Discussion on WooCommerce One Page Shopping

Discussion on WooCommerce One Page Shopping

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hello i get error code [object Object] on wordpress when i press the add to cart with the plugin active.

yes, its gone without the plugin

tell me when you can look at it. because i cant have the plugin active all the time.

we can check it tomorrow at this time or an hour earlier, simply send us site url for now

Hello, How to enable your shortcode because I try to use [ ops_to_cart id=”myproductid″ ] in any page and post but it is not work?

It worked , Thank you

Is it possible to add shortcode [ ops_to_cart id=”myproductid″ ] [ “ops_section” ] to my currently product page id=123 because I want add to cart button in the bottom of product page ,too?

hi, on regular product pages you should use hooks to change order of elements – if you need help with it / dont have developer on board – we offer custom development too, our contat mail is


liav319 Purchased

hey, i have problem with the plugin in my website:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) ?wc-ajax=update_order_review

try to add the product to cart

hi does it happen with plugin disabled? maybe it’s memory limit as suggested in ? can you check defining more?


My support is already expired, but I want to ask about error on returning customer.

When to checkout, returning customer cannot login to their account.

Returning customer have to login twice (2x), the first try won’t log them in. Only can login on second try.

I tried in the demo.Same issues as well. I registered new account, then logout. When I comeback and want to login my existing account, I need to try twice before I managed to log in.

I also changed my theme to other standard Wordpress Theme but this issue still happening.

Thanks in advance

Yes, your demo page. I already test this in your demo page and it has same issues.

ok trying to repeat thanks

hi! we’ve checked on two different browsers on our demo and didnt have this effect – cna you send us video to see what we’re doing differently?

Hi – Would like to get a refund on this – not working

we’re not running that many at all and as soon as I deactivate your plugin, the site and woocommerce works fine

hi! it may not be the matter of particular plugin but the amount of them; i.e. if you disable other than ours – it may work again;

you can give a try asking your hositng for extension to 512mb – for larger webshops it’s rather a need anyway

(with magento for example min required is 512)




yfh8219 Purchased

1. after click add to cart, the checkout page appear above the single product and but now below

2. after click add to cart, the check out page appear, the user decided not to buy the product and click on another page, the checkout will appear at another product page.

FYI, im using: -elementor -wp-rocket


yfh8219 Purchased

hi, unfortunately, it’s not working, by adding the shortcode, the checkout page appear before clicking add to cart button, and it still above the single product page

unfortunately it seems that your plugin is loading the used hook in wrong place; we may work it out but it requires custom dev on your child theme; if you have developer in house you can ask him to investigate too. if you prefer us to do it – please contact us via to get a quote; if you prefer a refund, please follow standard codecanyon procedure. Thanks!

hi! elementor fix added in new release


caronw1 Purchased

Hi, I am having a problem that I have seen previously on comments but couldn’t find a resolve for it. when a customer clicks returning customer login. It doesn’t log them in on the first occasion. They need to click it again to log in. One the second occasion the customer can log in. How do I resolve this so customer is logged in on first occasion?

hi, do you have the latest version installed? if yes please send us site url for further check, thank you (


caronw1 Purchased

yes latest version is installed. I have sent you an email. Thanks

On January 3, I made the purchase of the “WooCommerce One Page Shopping” plugin, installed it in my wordpress and it worked, then due to a security flaw, I had to uninstall it.

Today, January 29, we are going to install the plugin again and it is not working correctly.

at the time of “add to cart” the form to complete the purchase is not displayed; just activate a product to the cart and the user must go to the cart page to finalize the purchase.

Only the automatic function is working.

hi! sure you dont have any js issue after the changes? you may send us your site url to to check it out if you’re not sure


Just installed the plugin but it doesn’t work. It is activated. We use Woocommerce and Avada theme.

Any advice?

Kinda regards Johan

Do I need to add [ops_section] to each product where I want to have the one page checkout on?

if that works with one – best would be to add it in your theme like this <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[ops_section]’);?>

will give it a try!

Hello, I have purchased the plugin and I’m very happy with the staying on one-page to checkout feature. In the “Demo Video” after your click on add to cart in the product page, you scroll down to checkout. In my case, I get scrolled up to the checkout. How do I get a “down” scroll to checkout instead of an “up” scroll to check out like in my case?

