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When I use “virtual city” it repeats the same one over and over even though I have uploaded 300+ cities. I need it to display a different city every time, not repeat the same one to the visitor over and over.

Ok. When do you think this will be available?

I think next some days. :)

Great, thanks.

Hi, two questions: 1. will this work with WPML in different languages ? 2. Is it possible to set a delay before the first notification comes ?

1. Message is custom fill in message field. 2. You can change init time or delay between notifications.

You can see video demo or document.

Ok, got it now and it´s not multilange/WPML compatible. You should add this to boost your sales ;)

Thank you for good idea. We will consider this feature.

When are you going to make your awesome plugin compatible with WP Fastest Cache?

No sorry. It does not work with WP Fastest cache plugin. Nevermind – I dont want to wait anymore. You should put it in a headline somewhere so people can see it before buying.

Thanks for trying though

I added when save setting, cache will be removed

I saw that – it does not work. Have tried it on 3 different sites now

hi can i use this plugin with ? i really want to have something like this on my site. it is not woocommerce. the plugin has its own themes.

Sorry. WooCommerce Notification is working base on WooCommerce. Bacause Products are got from WooCommerce.

How can i hide this an a specific Page ?

Please create topic on and give me your site information. I will check.

not online yet, will contact you when it is

Ok thanks

I submitted a ticket some days ago without any response. What’s wrong?

Hello, I answered 2 days ago. Have you nut got email yet ?

Oh sorry. I forgot you have support page. Since i didn’t got any email.

Hi, pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to write a custom message? I mean, i want to write a message like “Buy this now with 10% discount” with a product image on the left. Is it possible or the notifications are only for products that have been purchased by clients?


Thank you for your question. You can change text on notification. You can see custom message field

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team

Thank you for your answer

What about images? I can insert any image that i want? And is it possible to define different notifications in different pages? If yes, i buy it directly

For image follow your product. You can not insert image.

How many virtual countries can it show at a time ?


If you use virtual country. You can use only one but you can use auto detect country. You will not fill country and city of customer.

Hey guys, I really like the idea and would like to use it… The Problem is: I’m providing an affiliate Portal with extern links only. Is it possible, to show the external product link-clicks as a sell as well?

Thank you for your question. But now WooCommerce Notification plugin is supported simple, variable product. Not extra product. This is a good idea. I will make this feature in next version.

Hi, I purchased the plugin, but it is failing to install.


I tried download and install. It is working. You need unzip package what you download from codecanyon then you see WooCommerce Notification plugin what you can install in WordPress site.

Regards, VillaTheme Support Team


plugin work with WP-ROCKET cache plugin?

I have not check on WP Rocket cache plugin yet. I use Ajax technology in WooCommerce Notification plugin. Dont worry for cache. This plugin is working.

Hey, how random product list?

Please select list products, It is auto random.

I tried, and it always is the first product first.

Please create ticket on and give your site information(WP login and FTP). We will check your site.

This plugin isn’t working on my site. It shows at the end of the page, not overlay like in the demo. My support ticket on their website have been ignored for a week now. I will wait 2 more days, then leave bad review and ask for refund.


Thank your for your feedback. I’m so sorry for delay. We answered on your ticket.

Okay, support replied that they had some issues receiving emails, they fixed my problem with the plugin quickly. Thank you!

Will this only show on the “special” WooCommerce page or can I use this on any page..?


You can show special pages or all page. This is WP Conditional Tag feature in WooCommerce Notification plugin.

Hi I purchased the Live Sales Feed plugin but then I found yours. Your plugin seems to have a lot more features so I think I will buy yours.

Before I buy I would like to know a few things:

1. Is it compatible with wp-rocket cache plugin?

2. If I set virtual client names and cities, can I make the plugin create a notification saying that a fake/virtual client bought a product?

3. If option 2 is possible, can it change randomly the client name and city? So for example: The user opens the website and a notification pops up and says something like “John from Paris just bought bla bla bla”. After 2 minutes pass, and the same user sees a new notification that says “Lucy from Madrid just bought bla bla bla”. Is this possible?

Hi thanks for the reply. I just bought the plugin, however on the select products field there is no arrow like in the documentation that allows me to select my products. Should I type the names of the products myself manually? I am using variable products by the way.

Never mind, I just had to type and search for them. Thank you very much for this awesome plugin!

Thank you so much. If you need support, please create ticket on

Hello, the plug in works on desktop but on mobile it has so many bugs and its very very slow

Can you please help ?


Thank you for your feedback. Please create ticket on

The ticket system dosnt work, please help me ! And solve my problem

Thank you for your feed. My system support is working.


steveok Purchased

just bought the plugin, any way to use html inside the “Message purchased” input field?

I basically want the same styling but without a link to the actual product

it would also be nice to select different notifications on a per page basis

You can add html in Message field. But You can not change HTML in shortcode of Message field.


steveok Purchased

any html such as a break tag for instance just gets stripped out when i hit save

First of all this plugin is amazing. I have seen an increase in sales. You are a genius! :)

Only thing I would like to know is if I can add times per minutes instead of hours? like “Someone from Texas bought so and so product 3 minutes ago.”

That way it looks like im popular and not like 3 hours ago.

Yes. You can change time in setting page. You change to random less 1 hour. Time will show minutes.

Is it possible to install it on a woocommerce store but put a script on my Shopify store to show the popup? Problem is I am hosted on Shopify platform and I need something like your plugin.

ah yes. But product link will be go to product detail instead of external link. I will make new feature in next version.

Thanks let me know when its live and I will order asap :D

I have released version 1.1.1 It is support External Product.


bmoses088 Purchased

I just purchased. Nice script…..but, I’m not liking that it is too obvious that it’s fake. Because every time you load a page, it takes the same amount of seconds for a notification to appear. It need to be much more random.

I’ve set: Loop=on, Next time display = 120s, Notifications per page=1, Initial delay = 5s, Display time = 10s.

Can we have an update that has a FROM/TO range for “Next time display” and “Initial delay” and it will display it a random intervals between the selected seconds.

Am I doing something wrong…?

I have checked. Codecanyon has not released my plugin yet. You can update via FTP or in WP Dashboard remove deactivate then remove old version and reinstall new version. Don’t worry about your data what is not change.


bmoses088 Purchased

Where do we get this new version? I’ve tried from CodeCanyon and WP (WP only has trial available).