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Hello, I would like to ask you if your plugin can also work on cart page? When my customer click on “add to cart” button it automatically redirects him to cart page where I want to show checkout as well. I only sell limited number of products so customers doesn’t browse product pages or category pages. They just select “add to cart” from main page. I thought this is the feature of the plugin – to have cart and checkout page on one page. Maybe I misunderstood the plugin :-(

Hi! Of course it can work on cart page :) Go to your cart page edit and replace your cart shortcode with [ops_section]. I set an example for you here: http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/cart/

I am attempting to add the Pay with Amazon feature to the shopping cart, but the Amazon button is not visible. Is this plugin compatible or incompatible with the Pay with Amazon function from WooCommerce?

Are you sure “Pay with Amazon” is function from standard WooCommerce plugin, not from an additional plugin?

Hello there are a problem with theme quick sales. Please update this i have buy the plugin for this free theme ;)

we are aware of woocommerce notification, but everything should work even with this info. we should have update somewhere in january.


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Hi i just bought this plugin for my website: www.IvoryAndArt.com Woocommerce one page Shopping But when i press add to cart the checkout is not looks like yours – Mean one page The client need to make several steps. How can i do that it will looks like yours Sagiv

Hi! Can you please specify what doesn’t look like our page? http://www.ivoryandart.com/product/legal-mammoth-ivory-tusk-three-star-gods/ – one page is added after you add something to cart.
If you want to add to cart a product when visiting it (like on our demo page) you can turn that in one page options.

Does this plug in add any messaging like “added to cart” after you click the add to cart button? Or anything that gives the user feedback that they successfully added something to the cart without scrolling down all the way to check?

No, it doesn’t, after adding the first item to cart the scroll is made automatically.

Can you please explain what you mean?


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Hello! I see the plugin was updated on Dec 7, but don’t see the changelog changes, do you have it? I am planning to buy really soon :) any new updates coming up?


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Also does this plugin have the option to disable on mobiles?

Hi! Sorry for a late response. The update on 7th December was just an update of newest version, because there was a wrong version uploaded before.
No, there is no such option.


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I hope you are having a great end of the year and Happy New Year!

I bought today your plugin, hopefully in the following days you can help me out sort this.

In my product description I want to add [ops_to_cart id=”4351”] (4351 is my product ID) so that there is a button like the one on top that says Add to Order so when customers click it, it will scroll down directly to checkout. This way they dont have to go all the way up and can initiate the purchase from any section.

For some reason it is not working for me. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you!


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Lets start over..

Customer enters to product he/she sees


Then customer goes down to look at description with images and at the bottom of it I want to put AGAIN the One Page Button so that customer doesnt have to go all the way up


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Is it possible?

Yes, I created a demo here: http://onepage-demo.optart.biz/product/happy-ninja-2/?add-to-cart=53. There is a one page button in the description.
#second-op-wrapper .woocommerce-LoopProduct-link { display: none; }
<div id="second-op-wrapper">[product id="ID"]</div>
I added a wrapper and style to get rid of product image.

Can this plugin be used with WC Vendors?

We didn’t test it with it, but you can buy it and try. If it doesn’t work you’ll get a refund.

Hi, We use non traditional payment methods on our checkout. Is your plugin supports limited checkout options? Or will it work as long as the checkout option is working on the regular woocommerce checkout?

How much would be the custom development?

please contact us via contact@optart.biz with your site login details for verification

Hi I already sent an email. Did you see it?


i like this one page checkout plugin. i want to buy it. but can you customized it for me.how much charges you will take for the customization

please contact me vp1021@gmail.com

replied via mail