Hi, Optart (I’m using Elementor page builder) All I’m trying to do is to make the Checkout Appear BELOW the product and not above the product. I have tried to add [ops_section] shortcode below the “add to cart” widget on the product template, didn’t work. I tried to put the [ops_section] shortcode in a section of its own below the “add to cart” product section, didn’t work. Then Iv’e added a New Code Snippet with the code—> “echo do_shortcode(‘[ops_section]’);” didn’t work either. Guide me to the quickest answer to resolve this problem as I’m trying to build my store and this issue can hold me back for a long time. Thanks

unfortunately it seems from your and one more person issue that elementor is taking in new version over the shortcodes totally. is it working for you if you disable adding cart and checkout in ops settings and then use ops shortcode? if not – would it be possible for you to provide us access so we can play with it on your real life case?

hi! elementor fix added in new release

is this plug-in compatibility with WooCommerce Ultimate Points And Rewards?

we didnt use this plugin yet; feel free to purchase and try it out – if it doesnt work we’ll either fix or refund


onlinx Purchased


Hey, I just bought and Installed the plugin on my website: It totally messed up my Product Page layout and looks weird. I had cartflows installed before this plugin but I deleted it so they won’t interrupt each other. Any ideas? Thanks

hi, please send us your site url to take a look to if it’s disabled – can you make easily a clone and give us access to check in detail?


mattrin Purchased

Hi – WHen I enable the plugin my booking calendar form and shopping cart button are not working. When i disable they have started working.

Is there a way you could help resolve the conflict. Else this will not of any use to me.

hi! it would require custom development – integration of your particular booking plugin if you prefer refund, please contact envato directly and we’ll approve

Hello, I used your one page shopping plug-in, but I can’t display apple and PayPal quick pay button, why? Can this be solved? Thank you

Hello, I used your one page shopping plug-in, but I can’t display apple and PayPal quick pay button, why? Can this be solved? Thank you

hello, we’d need url to see how it works with default checkout and “our” checkout to compare, thanks.

hi there , I just purchase your plugins , but I can’t able to put it in a landing page or when I try to put it in a single product I have this text «  OPS settings are not available for this product. Go to “WooCommerce” > “One page shopping” tab to see possibilities. » . How I cans solve it pls ? many thx

hello have you checked the settings on this page in admin panel? can you enable it there?

Hi, I just installed your One Shop plugin on my site However when I add a product, there is a a special “flying panel” coming up showing the content of my shopping cart as well with two buttons: Cart and Checkout. The page is scrolled down to the bottom where your plugin suppose to show the shopping cart, but it’s nothing there. I guess that panel is a remnant of some other checkout plugin I can’t identify.

More over I was hopping to get one(!) page for both the cart and checkout, where the customer can update both the cart and the shipping info without the need to go back and forth between the cart and checkout. “One page checkout” you know. I kind of get that on the bottom of product pages, shop and categories, but it only works when there are already products in the cart. And my side bar is still displaying both the old cart and checkout buttons, instead of a new combined one I was hopping for. Possible to tune it in?

can you ask your hosting provider to create site clone then? i can’t check it otherwise either unfortunately my guess is that theme or some other plugin is doing this shortcode somewhere before in the code even if it’s hidden and then it’s not generated in our plugin fast way to check is to remove this shortcode from sidebar too but if that doesnt help then test with basic theme and then without plugins will be needed

May I please request a refund as I couldn’t make it work with my theme.

sure you can request a refund from envato account and we’ll approve


uraratk Purchased

Hi, Which one Woocommerce I should install before use your plugin. Thanks.

hi! the newest version is always the best one.


jrdamien Purchased

I have just installed the plugin.

The Cart and Checkout H1 titles are exploded to the edges of the screen well past the defined container.

How can these either be fixed or hidden?

it’s always best to have a clone for such purpose, usually person/company responsible for hosting can set it up fast


jrdamien Purchased

I am the person responsible and this is being tested on a staging site.

The plugin has too many conflicts to work correctly. Even as the ONLY plugin it still sometimes requires a page refresh to to update cart additions.

hi! we never had this issue on our test environment with recent versions do you have any console error? can you try then with default theme to make sure it’s not its js overwriting default woocommerce cart/checkout behaviour? if you think it’s plugin bug please send temp admin access and site url to and we’ll try to figure it out but we need version where we can turn on/off plugins/themes