@optart.biz


informag Purchased


I have installed your plugin here: https://www.sanvesi.com/. Sometimes, i get this error when i try paid with Stripe:

Developers: Please make sure that you are including jQuery and there are no JavaScript errors on the page

Can you helpe me?

Best regards.


informag Purchased

Done, but error persist.


informag Purchased

I can view that the problem is when change manually the Country and Province <select>, seems that not detect the change. If i am logged or values is on session (because i selected it and i go to home and return to the checkout), works correctly.

can you provide acess to your installation via contact@optart.biz? we’ll try to investigate


igharib Purchased

hi , it is not scrolling on mobile devices only , what went wrong? site: medquanta.com

hi, checking with our developer, will get back to you shortly

Hi, what phone do you use (which browser)?


guigonet Purchased

I wonder if I can leave this checkout only on the shopping cart page, not the product pages. I wait for the response to buy. Thank you.

yes, you can set it up this way. in case of any issues – let us know!

Hi, so I’m having issues with the plugin, and it’s really strange, my client who lives in a different state can see the things I add to the cart, and my info, my address, and email gets also auto filled on his end as well. Does it have something to do with W3-Cache? Please advise, thanks?

hi it seems to be rather caching than our plugin issue. can you check by disabling this and any other caching plugins?

Could you tell me if the WooCommerce One Page Shopping plugin is complatible with the Redsys payment gateway. Thank you

I’m sorry but it’s not what my client was looking for, how should I proceed to return the product? thank you very much

hi, you can start refund request procedure from your envato account

Hi! we have new plugin version in development and we think that compatibility issues are solved. If you could send us newest version of redsys via contact@optart.biz – we’d be able to test it and confirm.

I saw the note about conflicts with other plugins. What if you only use the one page checkout on the cart page and not on any product pages. Would there still be conflict issues?

hi, the issues are not dependent on the page you’re using one page checkout. so even if you’d want to combine cart and checkout only, it may cause issues if plugin is mentioned as incompatible.

I am considering purchasing plugin. I had a question first. Is it possible I can implement this one page shopping on homepage instead of product page? I have a one product website, so I have the details and story on the homepage. On the bottom of the page I would like to add your plugin so it shows the cart and checkout fields. Is this possible with your plugin? I want to make sure it can be done before purchasing.

hi, we have 2 types of shortcode you can use everywhere on your website including homepage – see our demo page: http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/product-from-shortcode/


We are having plan to implement this plugin into our website. However as our concern before making purchase, we would like to know that is it possible to customize this plugin to suitable with custom products. For example, our adding to cart, client need to fill some more information about the product (custom by Gravity form 7 on Woocommerce). Screenshot example: http://prntscr.com/gnf5ww

So is it possible for this kind of product?

Looking forward to hearing response from you guys soon.

Hi! unfortunately gravity forms is not supported at the moment. We hope we’ll be able to make it work toegether in future but can’t promise any exact date unfortunately.

We have last question before making purchase. Want to make sure we understand all things so we know if we are getting plugin or making custom.

Your demo page, it automaticall scrolls to the checkout fields when page has loaded. I took a look at both of your video for the settings of the plugin, and it did not show an option to disable a autoscroll.

I would never want to visit a website that autoscrolls me to the checkout fields. If I am on product page, it should keep me at the top and let me manually scroll down to the checkout fields at the bottom of the page.

Is this something you are going to update in the next version? Not sure why there would be an autoscroll when someone is visiting a website. I’ve never seen that in my ecommerce life.

This is imporant for us and is a make or break situation.

Hi, it happens if you add product to cart or have it in cart – otherwise client may not realise that cart appeared below. if you think it’s usefult to be able to disable this feature – we’ll add it to our to-do list

Ok thanks. Let me discuss with partner. As this is one product website, so we were going to automatically have item in cart when website is loaded. This would increase conversions for us and have less work for user to make it more seamless. Thanks for the fast responses. If he gives the green light then we will make purchase today, otherwise we will just get custom work done to fit our specific situation.

Hi, after activate the plugin it will change website cart display into individual product display. How can we change back to the previous display where all the product and quantity shown inside 1 table?

hi, looks like your theme is not using standard WooCommerce features to show cart. Please send us your website link and admin access for verification to contact@optart.biz if possible.

BTW it seems you haven’t purchased the plugin from this account, please send us your purchase confirmation or link to profile you’ve used for purchase