Discussion on WooCommerce NFT Importer - WCFM (Addon)

Discussion on WooCommerce NFT Importer - WCFM (Addon)

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Categorization works only on one level hierarchy – Feature Request – See attached file:

Thanks Oliver

Hi there,

There is no such feature on this plugin. Of course, such functionality can be done via custom work. In order to get an estimate, please send your project brief at

Have a nice day!

Can we use the regular license product for the WP-Multisite (Subdomains) feature?


The plugin can only be activated on one WP installation (1 live and 1 development installation).

If you have multiple installation, you might need 1 license per each subdomain.

If the multsite is on the same installation, you can install and activate it on the network WP and you are good to go.

Best regards!

Will this plugin integrate with WP-Ultimo as well?


We didn’t test the plugin with WP-Ultimo and we can’t say if is or not.


What is the difference between this and the NFT Creator plugin? The NFT Creator just uploads the NFT to the blockchain, and I have to import it in another way back to my website, right?

So, what can this plugin do more? The customers can import an already existing NFT from OpenSea?

Thank you in advance


- The NFT Creator just uploads the NFT to the blockchain, and I have to import it in another way back to my website, right?

You can extend the NFT Creator using the custom actions provided.

- So, what can this plugin do more? The customers can import an already existing NFT from OpenSea?

Yes, the customer/vendors can import NFT’s from OpenSea and you will get a commission.


When they import an NFT to my website, the buyers are redirected to OpenSea in order to buy it, and I earn a commision, right?

Yes, but beware, sometimes the affiliate system from OpenSea can suffer modifications and can be temporarily suspended.


Hello, do you plan to create this plugin for Dokan?


We already have the addon for Dokan, check here :

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Hi, I’d like my wcfm vendors to be able to list their own digital products as an NFT as its own product / collection and the option to convert a virtual product to an NFT . Is this possible with this add on ?

Hi, After some research it appears opensea no longer have a referral program as in there are no longer referral links on any NFT items on their site. Please explain how a vendor can earn $ with this plugin if there is no existing affiliate program ??

Hi there,

Recently, we have released a new plugin (WordPress NFT Creator). With the help of this plugin, your vendors will be able to earn money this way:

  • They will create NFTs directly in Blockchain (real NFTs) and they will be the owners of these items (again, in Blockchain).
  • They will be able to sell them on the blockchain (opensea for example)
  • Then, with the help of this plugin, they will be able to also import them on WordPress, and promote them for easier sales on OpenSea.
  • Since the affiliate system is paused at this moment, these are the perfect ways to earn money, by creating real NFTs

By the way, you as the admin of the site, can setup a fee that will be deducted from each sale made on the NFTs sold by your vendors (NFTs sales made on OpenSea – but submitted from your site).

You(admin) can also enable more monetization ways, such as Google Adsense or Banner ads.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Damn it. Dokan is the only proper marketplace plugin for woo, why you messing with wcfm etc? They have no quality. When do you plan to make it for dokan?

OK… When do you plan to release it for dokan?

We have no exact date when we will release an addon for Dokan. But in 2-4 weeks, I think we can do it.

Best regards!

I very look forward to it, thanks a lot!

I want to make the colors of the NFT importer like background etc. in the frontend different for the user. What data do I need to access here?


Please let us know more details in a help ticket at

(background of the importer or which block?)

Yes, background for the NFT importer. I already submitted a ticket. Hope to get fast help :)

Hey there, I’m in a great trouble please if this plug in helps I’ll be more than happy. I’m creating a website marketplace multivendor, using woocommerce lok but I can’t upload an image and turn it into NFT does your plug in do it? Thank you so much


No, this plugin will fetch NFT’s from OpenSea (and from other NFT marketplaces – soon). We are working to release a plugin to create NFTs by uploading an image. It will also be available for WCFM.

We now need integration with WC Vendors after all. Can you provide us with this integration?

Regards Oliver


We are looking into integrating the importer with other marketplace plugins. So far we don’t have an estimate for the WC Vendors, as it is not too requested.

If you want to discuss with us the implementation of a custom plugin/addon, lets discuss at


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