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Also is it possible to put different random countries with pertaining cities? As long as it doesn’t say: New order from Houston, Texas, Canada :)


You can not set random cities. You can set select products from billing. Address will be got from billing.

Hello, CAN YOU PLEASE ANSWER. The plug in does not work on the mobile version and makes the mobile site crash

And It makes the site very slow

Please create topic and send your site information at I will check your site immediately.

Is it that hard to understand, I am waiting since days to get my money back !!!!

I refunded. Please check your site. WooCommerce Notification is not made slow website.


vikfom Purchased

Hello! I’ve just bought your plugin and installed it on my online store using your installation docs. But I see 2 products in one notification. How to fix it?


Please create topic at and give me your site information. We will check your site ASAP.

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team


vikfom Purchased

I created topic, thank you!

Yes, We are supporting. :)

I looked at your update log, and I think you made a mistake: 2016 should be 2017…?

/1.1.1 – 2016.1.16/ - Added: Working with Product external link - Added: Initnal time random

/1.1 – 2016.1.9/ - Updated: Prevent direct access to your files - Fixed: Style on Mobile

ah, thank you for your feedback. It is a mistake. It is 2017 :)

One thing I did notice is that the plugin prevents scrolling of the page on my laptop (two fingers scroll). Too bad.


You can show notification on other positions. WooCommerce Notification is support 4 positions.


Love the plugin.

I need to exclude all products from a certain Category from appearing in the notifications.

Can you please tell me how to do that?

Thanks so much.

I have released version 1.1.2. You can exclude products in billings.


That’s really great! Thank you!

I just downloaded the Plugin again and it is still version 1.1.1

Please advise.


WooCommerce Notification is waiting for approve from Codecanyon.

How do you set random virtual notifications?

Yes. It is working mobile. You can turn on or off in Setting page with Mobile device option.

Can I set it where user only gets 1 or 2 notifications per session instead of constant popups?

You can set popup times in Time Settings. It will loop unlimited. All what you need in Setting page.

Can create fake orders ?

Sorry. If you want use fake order, you can use “Select products” and use virtual address, time


Hi, i use yith-wcbm-badge (yith-woocommerce-badges-management) how to disable yith-wcbm-badge in message-purchased css ?

I have added

Version 1.1.3 is waiting for approve from Codecanyon. Your problem is resolved in this version.


I have bright this plugin and look at your video, but i can’t get the plugin to works on my shop! I can’t click on “design” ect… ?

Which email can i sent the info to?

I need your help hurry!!!!!!

You can send Support on you will be supported faster.

Hi, I bought your plugin and I am very happy. But I am having some issues. At the beggining pop up many orders at the same time. Can you help me?

I think the time configuration is not working well

Please check your system status page. WooCommerce Notification > System Status page and Time setting what Next time must be greater than sum( Init delay time + display time)


markb7 Purchased

Hi, is there a way to disable the plugin on certain pages? I don’t want to showing at checkout.


Yes. You can use WP conditional tag feature. Please create topic on and give me your site information(WP login).


How translate “days”, “hours”, “about”, “ago” ? My is in spanish.


You can use Loco plugin what you can download from You will see “days”, “hours”, “about”, “ago” in language file.

Ok, thanks

Hello, I just purchased your add-on but it does not work, there is nothing …

Please create topic and send me your site information on


blunir Purchased

Hey, We just bought the plugin and when we try to upload it to our Woocommerce website is giving us an error as the following: The package could not be installed. “No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed”

What should we do in order to activate the plugin?


Please check your zip file. It is package or plugin. If It is package, please unzip first.

Is WPML supported now or not?

Yes. You can translate by Loco translate plugin.

Is it possible to have a mix of real and fake orders? So when somebody real buys a product they will see their own name pop up and believe all the fake ones are real too.