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Hello I have just installed plugin and now my SSL is not working.


Please create topic at and send me your site information(WP login).

I have sent details.

You need update SSL in WP Setting > General > Website URL

HELLO, I have read all comments but don’t understand. Cache is OFF but each session shows same products in same order. eg: Session 1 shows Product 1,2,3 and then Session 2 shows same Product 1,2,3. How can each session show random product start? Thank you

Your session is working. I will check again for random.

If it helps I notice some other plugins have a special box to tick to force random of 1st product if gets stuck. Please let me know.

Yep. I have released version 1.1.4. Waiting for releasing from Envato

Hi, how do I stop the notifications from showing at cart and checkout page?

You need use WP Conditional Tag feature.

1. Get your page ID 2. Copy !is_page(array(cart_page_id,checkout_page_id)))

Hello, i like the plugin so far, but i don’t know how to show price in the notification? also I want to show sales from other days. i don’t see how we can tell the bot the times when the sales where made. is that possible? thanks.


Now the price is not show on notification. We will make this feature in new version. Time will show follow seconds, hours, days what time from your customer paid. Show sales other days? Could you explain

Is it possible for a ‘fake’ database.. my store is new… i want to ‘fake it till i make it’ by using this plugin

You can use Virtual Names, Address, Products. :)

Is WooCommerce Notification compatible with WPML (WordPress Multi Language) ? Thanks!

You can translate to all languages.

We are having speed optimization ran on our site, and the company informed us that this plugin uses the PHPSESSID cookie, which is causing all the pages to bypass the caching. This is causing significant slowdown.

Are you aware of this? Is there a fix or way to disable that cookie from being set?



My plugin is using Session what save list products. It helps your site optimize request. And we use Ajax to load notification, It will be loaded after your site loaded. So It isn’t related your speed site.

You can try

PHPSESSID stop the caching from working properly. Doesn’t matter if it’s ajax or not. Is there a way to disable or modify?

Sorry. It can not.


javalosa Purchased

Hi, I just bought the plugin and I installed it but it does not appear in the wordpress in the wordpress menu. How do I contact you to help me


javalosa Purchased

Hi, I just started to run the plugin and I installed it but it does not appear in the wordpress in the wordpress menu. How do I contact you to help me Here a screenshot:


Thank you for your feedback. Please create your ticket on and give me your site information(include WP login and FTP). Our partners are helping immediately.

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team

Hello, can you please tell me the URL for a caching plugin NOT to cache WooCommerce Notification. Need the URL to exclude. Thanks


WooCommerce Notification is using SESSION. If you want to check, Please save setting again. The new session is going to creating.

my cache plugin needs a url to not cache because at the moment is showing on mobile event though disabled. Is there a url?

Hi villatheme,

how do I install the code on my Wordpress page? Is it just a plugin installation or do I have to insert the files hands-on?


Ah, found it (normal plugin installation) in the doc file! Thanks though!

Yes. WooCommerce Notification is normal plugin.


alwiser Purchased

Paid customer here.

Please add the option for notification to be of the product being viewed instead of random product from store.

We will consider this feature. Because It will conflict some our features.


alwiser Purchased

Yes but consider this. Seeing other people purchase the same product will help more with conversion instead of seeing a random product.

The purpose of this app shouldn’t be to distract potential buyer from making a purchase, it’s to help them purchase the product.

Ok. Thank you for your good idea.


I want to purchase this plugin. I have mainly two questions:

Will it work with WP Rocket Cache Plugin activated ? Need to make any modifications?

And in Mobile can I choose the notification to come down from the top like it does on Shopify?

Let me know


Thank you for your question.

1. WooCommerce Notification is working fine with WP rocket Cache. You can edit the message. 2. It will display same on Desktop. If you select bottom right, so on mobile It will show bottom right and the same other cases.

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team.

Hi Villatheme, I just bought the plugin and it works great so far!

A few questions:

1) Product image (thumbnail) have a hover effect but there is no link to the product page. How do I set up the product image link?

2) How do I set up “Close Icon” so it closes the popup permanently? In many cases users can find the functionality annoying and then would like to stop it from loading on all page.

3) How do I exactly use “Message checkout”? I could not find explanation for it in the plugin documentation.


Hello, Thank you for your questions.

Your answer: #1. Now the product image has not product link. We will make the new shortcode for this feature. #2. You can turn on or off in Setting > Product tabs #3. This feature is developing.

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team


2G0r6oev Purchased

Hi! The popups are no longer working and I’m getting this error message in the “System Status” section. How can I fix it?

“✕ To allow session, please contact your server supporter or make permission /var/lib/php/sessions writable”

Please contact your server supporter. They help you.

Is this plugin compatible with PHP 7.1?

Yes. It’s working fine.