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Dear support,

I just purchased the plugin, installed and activated in my website. It is working but the table format of checkout page is not showing correctly on the page. Some fields box are small that one cannot type anything.

If we cannot solve this formatting issue, I would like to deactivate the plugin and request a refund at the earliest.

Thank you.

Hi we need your site address to see it, thanks. If you don’t want to post it here, please use

Thank you for your reply. As per your request we sent you the link with the detail of the formatting issue, with the screen shot. Please note this is a very nice plugin, we just need to get the formatting corrected so that our customer don’t find it this way as it is showing now. Once fixed, this would be excellent. Look forward to your reply to our email. Thanks

thanks, will reply to your mail shortly

Hi, how can i show the checkout on a normal “page”? I needed my only product to show on the homepage, so i embedded it through product_page id=”xxx”. On the frontend the [ ops_section ] shortcode shows as text now. no checkout section.. Is there something i´m doing wrong?

hi, please remove spaces and it’ll work ( [ops_section] )

hi, thanks. but this didnt the trick…

hi! maybe your theme blocks shortcodes in some way or it’s in place where shortcode doesnt work? if you put it within your theme files, you need to do <?php echo do_shortcode('[ops_section]');?> if it doesn’t help – please send us your site url and temp admin access and info where you’ve placed it so we can check it out

nerdflu Purchased

Hi Optart,

I’ve just purchased and installed this plugin and immediately found errors. Functions deprecated since WooCommerce 2.6 (which was released 2+ years ago?). Has this been tested in the last few years?

hi! as you can see in changelog we’ve definitely done some work in last 2 years :) depreciated is not error, it’s function that won’t work in some time but does now. Thanks for the input anyway, we’ll release new version with update to depreciated functions soon!


nerdflu Purchased

No worries, thanks – I did see the changelog, which is what gave me the confidence to buy it.

I’m guessing you just haven’t tested it with debug mode, because you would have seen these warnings immediately.

class-frontpage.php line 231 should be:
if ($_product->get_id() == $product->get_id()) {
class-product-settings.php line 25 should be:
add_action( 'woocommerce_product_data_panels', array( $this, 'product_write_panel' ) );

hi, compatibility changes added to just released version.


pg925 Purchased


Cant install this due to missing CSS file(s)

I have tried both from within Wordpress as a zip file and manually uploading via FTP

Please advise

Many Thanks

Simon Unwin

Hi what is exact error message you get? If it would be css missing only, you wouldn’t have any issue with enabling the plugin and running it

good afternoon I just bought the plugin but it does not work for my main page add cart does not work if you can help me thanks send link

hi, it seems to be custom page. have you tried adding [ops_section] shortcode there? see our demo for more examples and description

Hello, I need to know if this plugin “WooCommerce One Page Shopping” is compatible with the “Elementor” plugin


hi, we had one client that we know of using shortcodes within elementor and it worked. in case of issues please let me know.

Hello, I need help because the protuct page have been deconfigured

hello please explain

Hello, I have purchase the plugin, but it doestn work correcty. I need to send you 3 screenshots to show you my problem. I need to edit how “One Page” show in the page. And if you want to acces to my wordpress panel to see the error, ok. Please, contact me by mail to send you a screenshots. You can see

hello, please send details to

It is compatible with culqui?

hi! sorry have no experience with it but should be. in case of issues please let me know and we’ll try to either fix or refund.

Hello, I just bought. I have a small inconvenience, I thought that by putting this plugin, and pressing “pay” would send me directly to pay, but redirected me to payment details. I attach the screamshot

hi! do you mean “cart”? if yes, you can disable it and leave only checkout in plugin options. if it’s not working as on our demo, please send us your site temp admin access to for further check