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hi, after enabling this plugin, the cart and summary appearing while pushing the ‘add to cart’ button don’t show any attributes of each item inside.

Please let me know how to fix this problem, many thanks!

Hi, can you please provide us a link to your store? You can send it to jakub.ptak@optart.pl.


I have just purchased your module and installed it on website, but for some reason it doesn’t show up on website. Can you plese check it out? Thank you.

Hi, can you provide a link to your website?

Can you please send me your email?

Hello, I have contacted you couple of days ago regarding your module. The issue still hasen’t been solved. Any progress? Best, T.

Hi, please check your email :)


I’ve installed your plugin but my cart remains the same, it doesn’t turn into a one page checkout?


Best regards, Jim

HI, please replace your standard wc_cart shortcode with [ops_section] :)

Hello We just bought your plugin and we need to change the order of the checkout page after the cart. I mean to change the Checkpout part. The order will be: 1_ Cart 2_ Your Order 3_shipoping details 4_ Billing details

Could you please tell us the way to modify the order? Best, Santiago

Hi, you can override woocommerce template (/woocommerce/templates/checkout/form-checkout.php) in you theme. Move div with id “order_review” above div with id “customer_details” :)


Tonelli Purchased

thanks we’ll test it. Best. Santiafgo

Hello, when I go to my downloads page and try and download your update, it seems to download the same file I had before? I went to my wordpress plugins, deactivated it and tried to update and it said the file was already there. I deleted it and reuploaded it and it was the same version. 2.5.6. Where do I get 2.5.7?

Hi, are you sure you have bought the plugin on the codecanyon site? We don’t see “purchased” sign next to you login. Did you buy it form other account?

Yes I did buy it through a different account, I can email you my purchase code if that helps. I’m just confused on to where I should be finding the correct version of this plug in.

hello, please contact us from the account from which it was purchased so we’ll be able to support you. you can download the newest verision from your envato panel on the account you’ve used to purchae our product.

Hi There,

I am facing issues with the plugin which I have listed in the below dropbox link

Kindly let me know the solution asap as it is impacting my deliverables

Hi, latest version (2.5.8 on codecanyon) should fix this issue :)


When using One Page Shopping (clicking on the add to cart link) I’m getting a 403 error for /admin/wp-ajax.php and only the Cart, not the checkout are displayed. ( /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) )

Once I refresh the browser, the error goes away and the checkout appears just fine. If I clear cookies and start over, I get the same error again.

Tried this out in my local environment and also on my development server – happens on both places. Tried it out with different browsers – always happens. ;P

Maybe you can shed some light?

you can see a testversion here: http://mhm.handschlag.io

Thanks Sean.

Hi, please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl for a new version (2.5.9), we are waiting for approving the newest version on codecanyon :)

Hi There,

We are facing issues with cart update. Please check this document—> https://www.dropbox.com/s/l4jgt84squpr4if/cart_count.docx?dl=0

Also, we want to change the sequence of fields on the checkout specifically in the billing information section. We tried adding hooks in the functions.php but it is not working. It seems your plugin is controlling the way the fields are displayed. Kindly let us know the solution. Thanks

Hi, thanks for catching this, we test our plugin after every update, but sometimes we may miss something. We have already submitted new version (2.5.9) for review, but it can take time before approval – please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl for newest version :)
Our plugin doesn’t change order of the fields, did you try doing it like here? https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/78339/how-to-reorder-billing-fields-in-woocommerce-checkout-template
If it doesn’t work please send us code you are using, we’ll check it :)

Just bought your plugin and didnt works with https://codecanyon.net/item/galaxy-funder-woocommerce-crowdfunding-system/7360954 I dissapointed. How to make it works?

demo not working

Hi, what is not working for you?


Tonelli Purchased

HI We bought your plugin a month ago and we ark about modifying the order of the checkout. In this case Ill ask you about removing purchased items.

As you can see here http://des.mewsclothing.com/ if you add items to the cart and try to use the X to erase the purchased item its give us an 500 http error. Could you please tell me if this is related to the plugin or other Issue? Thanks Santiago

Hello, you need to check with your server admin/in your server logs, what’s the error there – then you’ll know the cause of the issue. most probably it’s not related to our plugin though as no other clients report getting such error.

We purchased your plugin and have the following issue. When Pressing “add to cart” button on the product page, it takes the customer to a regular cart. We do not want it. When returned back to the product page “One page cart” is reflected properly, the same is true for other product pages.

How to avoid the redirection to the old cart page and on the pressing “add to cart” simply move the customer to the bottom of the same page with the cart+checkout fields?

Hi, please send link to your website to jakub.ptak@optart.pl :)


Tonelli Purchased

Hello Again in me about http://des.mewsclothing.com/. We stiil having the issue with erasing items from the cart. We found that internally when an item is erased the functionality redirect to the cart, and as we have only one page as checkout we setup this page in the woocomerce setting. So what we are experiencing is a continuous loop that ends in http 500 cause it could not find the proper page and creates a time out. In which way we could solve this loop is our question. Could you please tell us what to do? Thanks Santiago

Hi, are you sure this is caused by our plugin? We have both cart and checkout page and it doesn’t happen. Can you disable our plugin and check if the same thing happens?


Tonelli Purchased

HI we want to use only one page for cart and checkout. As I saw your plugin give us the capability to create one page as we made. Please let us now if that is possible. THanks

Yes, it is possible, just set the pages like in this screenshot

and set content od cart page to


I need a refund on this plugin. I thought this was to add cart/checkout on the same page together, not on the product page itself. I need it on a separate page. Thank you.

Hi, please start refund procedure from your envato account


I am interested in your plugin, but before I buy it I find an issue in your demo page using Safari. The checkout section doesnt appear and when I add to cart then update the amount, the whole Cart + Checkout section disappear. However, it is fine when use Chrome.

I really want your plugin but this bug is making me re-thinking. Can you let me know when it is fixed?



Hi, did you visit the demo on safari before? The bug you describe is deleted in the newest version (2.5.9) and this version is installed on the demo. Your browser might have cached (saved for fast usage) script with the bug. Please try with an incognito mode on safari.
We tested it on Mac Sierra with Safari 10.1 and it works properly :)


chrisbaxx Purchased

hi there, just installed the plugin on my website, the plugin works but i have a question, why the cart and checkout it’s displayed in full screen ? i’ve my theme in 1600px and the woocommerce_checkout on others page is displayed in 1600px


chrisbaxx Purchased

it’s ok, found it! thanks the plugins work well !

We are glad it works for you :)

Hello, no checkout visible on iPad 3rd gen.

Hi, we checked it and it is visible. You have to add product first to see the checkout.

Love the plug in but…. Whenever I click add to cart and the it appears at the bottom of the page.. the add to cart button just hangs in a perpetual refresh or reload motion and can’t be clicked again… view the page here.. https://ideclare.today/product/freembtshirtpp/

Like I said I think it is a awesome plugin.. just need it to work properly.

btw… is it possible to make a two step flow… meaning.. when add to cart is clicked….it shows.. then when checkout is clicked it shows on the same page below the cart… current if enabled they both show at the same time…


optart Author

Hi, please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl for fix for your template :)


i have a problem that the checkout section dont show up when im not logged in.


optart Author

Hi, which version of one page do you have installed? :)

Hey, its the latest Version and i use it with the fruitful theme. When im logged in the checkout is always shown and when im not logged in, i push on ‘add to card ’ button, then just the headline ‘checkout’ fades on, fades back ans the page refreshes