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Hi, The plugin has problems with Persian and Arabic. can’t translated

hi, are you sure you purchased our plugin? you aren’t shown up as our customer. please verify on your envato account. thanks!


- Is your plugin compatible with BOOKING WP ( ? - If yes, after the visitor has booked an Appointment, can we show a page that contain Cart (=list the appointment added to the Cart) and Checkout, on 1 single page ?

Best regards,

hi, unfortunately we haven’t tested it. feel free to purchase our plugin and check it out. in case of issues we’ll try to help and if it would be not possible to make them compatible in reasonable time – we’ll offer refund.

Hi, I can’t get the auto scroll to work when I click “add to cart”.

Please help! Thanks

Hi, please make sure you did not have checked “Disable scroll to checkout” option in WooCommerce->One Page Shopping->Advanced settings page. In case of any further issues, please contact us directly via with developer user account credentials for verification.

Do you just need to verify the “Disable scroll to checkout” option is off? It is off. What can I do to fix this? Im not sure why you need access? Can you describe what needs to be done? Please?

yes this setup should be enough. if it’s not – most probably it’s javascript conflict with other part of your site and we need to take a look at it. front-end (site url) is enough to start with. important – please communicate from account that has support purchased – this one doesn’t

When using the below shortcodes, after saving the page, I just see a white page with the words “Cart Checkout”, and I can go longer edit the page. Only after disabling the plugin can I get back in. Any advice?

product id=”99”

hi can you send us your site access to check it out? most probably some php/js error in connection with some other plugin

Hello I have a problem that shortcode ops_to_cart redirects to cart page and not showing cart and checkout on same page

Here is website, add to cart button is Registrovat se:

Hello, it is probably connected with theme which you use, but we can check it for you if you provide us user developer account credentials via


I have just purchased your plugin and i am trying to get it working on my website I have installed the plugin without a problem but it does not seem to be affecting my checkout page at all. I simply want my cart/checkout/payment all to be on the one page. Please let me know how to get this working.

Thanks, David

Unfortunately that’s the risk always if plugins have different authors. We can’t promise that they won’t do some changes that break things and would require yet another compatibility improvements.

Ok, thanks for the support but i will just have to proceed with a full refund.


no problem, sorry it didnt work out for you. i’ve just confirmed refund request


I have one question about the plugin.

The plugin has the ability he work with payment on delivery ?


hi, yes – it doesnt matter what kind of payment method you’re using. only some advanced, heavy in javascript payment gateways may cause script issues but i think we’ve eliminated most of them recently too.

Hello, I bought your “woocommerce one page shopping”, but it doesnt work in my eshop. I use theme from “Layers”. Can you help me some how?

thank you Daniel

hi, please send us your site url and temporary admin access to and we’ll check if that something we can fix


When I first installed this plugin it worked great. Now my customers are telling me my site isn’t working. When I checked, items don’t get added to the cart. Sometimes the page just scrolls to the bottom. Other times nothing happens or the page will refresh. Still, nothing gets added to the cart and no animation of the item going to the cart happens.

I deactivated the plugin and my cart works as expected. Please help.

Hello, did you install any additional WooCommerce plugins on your site or changed your theme? We can investigate your issue if you give us temporary developer access to your admin panel ( to see what a potential issue can be caused by.


dwbsrl Purchased

Hi we installed your plugin on the site, we started to have a problem because some woocommerce products in Italian language (main language) sometime lost the title and description. in the title we can see (no-title) appeared on the product. We have contact wpml thinking wpml plugin was the problem but after several analyzes wpml team have shown us your plugin as the main problem, apparently putting sometimes items in the cart presents this problem. The wpml team wrote to you by reporting the problem. At the moment we will proceed as soon as possible to disable it, any way we ask you to intervene as soon as possible to solve this annoying problem. Thanks a lot.

Hi, we are very sorry to hear that. Could you give us some example of the product for which it happens/happened? We will try to investigate your issue carefully then. Please send us an email to and we will proceed with your issue further.

Is our plugin activated on your site at the moment?